Irresponsible Rumormongering

Heatley Rumors, Again

This time with players:

The possible scenarios: Rozsival-Dubinsky, a high-draft pick and a prospect; Zherdev-Dubinsky and a high pick. The Rangers apparently do not want to include Staal or Ryan Callahan or take any other player back, given the Heatley cap hit.

As already mentioned, the Sens have until midnight tonight before Heatley is due his bonus of $4 million. Expect him to be dealt soon. If he’s not dealt before tomorrow, he will not be dealt, period.

Before you get too emotional with dealing Dubinsky, ask yourself this question: Are the Rangers a better team after the trade?

The answer, is yes. They are, end of story. I really like Dubinsky, but to get Heatley, sorry kid, but adios. I may as well put this here, because I’m bound to get a text from my friend…sorry Becky. Your crush may head to Ottawa.

I like the Rozsival/Dubinsky deal more than the Zherdev/Dubinsky deal, because the Ranger have a big strength in both center depth and defense depth. The first rule of thumb when making a trade is to deal from a strength to fill a weakness.

Update 3:45pm: Forgot to add that I would prefer Girardi head over instead of Dubinsky, but I’m the only person who thinks that Girardi is expendable.

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  1. Insta-Sens fan. I’m gonna be honest, and this is my first season as a following, actual Rangers fan, but they remind me a whole lot of the A’s in the, I’m not going to know many Rangers next season and that pisses me off kind of way. But again, I’m a new fan, so..what can I do.
    And don’t bbm me until it’s final because my heart just broke a little bit.

    1. My bad on the bbming.

      But this is a poorly run organization, so I wouldn’t get attached to anyone unless they are named Lundqvist, Callahan or Staal.

      For now.

      And this is the 4th year in a row where the roster turnover is > 30%.

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