Scouting The Market: Milan Jurcina

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Milan Jurcina is a 26 year old defenseman, who has played the past couple of seasons with the Capitals (he was traded¬†briefly¬†to the Blue Jackets, before getting hurt and being traded back to the Caps this past season). A physical, stay at home defenseman, Jurcina will never put up big offensive numbers, but he’ll be responsible in his own end, and be physical at the crease and in the corners.

The 6-4, 245 pound Slovakian is slow and plodding (as anyone at that size would be), and he’s not a good skater. He could use his size better.

Still, for a price of somewhere around $1.5 million, he’s a good bargain as a 3rd pair defenseman. He won’t make too many mistakes, but he won’t be a shutdown guy either.

The risk with signing any defenseman is that it limits play for some youngster, whether it’s Matt Gilroy, Bobby Sanguinetti or someone else. But for that money, Jurcina might be worth the risk.

What do you think of Jurcina? Worth the money? Or stay away? Tell us in the comments

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  • For 1.5m i’d take him so long as he’s paired with a guy that’s a good skater. Maybe a guy like this would allow Gilroy to go forward more and play his natural game? (assuming Gilroy is here…)
    I am concerned about quite how immobile he is but you cant have everything and we really need size on the back end, especially on someone willing to use it.

  • I haven’t been impressed by him. If we are going the cheap 3rd pairing route, I’d prefer we go with Potter, who is less than half Jurcina’s price.

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