Kotalik Requests Trade

During last night’s Blueshirt Banter Radio, hosted by Blueshirt Banter’s Jim Schmiedeberg and The Mouth, it was made public that Ales Kotalik has requested a trade. If you read this blog, chances are you read Blueshirt Banter too. If you don’t they do a fantastic job at covering the Rangers, especially with their radio shows. Go check it out.

According to the agent, Kotalik has asked for a trade, telling the Rangers he is not happy with the organization, and wants to be traded, released, or he will defect to Russia. Kotalik has allegedly told the Rangers he would like to be traded out west.

Don’t expect Kotalik to be traded, no one wants to take on that contract. I would expect him to be waived, sent to Hartford, where he will be “allowed” to sign with a KHL team. I guess this can be considered good news, it frees up much needed cap space, assuming they find a way to dump him.

Awesome signing Glen. Awesome.

Update 10:10am: When can I say I told you so? Now? Soon?