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With Dave currently doing the Top 25 Under 25 for the Rangers there is one thing he said that I really hope sticks with people, and that is people tend to forget that roster players, that aren’t considered prospects anymore, can be young too.

Dave is absolutely right, people tend to forget that roster players can be young too,and the Rangers most definitely have a nice group of young players who are currently playing for the big club. That said, it is no secret that the Rangers prospect pool is thin. For now that isn’t a problem, as there aren’t many holes on our roster so far. It is a lot easier to get better prospects when you are a cellar dweller and trade veterans for picks, as opposed to being in the Rangers’ position in not drafting in the top-five for over a decade and being a Stanley Cup Competitor for the last half decade.

While the Rangers look like they had a pretty nice draft, the thin prospect pool becomes apparent only now as we are creeping towards the Traverse City Prospect Tournament. For new fans, this tournament is a little round robin tournament held in Traverse City including eight teams; Detroit, New York, Columbus, Minnesota, Dallas, Carolina, Chicago and St.Louis. This tournament is ideal for both the fans and teams as fans can potentially see or read about how the prospects are doing, and the teams can potentially find a future member of the organization there through invites.

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