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Happy Thursday, BSBers! You know what Thursday means. It’s Thoughts and Musings day. It’s about to go down, right here, right now, on BSB.

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-That was a hell of a win against Pittsburgh. Hell of a win. I’m not going to get into the refs, because this is a site for all, and I’d like little kids to be able to read this. Obviously, the Rangers, if they lost, would have been robbed. But, man, what heart. What character. I think that’s something different about this team than in past years. There’s more heart. There’s more soul. There’s more of a team mentality that I think has been missing the past couple years.

-What a pass by Dubi. What a pass. You only see that in video games.

-All hail the King

-This team is only going to be strengthened when Michal Roszival comes back. I don’t think Gilroy is cutting it, and I think the wise move is to try and trade him, maybe get a spare part for him, or at least a pick.

-Musical interlude: Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen singing Willow Smith’s classic hit “Whip My Hair”. Click here to watch. Utter brilliance

-Willow Smith Interlude: I’m sorry, but a nine year old girl should not be singing a song that talks about haters and partying. She’s nine! Nine! When I was nine, I didn’t know about haters or partying. I was most┬álikely┬áplaying shinny. I mean, I know she’s Will Smiths’ daughter, and the song is catchy as hell. But she’s nine. Too young for me.

-Hey, look at Frolov scoring and getting into the mix!

-A friend sent me a picture of the Boogey man about to fight in the Edmonton game. Take a look

-Speaking of Boogey, shouldn’t he not be getting hurt after every fight? Hasn’t be missed a bunch of games because of hand injuries? If you’re a fighter, you’re going to punch and your hand is going to hurt. But shouldn’t he be able to play through it?

-I hate NHL refs

-I hate Sidney Crosby

-I hate the Penguins

-Also, how did this team survive with out Gabby? Can someone tell me? Anyone? Bueller?

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    • It does suck, but nothing I can really do about it. I’m loving it here, so I guess that makes up for something

  • There are websites that you can access most of the games from… I went to school in Philadelphia and whenever i wanted to catch a game I usually was able to… just do some searching… back to back very entertaining games… had my wife actually asking me not to change the channel… if only more people actually sat down and watched a game, there would be a ton more fans

  • Last night’s game was simply stolen by Tim Thomas. Some of those saves in the 3rd period were phenomenal, and he made them look easy.

  • ***Agree wholeheartedly with Dave. While Hank should have stopped that one, he’s bailed the boys out many times. It was Thomas’s turn to steal one.
    ***Keep Gilroy. you are not going to get another NHL Defensman out of the deal. It’s a long season. You need to have 7 NHL defensemen, cus someone is always getting hurt. If McD and Valentenko are not ready, you’d be shooting yourself in the foot to go with only 6 NHL “D”. As the year wears on, the team will be less and less likely to call up an upproven AHL guy as the hunt for the playoffs intensifies. As critical as I have been of the “D” on this site, they are looking better.
    ***Give Stepan a chance with the 1st line, move EC back to 4th.
    ***Move Avery up to the 3rd line, Prust down to the 4th. Feds/Boyle/Avery would be a very nice 3rd line.
    ***Dubi/Ani/Cally as good as any 2nd line in the NHL right now. Probably better than many team’s 1st line!
    ***Biggest difference I see in this year’s team is a heart. Quiters not allowed on this years team. A little attitude is a good thing!

    • Totally agree. The way our D is blocking shots, we’ll need 7 on the roster. And bringing Avery back to the 3rd line is the right thing to do. Prust has great energy on the forecheck, but he’s not the scoring threat that Avery poses. Avs-Feds-Boyle can compete with almost any third line in the league (on the +/- Feds is +5, Avery +4!).

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