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It’s Thursday! You know what that means. It’s Thoughts and Musings day here at BSB. And I, for one, can’t be more excited.

(Note: Wrote this on Tuesday, due to hellacious schedule on Wednesday, when I usually write this column. If something happens in between Tuesday and when the article publishes to make it irrelevant, I apologize. If you saw my calendar, you’d feel my pain.)

-Wade Redden, gone. Never thought it would happen. But it did. The Rangers admitted a mistake. I’m shocked. I mean, they had to do it. But, this a prideful GM with a stubborn owner. Creates a recipe for disaster. But, they did it. Maybe a new leaf has turned in the Rangers organization.

-I’m not surprised to see he reported to Hartford. He had 6.5 million reasons to do so. Plus, a new born baby he probably didn’t want to take to Europe. Still, it’s up to him to be a good locker room presence, not drag guys down. There’s a lot of talented Dmen in Hartford. Maybe Redden can be a bit of a mentor to them.

-D-pairs, as of now, in my mind:




I think Eminger is the 7th. Valentenko and Sauer have been very good. Gilroy’s been better. I think they’ll try to get rid of Rosy after this year, and place Valentenko or Sauer in there. They’re young, but they are good.

-Agree with Dave. Fedetenko is right for this team. Always thought that. Scoring on the cheap. Can play on first, second or third line. Very valuable.

-I can’t predict lines. Cause I don’t know. With Kennedy, Stepan and Fedetenko playing well, it’s been hard to find room. A good thing, though.

-Don’t think Todd White will make the team. No room. And he hasn’t really impressed

-The Office Interlude: The best opening to any show, ever

-I still can’t believe hockey is so close. Just so excited.

-I may (emphasis on may) be going to Opening Night. If so, I’d be thrilled. But the emphasis on may is there for a reason.

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  • White and Eminger should be demoted, or traded. It has become clear that they are the two most expendable at this point.

    Send Valentenko down to the Whale for seasoning. He just needs to round out his game a little bit – work on positioning and transition game.

    Gilroy, and McD have made the squad and Sauer has earned a shot as the 7th defenseman.

    Stepan, Feds Boyle and kennedy should all play in the next game and take it from there.

  • Sauer needs to clear waivers, so that will have an effect on the decisions made. Valentenko and McDonagh do not. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a bottom three of Gilroy/Sauer/Eminger.

    • What has Eminger shown? Not much plus he’s hurt. He’s been on 4 Teams in 4 years for a reason, send him down and play McD ans Sauer. Valentenko just needs seasoning.

      • He’s a veteran, and he doesn’t need the playing time in Hartford to develop. The problem with leaving three kids (including Gilroy)up is that one needs to sit. It doesn’t matter if Eminger sits.

  • Eminger needs to make the team. Gilroy, Sauer and McDonagh all need playing time. Being a 7th defenseman isn’t going to do their development any good.

    Eminger also needs to make the team because he needs to be able to spell Gilroy, McDonagh/Sauer & to a lesser extent MDZ. Gilroy especially and probably MDZ hit a wall last year. Eminger will be an insurance policy to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

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