Thoughts and Musings

Hello. It’s Thursday. One more day till Friday. Always a good day. The Canucks are in town. Always exciting, even if Luongo isn’t playing. Who’s ready for some Thoughts and Musings? You are? Great. Let’s do it.

-I do like the Wolski trade, even if he is inconsistent, and even if the Rangers D is very young. I’ve always liked Rosy, but he was a big cap burden, and there are plenty of young guys ready to take his place in the next few years, so you might as well get something for him.

-As for Wolski, it seems like he’s another Zherdev. Great talent, will show it a lot, but not enough. If he can provide some extra goals, help on the PP, and score in the shootout, then I’ll be happy.

-In the shootout, he’s a wizard. Check the video here. Sick skills

-I do think a veteran D is in order. Bryan McCabe would be nice, especially on the PP.

-I’ll admit: I’m not a fan of Dale Weise. Nice player, sure, but doesn’t do it for me. If he’s only playing 5 minutes a game, it’s not worth it. Obviously, I think he’s a placeholder for Boogaard. Someone has to fight. But, other than that, Weise doesn’t do it for me.

-Avery probably needs more minutes, but where is he going to get it? Who are you going to replace? The only guy would Prust, but the Feds-Boyle-Prust line has been so good, so you don’t want to break them up. He’s looked good with Drury, so you can keep him there, and maybe rotate him up a few times a game.

-When do you think MDZ is coming back? Is he? I like McDonagh, but I don’t trust him in a playoff series, yet. I don’t know if I trust MDZ either, but he at least has more experience.

-Speaking of the Canucks, I love the Sedin twins, but Ryan Kesler is a great player. His play for Team USA in the Olympics was tremendous. He’s a great, great player.

-Will the real Marion Gaborik please stand up?

-I met a guy who knows a guy who lives in the same apartment building as Anisimov. No, I do not know the location. No, I do not know if he’s a ladies man or not. Still cool to know a guy who knows a guy who knows an athlete.

-Food interlude: I’ve developed a real love for honey roasted peanuts. Don’t know why. But they are off the hook. And addictive. Maybe too addictive. But a good snack.

-I agree with Dave. Christensen is done with the Rangers. With the Wolski addition, and the injured guys coming back, there’s just no room. He has so much talent. If he would only use it.

-Dubinsky, I think, was snubbed for the All-Star Game.

-So was Girardi.

-I don’t think you go crazy buying, but you can buy some complementary pieces, a la 1994. Get a gritty checking forward, get a physical D, a puck moving, PP quarterbacking D. You don’t need to get an Iginla (although it would be nice). But getting the right pieces is just as important, if not more.