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Yet Another Sundin Post (Updated)

It’s been a whole 12 hours without another Sundin post, so it’s about time we get one out there. Today is his decision day. Just so everyone is aware of the situation, Sundin will have to pass a physical before he actually signs.

What does that mean to the Rangers? Simple, with the roster freeze coming, the Rangers simply will not be able to clear the cap space to sign him until after Christmas. Throw in that Sundin isn’t just going to step out on the ice against the Islanders on December 29 (he does need to practice a few times with the team first), and you are looking at a first possible Sundin game in 2009.

But how are they going to clear the space? They have $1.3 million in available cap room right now. Rozsival and Redden are essentially unmoveable. So that leaves waiving players. Korpikoski can still be optioned to Hartford without passing through waivers, so him and his $1.1 million (total $2.4 million) will probably go back to Hartford. As much as we like him, it’s better for him to get first line time in Hartford than less than 10 minutes a game for the Rangers. Hopefully Kalinin and his $2.1 million will get waived ($4.5 million – $675,000 for Potter as a replacement = roughly $4.0 million). Maybe they waive Fritsche to get the cap space available to $4.5 million.

Let’s assume Sundin signs for $4 million, which is what Naslund is getting. That leaves $500,000 for a 7th defenseman. Fahey has to pass through waivers to get called up, so it’s unlikely it will be him, maybe Denisov? The roster will look something like this:



Scratches: Prucha, Denisov

Update: It looks like Sundin wants $6 million from the Rangers. With Redden and Rozsival as untradeable as Sean Avery, the Rangers would have to do some serious work, as in, trading someone we don’t want to see traded.

My opinion? Have fun in Vancouver Mats.

Update: Sundin signs with the Canucks. I’m glad this saga is over, and they didn’t have to trade people away to sign him.

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  1. It’s so much to do to make space for one player.. so so much to do. I still want to see them focus on defense.

  2. You forget to add Prucha and his $1.6 million. Replace him for Fritsche and you have enough for a spare d-man and you keep your spare forward (Fritsche).

  3. I was debating it, but I think Prucha adds more value as the 16th forward than Fritsche. Prucha can at least put the puck in the net. They could waive both and have enough room for Sundin with no subs at all though.

    The $6 million demand pretty much takes the Rangers out of the running.

  4. Glad the Sundin saga is over – now to Prucha; Rangers management has utterly mismanaged his talent after his rookie season. The Rangers should keep him on the NHL roster and get him some playing time (is 10 min too much to ask for? maybe some PP time) so that he can hopefully improve his market value and, as much as I love him, turn into a chip the team can use in acquiring a sound defensemen. He has the talent to be a solid 2nd line winger if given the chance.

  5. If by “Rangers management” you mean “Tom Renney” then yes, they mismanaged him, and I feel bad for the kid.

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