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Game 54: Rangers at Devils

Maybe this is the game the Ranger need to right the ship. With just one point and four straight losses, they better do it real fast, because they have fallen to 6th in the East, and are just 5 points up on the #9 seed (Florida), with the Pens looming just 6 points behind.

The Devils on the other hand, have only two losses since Brendan Shanahan joined the roster. Let’s see how Shanny handles his old team.

We are all hoping for a Rangers win, but are probably hoping for a strong effort more. Let’s hope they deliver both.

It’s a 7pm game on Vs tonight.

Update 7:11pm: Devils fans are so unoriginal. They take the Potvin Sucks chant and make it a Rangers Suck chant. Seriously? Make up your own. At least the Islanders have the Chicken Dance.

Update 7:15pm: Why is no one in front of the net? Why do you think you don’t score?

Update 7:42pm: Reitz vs. Clarkson. No helmets (uh oh, don’t shit your pants Bettman). Clarkson wins, no contest. You have to admire Reitz’s effort though. That’s a couple of fights already for him.

Update 7:49pm: End of 1, no score. I don’t think anyone is surprised at this result.

Update 8:05pm: Redden is lucky Madden isn’t an offensive force.

Update 8:07pm: Zherdev just ringed one off the crossbar. Zherdev saw the water bottle jump a little and thought it went in. But it was clearly off the bar. That’s just how hard that wrist shot was. The water bottle actually jumped from it.

Update 8:12pm: Orr vs. Rupp. With helmets (happy Bettman?). OH! Orr just knocked him out cold with one punch. Wow!

Update 8:15pm: Nice save by Hank. Elias didn’t get all of it, but it would have gone in if he didn’t stretch for it. And good job by Gomez to go after Zubrus and ensure that the Rangers don’t get the PP.

Update 8:20pm: Sooner or later Renney will send a 2nd guy to forecheck. Sooner or later….

Update 8:20: That’s what happens when you don’t win races to loose pucks. 1-0 Devils, Holik from Shanahan and Elias, and now they are shorthanded. Great.

Update 8:24pm: Parise in front of the net. Parise gets the rebound goal. Why can’t the Rangers do that? Parise is what? 5’11? 2-0 Devils. Parise from Zajac and Langdenbrunner.

Update 8:33pm: Phantom call on Gomez.

Update 8:40pm: More line changes!

Update 8:42pm The lights, like the Rangers, are dimming.

Update 8:47pm: Voros doesn’t play when he’s in the lineup, so why put him in the lineup? Just waive him already. I hear Prucha likes to go to the front of the net. End of 2, 2-0 Devils.

Update 9:05pm: The Rangers have 6 5 goals in their last 14 periods of play.

Update 9:13pm: If anything, the Rangers are showing some life when it comes to fighting and scrums in front of the net.

Update 9:18pm: Redden just got burned again, this time by Gionta. Luckily, Girardi bailed him out. This seems to be a common theme.

Update 9:21pm: And Parise beats Redden to a loose puck.

Update 9:22pm: And Redden takes a penalty.

Update 9:24pm: They better resign Betts. Seriously.

Update 9:25pm: Nick just IMed me, said that the Westminster Dog Show is more fun than the Rangers. I should be surprised by this, but I’m not.

Update 9:36pm: Game over. 3-0 Devils. And just think about this one. The Rangers took Hugh Jessiman #12 in 2003, Parise went #17.

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  • does Versus have anything other to talk about than fighting? I feel like every time they run a game they do some sort of special on it

  • this team is done. they lose every little battle in a game. and when they get down, they know they can’t score, so they are mentally out of the game.

  • Wow, well this one went just about as I expected, fucking terrible.

    I’m not really sure if their was anything good that came of this game other than Orr getting a nice shot off.

    I def watched ’24’ over the rest of this ‘game’.

  • Yeah, after the second goal, I turned over to Obama’s presser and 24. You just knew it was over.

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