What is Nik Zherdev’s Trade Value?

With the Ales Kotalik signing, it’s almost a guarantee that the Rangers will not be bringing back Nikolai Zherdev. With his arbitration hearing set for July 31, Glen Sather has roughly three weeks to trade him. But with the news out that the Rangers will 99% not be bringing him back, what can Sather possibly get in return? All the pipe dreams of packaging him for a star are just that, pipe dreams. Do you really think someone will take Zherdev for a star knowing that he will just be a UFA in a few weeks?

So what we are looking at in return is a draft pick, maybe two, for the negotiating rights to him. Maybe a 3rd rounder at best. Teams I think would be interested are teams like the Kings, who have cap room and a need for a scoring RW. That’s just my opinion, I’m not starting rumors here.

At this point, since we know Zherdev won’t be back, it’s worth kicking tires on teams that may want him. You may as well get something in return for him.