On to NY….

Well that sucked. The Rangers were just awful tonight. They came out flat, took soft penalties (a ton of them), allowed shorthanded goals. I mean, what else is there to say? They were dominated. They did everything they did in Game 3. Varlamov wasn’t really challenged until the 3rd period, and now has two (TWO!) shutouts in the playoffs in four games. This was tough to watch, and it got real ugly in the 3rd.

Has anyone heard from or seen Scott Gomez? What about Nik Zherdev? If anyone has seen or heard from them, please let the Rangers know. They have no idea where they have gone. They are key players that need to show that they exist and care on the ice. This team has not gotten any pressure on a 22 year old rookie playing in elimination games, and Gomez, as a team leader, should be one of the people leading the charge in getting pucks to the net. They need to get some sustained offense. AND STAY OUT OF THE EFFING BOX!!! HOLY CRAP!! Hooking, tripping, holding, it’s all lazy hockey. It’s pathetic.

That Ovechkin goal was just silly. The man is a highlight reel every time he touches the puck.

A few positives: Dubi had another strong game, as did Cally, Staal and Girardi. These four usually seem to be the only consistent players that have strong games when the rest of the team stinks. Also, good move by Torts pulling Hank in the 3rd. He was exhausted, and it showed.

As for sitting Avery, I agree with the move. The Avery fanatics won’t, but be realistic, he wouldn’t have made a difference in this game. We know Voros isn’t an upgrade over Avery (they should have called up someone from Hartford), but Avery needed to sit for almost costing the Rangers Game 4. I don’t care what anyone says, this game is still a Caps domination with Avery or without him.

Game 6 back at the Garden on Sunday. Let’s hope the Rangers come out like they got nothing to lose.

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  1. Bunch of random thoughts- that game was disgusting but I’m confident that they’ll get back to form once they hit the Garden.. Zherdev hasn’t been playing well since 2009 started, which is sad because there’s no question that he’s a talented player and he’s still young… Could not agree more about benching Aves, those last two penalties in game 4 were pathetic and nearly gave the Garden crowd a heart attack – that being said I’m kind of excited to see him back tomorrow since he does bring life to the ice and hopefully will go back to being the pain in the ass that throws the goalie off his game… Love your core group of four guys, add Betts to that – he always plays with passion and intensity and throws everything he’s got out there.. Another plus was their penalty kill (at least early in the game, I didn’t watch the 3rd period), which makes me feel more confident than when they’re on the PP… and yeah that’s it. LETS GO RANGERS!

  2. I really hope the Rangers come out with passion, something they lacked last night, on Sunday.

    I’m a little weary of Ovie, he’s heating up.

    Torts lost him cool, and it was a reflection of the way the Rangers played.

    Game 6, the NHL is getting what they want, fuck Bettman, and let’s home the Rangers win, cause their is no way I want to go back to DC 3-3.

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