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Steroids Hit the NHL

In what is probably not-so-breaking-news, Richard Thomas, a steroid dealer arrested in Florida, has named the Capitals as a team that he has supplied steroids to. Players are not mentioned by name in the article, nor is it assumed that Thomas mentioned anyone by name.

With the steroid issue running rampant in baseball and football, it was a matter of time before hockey was subjected to its fair share of steroid publicity. To be honest, if you thought that the league was clean, I must ask what you were smoking. It takes utter ignorance to not believe that hockey players are doping.

As for the future, I wonder if we will ever see the names, or a tough drug policy. This is an issue that Bettman can use to help recover some of his lost legacy. I wonder if he can go 0/3 (expansion, lockout, steroids) in issues that ruin hockey.

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