Thoughts And Musings

Hello, the last T and M post of the year! Crazy. Without further ado, let’s get it.

-Can’t believe this year is almost over. Flew by. It’s crazy. To think: July, major surgery. Late August, move to Pennsylvania. Just a crazy year. But, it’s been good. I’ll take crazy if it comes with good anytime.

-Onto the Rangers. Nice win against the Devils. Sure, Devils probably outplayed them, at least for the first two periods. But, they held on. Hank was great. Timely scoring. Good defense. That’s a win the Rangers don’t usually get.

-New NHL rule proposal: Whenever a goalie is pulled (excluding a delayed penalty) no icing. Would be so much more fun to see teams try to throw it into the net from 200 feet away.

-It’s possible for Brian Boyle to score 30 goals. He’s at 14 already. No signs of stopping. His career high was 4. Talk about a wonderful surprise.

-That line of Fedetenko-Boyle-Prust has been wonderful.

-Liking how MZA is playing. Creative. Fearless. Do we have another Martin St. Louis on our hands? Probably not. But you’re talking about a good top 6 forward, maybe more.

-About time Todd White was sent packing. Was doing nothing, MZA is younger and probably better. Fits the organizational philosophy.

-Broadway interlude: Seeing In The Heights this evening. Know nothing about it. But it’s supposed to be good, and it’ll be quality time with my family. Not a huge Broadway fan. Seen a few shows in my life. Enjoyable. But not something I actively seek out. This should be interesting. The good news is, when I told a friend, who is big into musicals, that I was seeing the play, she screamed and begged me to take her. I guess it’ll be good then.

-How can they work MDZ back into the lineup. The way the D has been playing, hard to see them shaking it up. Best move is to send him to the AHL, have him work on his game, and when they need him, he’ll be ready.

-Same with Cally and Prospal. Who goes? For Prospal, probably Christensen. For Cally, is it MZA? Is it Avery? I don’t know. I guess whoever is playing worse at the time.

-Winter Classic. On your TV. In 2 days. Boy, I can’t wait.

-Why hasn’t any team (ahem, Washington) signed Evegeni Nabokov yet? Couldn’t a team like, ahem, Washington use him?

-If the Rangers can go a nice run here, maybe 4 or 5 in a row, that would set them nicely for the 4 or 5 seed. Having the Devils out of contention really helps.

-Devils suck. Not that I’m complaining.

-Is it too early to start talking about deadline acquisitions? Maybe. But I wouldn’t mind the Rangers picking up a physical, checking, playoff veteran forward or pivot. Maybe someone like John Madden?