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Pelino Reassigned, Torts Speaks

Those of us wondering why Pelino was sticking around on the bench got our answer today: he’s not. Pelino was reassigned to tape work and scouting, as Torts wanted a clean break from the old coaching staff (minus Allaire). This includes tearing down the standings and the stats that Renney had posted in the locker room.

Zipay has a lot of quotes from Torts, so you should check them out. The basic gist of it was that they will be shifting to an attacking defensive style, much like the one you saw in Tampa in 2004. They will be getting away from the trap system, and playing more of a transitional game, causing turnovers and capitalizing.

The only thing that irked me was that Torts said he is going to take over the penalty kill. I don’t know what that means, but I hope he doesn’t tamper with it. You don’t fix something that is 2nd best in the league.

One last thing, that I found to be quite telling of the type of coach Torts is, and who he reminds me of. Players and reporters are now forbidden to walk on the Rangers logo in the locker room. Torts said that the logo is not something you should walk on, anywhere.

Doesn’t that remind you a little of the Messier story when he found a Ranger jersey on the floor?

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  • That makes more sense now. It was unfathomable that Pelino would be able to stay on and be in charge of the power play.

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