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Jaromir Jagr?

Right then guys, slightly off the Olympic topic….

If you’re like me, thanks to his time in NY you’ll have a soft spot for Jaromir Jagr, the big Czech.

Im sure many of you have read the THN column discussing the notion of Jagr coming back to the NHL. If he does, where do you think he’ll go? If he comes back should The Rangers be interested and can he still help them?

Right now, he’s playing at around a point per game pace in the KHL. He’s also apparently in supreme condition (according to ex Omsk coach Wayne Fleming…) For the record I think (at a reasonable price) he could be huge for the Rangers. He doesnt need to be the go-to-guy anymore thanks to Gaborik. He seems willing to take a small(er) salary to play so the Rangers should be interested.

I really like the idea of a second line featuring Avery and Jagr flanking perhaps Dubinsky. Finally some genuine secondary scoring?

I had a look in more depth at the idea at Let me know what you think.

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  • For the right price, I would sign Jagr… other than Gabby, Jagr is probably better than every other player the Rangers have…

  • Read that article yesterday and thought the same thing. I honestly think he would go to the Pens if he were to come back to the NHL for a year or two. Not only for sentimental value but also because they’ll be cup contenders for at least the next 4-5 years.

  • it’d be worth doing thats for sure.
    I think he’d go to the Pens to be a contender but he genuienly did love NY so we’d probably appeal to him as well… it seems money wont play an issue anyway.

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