Rangers Acquire Todd White

Glen Sather was burning the midnight oil last night, as he acquired center Todd White from the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for disgruntled enforcer Donald Brashear and perennial AHLer Patrick Rissmiller. Rissmiller, at a $1 million cap hit, was headed to Hartford for a third straight year, while Brashear’s $1.4 million cap hit was going to stay on the books for the Rangers, regardless of where Brashear played 35+ contract). White has one year remaining at a $2.375 cap hit.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what the Rangers gain from this trade, unless there is another one coming. Yes, the Rangers got something decent for absolutely nothing. But, the Rangers take on a larger cap hit from this trade, an extra $900,000 (Rissmiller is not included in this math since he was always destined for Hartford), for another forward. I understand that White had a few good seasons when playing with Ilya Kovalchuk, and maybe the Rangers are hoping White can regain that form playing with Marian Gaborik. What this does do though, is take a roster spot away from a youngster, possibly Dale Weise, or maybe even Mats Zuccarello-Aasen. I’m on the fence about it, it’s not a bad trade, but it’s puzzling. After some thought, the team is definitely better now than it was before the trade. White means that Brian Boyle might be Hartford bound, with Dale Weise and Derek Boogaard rotating as the 13th forward. The Rangers also lose two huge cancers in the Hartford locker room. The deal is another solid trade. It’s amazing how Sather pulls these off.

The Thrashers, meanwhile, have placed Brashear on waivers with the intention of buying him out, which will save them money, but not cap space, which they have plenty of anyway.

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  1. larger cap hit of $900,000?
    Check you math- the Rangers gained 25,000 of cap space.

    1. Rissmiller is not included in the cap hit since he was always destined for Hartford. It’s $1.4 million for Brashear and $2.375 for White.

  2. I don’t know what to say about this trade.

    I really like the fact that dead weight is gone for an NHL player. I just don’t see where White fits.

    Has to be something else brewing…

  3. yea but we lose his cap hit if hes sent to the minors because its not an over 35 contract so we wiped brashears contract out.

    1. This is true, and if he gets hurt, we can LTIR him. His contract expires at the end of the year though, so that’s good.

  4. i think it was a move just to get rid of brashears contract another sucker to bail out sather.

  5. With the cap hit, the Rangers have to dump salary to fit under the salary cap. I’ve been talking with the guys at the Banter, they seem to think Redden is all but assured to be gone.

  6. Excellent move, both Brashear and Rissmiller had no future in NY and the only way around Brashear’s cap hit was to trade him. White most likely is destined for Hartford so his cap hit will come off. In any event his contract expires after this year. To actually think we traded BOTH Brashear and Rissmiller, with the opportunity to clear 1.3 mil in cap space and not give up anything of value – how can you not like this trade?

  7. White’s an enigma. Can you really put a guy that scored 73 pts. just two years ago in the AHL? Maybe?

    Point totals;
    2008 – 37
    2009 – 73
    2010 – 26

    Although, he only played 65 games last year. Does any one know his injury history or was he in the coach’s doghouse?

    1. True, you can’t really count on him for that. His overall GVT is a measly 0.4. But that 0.4 is a full 2 goals above Boyle’s -1.9, which averages out to about 1 win on the year.

  8. So Todd White could potentially be our first line center or our fourth line center.

    Does he just need to play with a world class winger to produce?

    1. It looks like he needs to play with top class guys, but he’s injury prone, which affected his numbers last year.

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