Q&A with Evgeny Grachev

Alessandro Rosso over at HockeysFuture did a Q&A with Ranger prospect-extraordinaire Evgeny Grachev, and it’s definitely worth the read. Some highlights:

HF: The last couple of seasons are seeing some tension between the NHL and Russia because of some questionable moves from one country to another. What do you think about the current relationships between NHL and KHL regarding players’ transfers?

EG: I haven’t got the faintest idea about how the ties are going. And I have to say that I’m not interested in this argument since my plan is to play in America.

It’s good that his plan is to stay in the States, but I guess you have to expect them to say that for now.

HF: Can you compare your game last season and now?

EG: I can’t really do such a comparison. But I can say that I’ve added a lot of confidence and of course you don’t play around 100 games in a season for nothing. Every year I learn more and more about playing as a forward. After all I’ve played as forward only since I was 14.

I didn’t realize he had only been a forward for a few years. Considering how he tore up the OHL last year, things can only get better for him. Confidence is a huge thing too.

As of now, it looks like the Rangers struck gold with their third round pick last year, let’s hope his development continues. I still don’t see him making the team next season.

h/t to Mika Axisa for sending me this.

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  • nice post guys.

    I’d like to think after all the criticism (alot justifiably) we’ve struck gold with Grachev and will be praised accordingly.

    Whats realistic? this yr a good year in the A and next year makes the team?

    i’d like to think he’s defintiely our PF of the future.

    Where do we temper the expectations long term? talent wise and as a package a 30 goal scorer is a nice projection??

    • agreed. Though its easy to get excited about his potential and package. What makes it more exciting for me is he’s been coached by Stan Butler in brampton who is notorious for producing very good NHL’ers. The pedigree is there.

      Same for MDZ too. Its not the end of the world if he goes back to London because the set upand coaching there is so good for that level.

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