Thoughts And Musings

Happy Thursday, BSBers! One more day till Friday! I’ve always enjoyed Thursdays. It’s a nice day. Except, at least where I am, it’s freezing. So cold that walking outside produces tears. But hey, we are in the northeast. Onto musings.

-I’ll be honest: Have not had the chance to watch any replays or highlights of the games, let alone the games themselves. It’s part of the deal I took living in PA. Can’t see that many games. So my analysis is going to be limited. I apologize. The good thing is that for the Christmas New Years period I will be in NY and will be able to see some games. Maybe then I’ll come out of my weekly shell and write more. Still, it does suck. But, thanks to Dave for allowing me to write even though I can barely see the games.

-I can follow Twitter though, and it’s abuzz with the Frolov/ice time situation. Look, he has 5 goals. 11 points. Disappointing, to be sure. I’m sure he feels that with more ice time, he’ll get more scoring opportunities. And I don’t think that’s wrong. But the Rangers have established themselves as a hard working team, and Frolov’s comments don’t fit in with it. Should they trade him? Probably not. But, sit him for a game. Make him angry and see what happens.

-I think the key is having Gaborik go on a tear and really carry this team. He makes this team go, offensively at least, and he needs to get going.

-I love Brad Richards. But, let’s wait until July 1. I don’t want to give up Staal and Dubinsky, or MDZ and Callahan. Richards is going to want 8 million a year. Probably for at least 5 years. And he deserves it. He’s a great player. But, the Rangers will have to maneuver cap wise. Using the amazing CapGeek, I put together a roster that featured Richards, along with keeping Dubi, Cally, and AA

Marian Gaborik ($7.500m) / Brad Richards ($8.000m) / Ryan Callahan ($2.500m)
Brandon Dubinsky ($2.000m) / Derek Stepan ($0.875m) / Sean Avery ($1.937m)
Chris Drury ($7.050m) / Artem Anisimov ($1.000m) / Brandon Prust ($0.800m)
Derek Boogaard ($1.625m) / Brian Boyle ($0.525m) / Mats Zuccarello-Aasen ($1.750m)
Daniel Girardi ($3.325m) / Marc Staal ($3.975m)
Ryan McDonagh ($1.300m) / Michael Del Zotto ($1.087m)
Steve Eminger ($1.125m) / Paul Mara ($0.750m)
/ Pavel Valentenko ($0.850m)
Henrik Lundqvist ($6.875m) /Martin Biron ($0.875m)
CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled using the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $59,400,000; CAP PAYROLL: $55,725,000; BONUSES: $1,487,500
CAP SPACE (21-man roster): $5,162,500
I got rid of Christensen and Rosival. It doesn’t let me do trades, but let’s assume for a second that a few minor players came back. Maybe the cap space is then 3 million. But still, it’s doable. It’s doable.
-The roster I put together was just a rough estimate. You have to think Sauer is going to come back. Maybe another winger. Hard to know so far out. But, it’s doable. With some maneuvering.
-Wouldn’t mind seeing MZA get a chance. Can’t hurt, right?
-I think the Rangers should just ride the King for as long as you can. Biron has been very good. But Hank is the star, and you have to let him carry you.
-Musical interlude: Downloaded the Gavin DeGraw “Chariot Stripped” album. IT’s the Chariot album, but all acoustic. It’s awesome. Check it out.