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Redden, Kotalik Benched

You wanted changes? Well, you got changes. Wade Redden and Ales Kotalik will be healthy scratches for tonight’s game against the Islanders. Bobby Sanguinetti and Erik Christensen will take their place.  We all expected something to be done, especially after the tirade by Torts. And Kotalik deserves to be benched. But I would have much rather seen Chris Higgins, or Michal Rosival be benched. I would say Drury too, but his PK work is too invaluable. When the Rangers hired Torts, we expected an Iron Fist coaching style. This is the first sign of it. Still, he has to do more. He has to go further. He has to bench Rosy, who is beyond ineffective. Right now, as a friend of mine says, the Rangers are Henrik Lundqvist, Marian Gaborik and a bunch of figure skaters. That’s what they are. We’ll see how the team responds to the moves. Personally, my hopes aren’t high.

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    • Dave, you can indeed now say i told you! i agreed in my article and i agree here too. He’s more dimensional than i realised. When the one dimension isnt working god help us…

      Here’s hoping Drury and Roszival wake up.

  • Higgins deserves to be benched, or play 1:46 this game, but I’d be he’ll be first line playing the majority of the game. Thanks Torts!

      • im a torts fan but its not all on sather. Sather is past it and he hasnt spent well but Torts hasnt been hard enough on the right players. he’s stuck by players for too long (and still is) and with players like Anisimov and Avery who at times have deserved more ice time, he failed to act.

        Those things cant be on Sather.

        • Unless Sather is pressuring Torts to play the bigger salary players because they make the big salaries. It isn’t exactly unheard of.

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