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Voros or Brashear?

Lost in the excitement of yesterday’s game was the fact that Chris Drury is on his way back. That’s great news. But who do the Rangers bench? You can’t bench P.A. Parenteau. He’s been terrific. It comes down to Aaron Voros or Donald Brashear.

Dave and I kinda hashed it out yesterday, with Dave preferring Voros stay, and me wanting Voros but expecting him to go. I expect him to go because Brashear makes $1.4 million. It’s hard to bench that kind of money. But, if money were not an issue, Brashear would be first to go. He doesn’t do much, and his fighting ability seems to have dwindled. Voros hustles, digs in the corner, and can throw a mean right hook.

I’m going to leave it up to you guys. When Drury comes back, who sits: Voros, or Brashear?

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  • can i suggest neither? get rid of a waste of 2.4m.

    Assume that both Dubinsky and Drury come back and play in the top 9 (a given), i thnk Torts goes back to playing the 4th very sparingly so why not have Byers up permenantly who cant do any damage in 6 minutes a game but can move up the lines if needs be.

    We’re never going to be physically imposing as currently constructed so keep Brashear around for the odd game (perhaps) and have Byers there to stick up for people. And hell, Dubinsky Callahan and Avery should be a physical presence as well.

    we dont need Brashear OR Voros. It would be sad if we cannot add a nice piece at the deadline if its because of two wasted roster spots and cap anchors….

    • Well, Voros has played well in his role, and since he is here, and can’t really be moved, why not let him continue to excel in this role?

      • i guess it depends on what you think we can achieve this year and how important that extra cap space will be. I dont think he’s played bad at all but he’s not making a huge difference.

        • The fourth line isn’t going to make a huge difference in the Tortorella system. I think this team is a playoff team, and Voros adds some tough guy experience (he has won his past two fights). That’s required for a playoff team.

  • and can i ask… is Andrew Gross’ rangers rants site not working for anyone else? The last few days i cannot access it at all, i get a ‘forbidden’ message. Hopfefully he’s not gone and done a Zipay/Newsday!

  • Dave i completely agree with what you say about Voros but can’t Byers give you that (minus the experience) minus the cost? could that 750k left on Voros’ deal not (pro rated) be the difference when looking to add a hard nosed D man in February/March? i dont mind Voros these days, he’s finding his level, but i think there’s better ways of spending his money in this cap era.

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