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Brashear Asked For A Trade (UPDATED!)

Update (12:14pm): Bob McKenzie tweets that Brashear has in fact been waived. Oh happy day.

10:01am: Via Andrew Gross, Donald Brashear apparently requested a trade a few weeks ago, and thinks that’s why he’s hasn’t dressed for 11 of the team’s last 12 games. “It just shows me they don’t believe in me,” said Brashear. “I ask for a trade, that’s more likely why I’m not playing any games. Usually, when you ask for a trade, they don’t play you.”

Brashear, who is under contract next season with a $1.4M cap hit, has played in just 36 of the team’s 60 games this season. Even when he has played, he’s barely noticeable. The addition of Brandon Prust made Brashear even more expendable, so even if they aren’t able to finding a trading partner, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was waived. Talk about a dud free agent signing.

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  1. Brashear has been a joke. When he’s on the ice, he picks an immediate fight and then gets slaughtered. He then sits in the box, gets out, takes his next shift and repeats. Then he sits out for a few games with an injury from being pummeled.

    If he could still fight, it would be a different story, but he can’t.

  2. its not just the fact he cant fight he cant skate he cant intimidate. I’d be amazed if he did indeed ask for a trade and the request was turned down. it must be for a lack of takers….
    We’re much better set with two middleweights in Prust and Voros than we would be with a 37 year old making the same as those two combined.

    1. Much better off with Orr…he kept his mouth shut, did his job and fans loved him. Not to mention a very low cap hit.

    2. $1.4 mil cap hit for what is now a useless body taking up a roster spot. That’s why he hasn’t been traded yet. I’m sure it’s not for lack of trying on Sather’s part.

  3. Not sure, but being that he’s over 35, doesn’t hit cap hit remain?

    No one is picking him up off waivers; it makes no sense to considering who has passed through waivers over the last two weeks.

    1. In partly answering my own question, I see that the cap hit is reduced $100k if the player is 35+, waived and sent to the minors. That’s pretty worthless.

  4. Sorry. I don’t completely agree. It is hard to be effective when you only play a few minutes once in a while. This is Torts my way or the highway. I am less and less impressed with him.

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