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Sorry Betts, No Spot For You

With Blair Betts still unassigned, and August being a naturally slow month, I’ve read some people calling to have Bettsy re-signed for next season. I am going to preface this by saying I am a huge Betts fan, and prior to July 1, would have welcomed him back this season.

That said, there is no longer a spot on this team for Blair Betts. There, I said it. Sorry if you don’t like it.

The Rangers, as currently put together, have a glut of Torts-style 4th line players that would undoubtedly come cheaper than Capt. PK (as so dubbed by myself). The 4th line currently is Brashear-Boyle-Byers. That definitely doesn’t instill offensive fear in any team (granted, subbing Betts on that line doesnt exactly do that either), but it definitely adds some physical fear. Mess with someone, you have Brashear coming after you. If he’s in the box, you have 6’7 Boyle coming after you. It’s a scary line when you think about it.

The Rangers’ salary cap situation doesn’t help matters either. Assuming the Rangers cut Nik Zherdev loose and re-sign Brandon Dubinsky for roughly $1.75 million, they will have roughly $2 million left to spend, and all they are really missing is a 3rd line RW, which will probably be put up for competition amongst the kids at camp. These numbers also include a 13th forward and a 6th and 7th defenseman (Voros, Sauer/Potter), which add a much needed sense of urgency and competition during the regular season for everyone. As much as I like Betts, 3rd line RW doesn’t exactly fit his motif.

No matter which way you slice it, the trade for Brian Boyle and the signing of Donald Brashear spelled the end for Betts. I wish him well, but wish him well for another hockey club.

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  • Dave,

    im intrigued; do you not see the first 3 RW being Gaborik, Cally, Kotalik?

    I see LW as more of an open competition because isnt Higgins and Avery the onyl two set in stone in the top 9?

    I also disagree with your comment on a lack of offense on the 4th.

    Dare i say it but Brashear is just as offensively ‘gifted’ as Betts and Boyle is a 1st round pick who has scored well at previous levels and has 10pt in 36 NHL games (a better ratio than Betts) and Byers has got good touch (again, at a lower level) too. I see it as a line with ability to score, even if its certainly not there job.

    i too loved Betts for what he brought on the PK but i dont think we can afford too many 1 dimensional players on this team. I also think our PK will be fine next yr.

  • Agreed on Betts. Wish him well, sad to see him go, but c’est la vie.

    In other news, via NHL’s Twitter account, the Rangers have said no thank you to Zherdev’s salary and have cut ties.

  • Jurgenno, for some reason Kotalik slipped my mind. So there really any open spots actually (I have Lisin as 3rd line LW).

    As for Zherdev, we saw that coming. I don’t have internet right now (I’m moving and posting from my phone), I will get a post up on that when everything settles.

  • one of my favorite betts moments is msg had a mic on him during one game and all betts would do is say “outta boy nasi” outta boy cally outta boy fill in name here… is was actually funny he must said it 8 times during the game. All the home games i attended got a outta boy betts when he touched the puck. blair betts also blocked shots by the bucket full and ate up mins at end of a game trying to choke out wins

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