White and Kennedy on Waivers. Trade Looming?

The Rangers are in the midst of more change. Todd White and Tim Kennedy have today somewhat surprisingly been placed on waivers on a day which has seen a lot of teams place players on waivers. Several sources including beat writers Larry Brooks and Andrew Gross are speculating the roster moves could be a pre-curser to a trade for a defenceman and the usual rumours of Sheldon Souray have re-surfaced.

Souray has been a very effective player in the league and has a wicked shot but questions remain about his health, character and whether he has much left to give. The Souray rumours make sense given the players (read: cap) that have been put on waivers and the fact that the Rangers defense is missing an extra left handed player which Souray is.

Here’s my issue with all of this: Even at 2.7m Souray is a risk and a big one. First of all he is another roster block for McDonagh, Valentenko and co in Hartford when they are ready to come up and it’s not just for one year but two. Secondly, while the Rangers could benefit a lot from a healthy Souray the valuable cap space he would eat up would be better served (perhaps mid season) on acquiring more offense. Souray isn’t a critical need on the blue line given Del Zotto, Gilroy and Roszival on the power play and the addition of Sauer’s physicality. Again, even at 2.7m (half the salary should the Rangers get Souray on re-entry waivers) Souray is a luxury. Can the Rangers afford to have a roster luxury at this stage?

Just now, Larry Brooks has reported via twitter that Tortorella has indicated neither Kennedy nor White would immediately report to the AHL should they clear waivers. As Brooks himself points out, it would be a surprise if a minimal cap hit such as Kennedy clears waivers. With both players ‘staying on the roster’ in the event of clearing what does it mean for the trade rumours? Today has added a lot of intrigue and discussion in Rangerland.


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  1. Kennedy will get claimed. White won’t, but this could also be a sign that Drury is ahead of schedule. He was taking shots at practice today and was in full gear.

  2. rangers wont get souray on re entry waivers.there is alot of talk that says the blue jackets will scoop him up before the rangers.

    1. that’s a valid point. So many people seem to be assuming that if Souray hits re-entry waivers he’ll be a Ranger. There may be 5 or 6 teams that would take him…

    2. The latest rumor to hit the inter-web is White + Kennedy for Souray after CBJ claims him. To quote the Brits: RUBBISH!

  3. Can’t see White getting claimed either. Kennedy however, provides us with a cheap, good-skating, versatile forward should we have injuries or if guys like Feds or Boyle begin to slump. Don’t see the point in losing him especially since Prospal is likely out for longer than originally anticipated.

  4. Of course, now that Sather has said that they waived both White and Kennedy to make room to absorb a contract, all the Souray rumors will continue.

    1. maybe it could be someone else other than Souray. I just cant understand why you risk an asset no matter how big or small of an asset (Kennedy) unless you have something in the works.

      1. Apparently no names today intrigued him. I guess he’s just waiting to see who else gets waived before Thursday.

          1. I don’t believe so. They have to be assigned to the AHL to have the cap cleared (much like the way Voros’ salary didn’t come off the cap last year). I would assume they waived them for easy assignment in case they want to put a claim in on someone.

            1. i just found out the rangers can keep them on the roster for 30 days without thier salaries counting against the cap then they have to send them down or keep thier cap hit.interesting stuff i did not know,

  5. It’s a center. They are going for a first line center. Please god say it’s true.

    1. what First line centers are available? Ribiero of Dallas? They couldn’t be waiting on Zubrus to go waivers by the Debbies? What centers would cost around 4 mil and be placed on waivers or had for cheap?

        1. Just wondering if he’s available and if he could be had for cheap – of course we would have to move salary to accomodate him. I’ve heard that they have an internal budget and are currently going through an ownwership change as well, right?

          1. Doubtful, Dallas isn’t half bad this year, and a solid season from Lehtonen could steal them a postseason spot.

  6. FYI – Derek Stepan will wear #21 this season for those of you getting a new shirt.

  7. sather said hes waiting for tommorow to see who else gets put on waivers, that better players usually go last.

  8. he also said that kennedy was expendable due to the guys that could come up from hartford.

    1. If you guys want, I’ll set one up. It has to be at night though, I’m an indentured servant at work during the day.

  9. The rumor I’ve been hearing is that Boris Valabik (ATL, 6’7 245 lbs) is available. I doubt it though.

  10. Maybe a trade?

    Waivers is smokescreen for spezza or another big guy

    let me hope.

  11. ok i just read a comment from torts that said…christensen is so talented we got to give him a shot on the first line…torts are you on crack.well thats settles that hes our first line center..i think i need a bottle of jack a game for the season.

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