Thoughts and Musings

Happy Thursday, BSBers. Ready? Let’s do it.

-Actually got the third period of the Penguins game on Versus, for some reason. I was okay with it. Great period. Great shot by Christensen, AA, Boyle. Way to work by Frolov. Great D on Crosby and Malkin.

-Obviously losing Callahan sucks. Broken hand. Probably out for a similar duration as Drury. The hockey gods giveth, the hockey gods taketh away.

-At least Drury looked good.

-Saw the highlights from the Caps game. Great game. Love the Dubi-Ovechkin fight, even if it was weird to see Ovie drop the gloves. I like the offensive output, obviously, but hard work, good D and good goaltending made for a great game.

-Very happy with the defensive corp. Love the play of Eminger and Sauer. Staal and Girardi have been solid. Rosy has been solid. MDZ has been meh, but you have to think he’ll bounce back.

-No need for Tytuin.

-No need for Richards, yet at least. I don’t want to give up prospects when I can get him July 1.

-I think it’s time for MZA to be called up. He’s killing it in Hartford. Needs a chance.

-Will be interested to see A) how well Drury plays and B) if there’s any impact on the team.

-Annoyance interlude: Bought The Sims 3 for a friend as a holiday gift. Bought it through the EA website. Was 20 bucks. Not bad. But instead of sending it to their address, I put my address as the shipping address. A simple mistake. Shouldn’t be hard to fix, right? Wrong. They have a live chat customer service (which, I do admit, is kind of cool). I talked to someone, asked if I could change the shipping address on the order. Said no. Once it’s ordered, can’t change it. Fine, I thought. Can I cancel it, I asked? No. Can’t cancel an order. Can’t cancel an order. I was shocked. If this was Amazon, canceling an order takes two seconds. Now, I’ll receive the order and have to ship it to my friend myself. Not a huge ordeal. But it could be an easy fix for EA.

-I wish Gabby would be more consistent. I mean, we know its there. It’s just been slow.

-Loving how Dubi is playing

-Loving that I’ll be back in the New York groove for a time over the holidays and will actually be able to watch some games. It’s weird not seeing them on a daily basis. Highlights are nice, but it’s nothing like the real thing.

-I think, given the inconsistency of this team, we may see a winning streak. 4 or 5 games. But that could be the difference between a playoff berth or not. The beauties of inconsistency, ladies and gentlemen.