Thoughts and Musings

Happy Thursday, folks. Almost Christmas! Or, for us members of the Tribe, Almost “movies and Chinese food day!”. Either way, it’s very exciting. Apparently, we’re seeing Little Fockers this year. And getting Chinese. It’s just so radical. You should try it.

-Talked to someone who has been around the Wild for years, and, well, you guessed it, he isn’t surprised by all the Gaborik injuries. To quote him: “He’s so whiny, always hurt. Frustrates the hell out of me.” We got lucky last year. He was relatively healthy. And he responded with a great year. He just hasn’t been himself this year. Which, hasn’t been that bad for the team. I like to call it the Jagr effect: IF you have one star, you’re going to go to that star, no matter what. He can’t do it all on his own. I remember power plays that were set up just for Jagr to take a slapper from the point. And those don’t always work. So you have to mix it up, and that’s where you see guys like Boyle and Prust having big years. This team is better with a healthy, productive Gaborik. No doubt about that. But their experience winning without him is only valuable.

-Will be very interested to see how MZA does in his (limited?) call up. First off, how long is he staying? Just till Gabby gets back? Or is he here for good? I’d suggest the former, but not so sure. Depends on how he plays. Getting 4th line minutes, he won’t have a much of a chance to show what he can do. But, maybe he gets some PP time, and if he impresses, maybe he stays.

-Actually getting a chance to go to a game tonight. Should be fun.

-Okay, what’s with MDZ? I’m not seeing all of the games, I’m mostly seeing highlights? Where specifically is he struggling?

-Can’t tell you how excited I am for the Winter Classic.

-I’m worried about the Boogey man. Obviously, don’t want him to have a concussion. But, shouldn’t a fighter bounce back after fights better? He’s paid to fight, not sit in the trainers room for a few games afterwards.

-Speaking of Boogey, if he’s out for some time, shouldn’t Weise get the call up? Provide that toughness on the fourth line? I liked him in his debut. Reminds me of a bigger, stronger Prust.

-Todd White, at this point, is just dead weight. I would much prefer MZA to be up here full time, or Weise up here full time, than White. He just doesn’t do much.

-Looking forward to seeing Stamkos in person.

-Music interlude: I’m in love with Pandora. Y’all know Pandora: it plays music that’s similar to a certain artist or song. It’s always good, and it’s free. Great to do work to, great to mellow out to.

-Liking how Stepan has been progressing. Seems to be “Getting it”. There’s a rookie adjustment, and you’re not going to score 3 goals every game. I think he’s realizing it, and he’s playing well.

-Keep him on the point, Torts!

-I think the return of Drury has been valuable. With Callahan out, he goes back to being the heart and soul of this team, and I think he will be.