Thursday Thoughts And Musings

Welcome to our new, regular feature. I’ve done this a few times here before, but expect a lot more of it. Sorry.

-I like the Todd White pickup. Sure, he relegates Dubi and Prospal to the wing. But, White, when paired with top line talent does really well.  A line of Frolov-White-Gaborik or Dubinsky-White-Gaborik is a legit top line. Oh happy day.

-I’ve focused on line combos, but never D-pairings. So here goes:


Rosival-Del Zotto


I think McDonagh spends a little time in the AHL. Redden has to be going to the AHL too. Just a money thing now.

-I know Todd White didn’t fit in their plans, but seriously, is there any reason for the Thrashers to take Donald Brashear? I mean, seriously, does Glen Sather has nude photos of all the GMs?

-Music interlude: This song is awesome (note: NSFW)

-Are we expecting the same leadership group as last year? I know it’s hard to take away an ‘A’ or ‘C’, but maybe it’s necessary. I love Prospal, but is he ‘A’ worthy? I think Cally is perfect, and Drury is Drury. I would like to see Gaborik get one. He carries this team.

-Actually, I’d like to see Lundqvist get a letter. I mean, come on. He is the team.

-Over/under: How many years till the Rangers win another cup?

-I know there was money issues, but essentially trading Antti Niemi for Marty Turco? Really, Chicago? That’s a rookie goalie who won you a Cup. And, Turco? Who’s lost his game? Find other ways to save money.

-Would like to see Avery score more. He’s great at being a pain in the ass. But, putting the biscuit in the net a little more often wouldn’t hurt.

-I really miss the Olympics. That USA team was awesome. We’ll have to wait until 2014.

-I don’t buy Boogaard not getting playing time. He’s going to be on the fourth line. He’s going to beat the crap out of people. That’s his job. Deal with it.

-Tech interlude: Anyone have Slingbox? Is it any good?

-What are your PP combos? Here’s mine:



-PK forward combos:




-I think the Rangers are going to be pretty physical. Boogaard. Prust. Avery. Callahan. Dubinsky. Weise (maybe). Eminger. It’s a better position to be in than last year.

-Who’s your candidate for first AHL callup?

-Food interlude: This recipe is off the hook. The sauce is killer.

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  • Jeremy, I can’t imagine White at 35 can beat in camp AA Prospal EC Dru to make a team. He had ugliest year and after shoulder injury at 35 do you expect him to play on top line instead of HRTF? I’m pretty sure the deal was take off Brash from our cap hit b/c of 35+ contract. We gave Atlanta 2.5ml and take about same amount back, but got rid of cap of $1.4ml. Even Redds down to AHL, Todd is not fit in cap space for Rangers b/c of Saal signing, plus much preferable players to see like Stepan or Grach or Wiese. We don’t like done, finished player like White take kids spot. I think is too earlier to project lines up due to the fact that team is not quite build yet. Too many forwards some new, some could be new. Same thing goes for our defense and also overcrowded there. I expect some trades and it might be major one. If Rosy will be moved with some “sweetener”, I’m confident that Brad Richards will be on the way to NYC. But for now it’s too early make the final assumption. BTW, on your PP I didn’t see Girardi. If you see him playing you had to noticed his awesome and accurate shot from the point. I’m still angry on Boogaard contract terms but the market demand and past last seasons direct us to have “player” exactly like he is. Sorry for disagreement

    • I believe White will play as long as he’s healthy but not on the top line.

      Boyle and Boogie will rotate in and out.

  • I think White plays into a roster spot, probably shifting Boyle out of the lineup. With Redden gone, White/Staal (at $4.5 mil) still fit in the roster.

    • Dave, here we go:
      Frol 3m-AA 821K-Gabby 7.5m
      Dubi 1.85m-EC 925K- MZA 1.75m
      Prospal 2.1m-Drury 7m)-Cally 2.3m
      Boogaard 1.625m-Avery 1.937m-Prust 800K
      Grach 816K-Weise 700K
      Girardi 3.325m-Rosy 5.m
      McD 1.3m-Gily 1.750m
      Staal 4.5m-MDZ 1.087m
      Eminger 1.125m
      Henk 6.875m-Biron 875K
      CAP PAYROLL 59,013,334 BONUSES 2,930,000.
      This roster is based on 7 D and 14 F and 2 Goalie. Don’t pay attention to the line up mix. Dave try to show me who should be out of roster, even we have money to keep Todd under the cap.

        • MZA at 1.75ml was brought here to make a team, but could go HRTF so as Grach, but I think Grach can make team based what I saw last summer and TC when he played with Lisy and Arty. I still can’t fit White instead AA EC. He can only be in ther roster if he show superb TC and fit in 2 first lines as a center( 100% doubt), even though how would you think he will keep his speed with all young speedy players on those line? But it just my own opinion which is close to reality I think.

          • Last summer for Grachev was just one month of his entire season. He struggled in Hartford, he will be there next season.

            As for MZA/White, that is pretty much the competition, whoever plays better makes the team, and the other goes to Hartford. That leaves you with 13 forwards.

          • Alright, still trying to digest the changes and come up with lines in this haze and I’m going with Dru back on top which is where our Captain should be;


            The only thing I’m concerned with is minutes for AA. He averaged just shy of 13 a game last year. I know everyone expects him to jump up to 2nd line and produce but I worry about his resiliency at 18, 19 minutes a game.

          • Everything it possible, but I can assure you that Dubi and Dru will not be on 1st line, Dru will be at most on 3rd. Can’t see Boyle as starter at all coming season. Grach or MZA has nothing to do with White, who is center and if he doesn’t make first 2 line forget about him. F-AA-P will not make dynamic line and Prospal is C or LW. Dave the matter not with money( despite it’s very important), but quality on position.

          • 121- i usually like your incite but your line combos are horrible.drury is not playing 1st line wing third line center at best.prospal def not on rightwing.and christensen bumping calli, really now stop goin to happy hour and then writing these posts lol. boyle is the odd man out hes not physical for his size and is useless.

          • Dru should be left wing (except for defensive draws)

            How about this?


            I’m at such a loss to try and find the correct roles for each player. As I’ve commented before, if the roles are confused, this team won’t get anywhere. We fill the line up with “pivot” guys who play wing or center and now no one knows where they will play from day to day with Torts at the helm.

            Effectively we now have 7 centers in this line up; Dubi, Drury, AA, EC, Prospal, White, Boyle.

            I don’t know where to begin and that is why I’m all over the place.

          • I think you really like Dubi, did you see him for 3 years and consider him #1 center and our best center available for this line? Drury-Prospal-Christensen on one line(3 centers)? Never thought about it before. And finally Todd White at 35 with bad last season and catastrophic injury beat MZA. I see you can be disappointed to see how lines will different from your projection when season starts.

          • Well, White is currently on the roster and MZA is not so I’m just going off of that without speculating.

            And, yes, all I do know is that Dubi is hands down our best center.

          • i could see this.
            prospal dubi gabi
            frolov aa mza/?
            avery white/christ.calli
            boogyman drury prust
            prospal dubi gabi
            frolov aa calli
            avery drury prust
            boogyman christensen weise
            staal mdz
            girardi mcdonagh
            rozi gilroy

          • If you consider Dubi is our best, I think Rangers done this season without even start it. 13g 14g 20g for 3 seasons playing on top line with top NHLer HOF with tons of play time and consider our best C? with 100s millions of fans the team could do better.

          • no im hoping they trade him in a package for a top line center or aa gets a shot. but if hes here and aa cant do it what choice do you suggest.

  • D pairings

    Girardi – mdz
    staal – rosi
    eminger/mcdonough – gilroy

    also goalies are not allowed to be official team captains or talk to refs about rules. We can paint a C on hanks mask. But he won’t be able to represent o refs.

    White will be buried in Hartford. He had two busted knees and a torn labrum. Hasn’t skated much and won’t be in physical condition to keep up with our style. He will be in the pack tillhis contract expires. His pickup was for salary cap reasons, nothing more.

    Mza will play on the squad this year, he is definitely a torts type of player. as many teams that wanted him. There’s no way he rots in te minors or you will have another heikkinen situation. Kid has skill speed and tenacity. Totally torts guy. He may not be on the first line, but he won’t be in thE pack.

  • I think this is the first camp where there is actually doubt as to who will make the team. MZA is debatable, White too, the kids (Weise, Byers, Dupont). I’m actually looking forward to it.

    • The reason is overcrowded in Fs and Ds. My assumption trade will make correction a little be.

      • i agree i think there will be a major trade. we have to many left wings and centers.but i think theyll wait till at least camp to see who can make the jump from the rookies.

          • It’s not ‘Too much’ thing. Try to think as GM. First, if Bobby sign offer sheet, they entitled to get 4 1st rd DP for him. Second, Kreider can be much better than Bobby and possible make the team next year. Why Ducks want 5ml of Rosy for 2 left. EC? take him for nothing. Why do think Ducks are anxious to trade Bobby? If trade is coming, I think Brad Richards first, and Thorton second choice. But we need partner on Rosy + DP+prospect for Brad. I don’t mind for this trade due to our weakness and thirsty on true 1st C which Richards is perfect and at his prime.

          • not thinking ducks are anxious to trade Ryan but they have sufficient support on RW from Perry and Lupul. Getzlaf down the middle could use Kreider (or other center) coming up behind as Koivu is already 35

            On top of the foward situation, the Ducks lost Niedemeyer to retirement and Rozy could fill void of a puck moving D man that can play PP

            So, it’s not inconceivable as to making it work for everyone

            Oh yeah, no offer sheet; ducks sign and trade

          • Or, just dump Redden and White and sign Afinogenov for one yr at 2.25 as a stop gap for MZA. Then this yr you’ve got;


            and next yr you’ve got;


  • Ranger’s Cup chances will come around again in about 4 years, as Lundqvist is finishing up his current contract, and possibly again 5-6 years later if we re-sign him. We’ve got players still developing, that in that amount of time should be nearing their prime. I’m not saying Cup for sure, just saying that’s the next time I’m expecting big things.

  • Jeremy, I have a slingbox and I must say it is probably one of the greatest electronic devices I have ever owned. I got one back in 2005, long before anyone knew what it was. I got it when I went away to college. It saved my world of sports like no other. I am originally from New York and went to school in Pennsylvania so I was surrounded by Cindy Crosby fans, and Penguins tv broadcasts! but slingbox allowed me to hookup with my bedroom tv back in new york. This translated to MSG (and YES network) being broadcast to my computer. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who travels alot, and absolutely any college student who moves out of state. I now live on my own in Pennsylvania and still use it as opposed to the hundreds of dollars I would have to shell out for the Center Ice package and MLB package to be able to watch every game of my Rangers, Yankees, and Jets. Basically I mooch off of my parents subscription (not that they mind) without any fees. I even am able to control the TIVO set up at my parents house through the slingbox.

  • I don’t think that creating ghost rosters will do anything. This is Torts and I’m sure after the 3rd game some how Boogie will be on a line with Gabby for a few shifts.

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