Souray Rumors Heating Up

Update: Ok, this post title is extremely misleading. Sorry.

There is nothing official going around the blog/twitter-sphere about the Rangers pursuit of Sheldon Souray, post-injury. There is some talk going around about the continued pursuit of the defenseman, because he is signed through next year at a relatively reasonable* price.

*-Reasonable when compared to the Wade Redden and Michal Rozsival contracts.

That said, I propose this trade. Bear in mind that this has nothing to do with any rumors, or anything I have heard. It is just me speculating what could work.

Michal Rozsival
Dan Girardi
NYR 2010 4th round pick

Sheldon Souray
Andrew Cogliano
EDM 2010 5th round pick

Replace Girardi in the lineup with one of Corey Potter/Ilkka Heikkinen (Bobby Sanguinetti is injured). I think it’s feasible. What do you guys think?

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  • I like the idea of acquiring Souray, in part because I think he’s got something left in the tank, and because his production this year has probably been hampered by the “Oiler-effect”. It’s a buy-low kind of deal. All for it. Still not supporting Girardi for Cogliano, but if you can sneak it through on this, okay, fine.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but that hypothetical trade seems awful one-sided. The point of trading Souray for Edmonton is to dump salary. Sather would have to really spice up the deal if we are sending Rozy back there way. I don’t feel that the offer is accomplishing that. Maybe Girardi is supposed to be a big upgrade over Cogliano, but I doubt most of the league would feel that way.

    • The one thing I’m learning is that as fans, we are biased in two ways: 1) our prospects are not as good as we think, and 2) we always think it takes more to acquire players.

      The Jokinen trade, the Gomez trade, the Hossa trade, the Kovalchuk trade; all were deals where we thought there would be more of a return.

  • I’m a fan of the trade, definitely; however, as zen says, I don’t see the Oilers accepting such a deal. It seems a tad too favorable for the Rangers. However, I feel like Souray’s injury will make Edmonton a little more anxious to get something done, and with two defensemen ready to roll immediately the help would be appreciated. What worries me, from the Rangers’ side, is the size of Cogliano’s contract (though I admit to my ignorance here.)

  • Like the trade. Souray is an upgrade over Rosy. I’m a fan of Girardi, but I can live with Potter/Illka so that’s okay, and we need offense so in comes Coligano. Will Edmonton do it?

    Also, even though my power is off (well half of the house), through the magic of one of those AT&T internet cards, there WILL be a live–LIVE–chat for USA. Be there. No seriously. Be there

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