Quick Salary Tidbits

A lot of the recent Rangers signings have had undisclosed terms, so it’s been tough to find what they actually signed for. But here’s what I’ve b een able to find:

The entry level contracts on this list are Owens, Dowzak and Del Zotto, so they will be RFAs when the contracts expire. As for the rest, if they are going to be 27 when their contract expires, they will be UFAs, otherwise, they will be RFAs.

The Del Zotto signing, although looks expensive, is standard entry level contract (maximum of $850k base salary) plus bonuses, which bring the cap hit up. if he doesn’t participate in 11 NHL games, the payment slides a bit.

I have no idea when the Rangers signed Dowzak. I must have missed that. Can someone fill me in on when that happened?

Slats still has two key RFAs to sign (Lisin, Dubinsky), as I’m assuming Zherdev is gone. Lisin is important or else they just gave away Korpikoski for nothing.

Salary information courtesy of CapGeek.

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  • Haven’t seen anything on dubinsky…why do you think it’s taking so long to sign him?He’s not eligible for arbitration so maybe they’re still negotiating salary?

  • Re: Korpedo. There was probably little truth to the rumor that he wanted to head to the KHL, because he signed with the Coyotes for 2 years/1.4 mil, according to TSN. So he clearly wasn’t out for much money.

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