State of the Rangers

Enduring The Storm

So, it would be an understatment to say that the Rangers are having injury problems. First, Drury. Then, Dubinsky. Then, maybe Lundqvist? It’s painful just to write. The Rangers don’t have the depth to survive this kind of injury wave. Imagine if Gaborik were to get hurt? I shudder just writing the sentence. But, this is the card that’s been dealt. How do the Rangers deal? How do the endure?

They need Chris Higgins to play like he did in the Edmonton game. He looked like, well, Chris Higgins, and we need to see that effort on a game-to-game basis. They need Ryan Callahan to play like the alternate captain.  3 goals and 4 assists is not enough, in my opinion. They need Sean Avery to start scoring goals. I don’t know about you, but ever since he got rid of the badassery, he’s not been the same player.

I could go on. Kotalik, Rosy. The Rangers need guys to step up. I think the most important of them is Marian Gaborik. He’s the star. If he doesn’t play out of his mind, the Rangers will lose all of the good will they built up in the beginning of the season, and lose their place in the standings. It’s tough. The Rangers were relavtively injury free last year. They haven’t been as lucky. They’ll need to endure. It’ll be tough. But good teams find a way. Are the Rangers a good team? We’ll find out.

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  1. nice post Jeremy. i think we are potentially a good team. What i dont like is the inconsistency. Outside of Prospal, Gabby and maybe MDZ has anyone been THAT consistent??? i dont think so. Alot of players have shown flashes….

    but that in itself excites me. If just one other line shows a consistent level to their potential/talent/wage(!) then we’ll be alot better off.

    i think we’ll be a better team next year than this for obvious reasons; the development of the youth for example. right now we may be witnessing some growing pains which im happy to live with providing they do dvelop as they can.

  2. You don’t need consistency from every player at the same time, you just need players to get hot when other players get cold, and vice versa. That’s how the good teams do it.

    1. agreed Dave – but you do need more than 1 line to show some consistency.
      We havent had more than 1 line really show sustained scoring this seasonat the same time.

      If we could just get two lines be a genuien threat to score every game it’d make the world of difference. You’d see teams not just cocnetrating on gaborik then.

      1. I think that if a team gets 100 goals from its top line and 75 goals from its second line, then they are in good shape.

        I was talking more on an individual level, meaning since Cally and Higgins are ice cold, someone else (Prospal, Lisin) needs to get hot.

        The problem we are seeing is that too many Rangers are ice cold (or hurt).

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