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Taking a look at Steve Valiquette’s “Royal Road”

As we continue to digest last night’s win over the Kings (is winning getting boring, yet?), I thought we could go off-topic on this snowy Friday afternoon. For our regular readers, you know that I have been clamoring for a more comprehensive goaltending statistic than our standard rate stats; GAA and save percentage. As the world of Corsi and Fenwick…

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Johnson Back, Vally Down

Chad Johnson is back with the Rangers, who resumed practice today. Steve Valliquette has been sent back to Hartford, in the 132nd round of the 2010 Great Goalie Shuffle.

Valliquette Recalled

Bit of housekeeping here: Rangers have called up Steve Valliquette from Hartford. This move is to allow Matt Zaba to play in Hartford over the break. Vally has a broken finger, but NHL rules require two goalies on the active roster. Once the break ends, I’d assume that the Great Goalie Shuffle continues.

Valliquette Out; Is It For Good?

Now that Steve Valliquette has been waived, it seems to me that this will be the last we’ll see of our dependable backup goalie. Why? Because they would not have sent him down. Look, I understand that Valliquette needs playing time to stay sharp–and he’s not going to get that in New York. But because he was so bad, and…

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Valliquette Waived, Christensen Claimed

The Rangers made a pair of waiver moves today, waiving goaltender Steve Valliquette and claiming forward Erik Christensen from Anaheim. The Valliquette move is unsurprising, considering he has been less than reliable this year. Valliquette’s cap-hit was $725,000. It is likely that Chad Johnson will be called up to replace him as the backup goaltender. So far this season, Johnson…

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Vally / Lisin In; O’Brien Suspended

Some notes: As per Steve Zipay, Steve Valliquette will be in net tonight, and Enver Lisin will be returning to the lineup as well. As per Andrew Gross, Canucks defenseman Shane O’Brien has been suspended for jabbing his stick at Ranger winger Sean Avery during that melee in Vancouver. It is presumed that there will be no lineup changes, in…

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Second Guessing Torts

Throughout his tenure, I haven’t really second guessed John Tortorella. I’ve agreed with all his moves, and the results, so far, have been pretty good. Monday, against the Sharks, provided the first time to second guess him. Torts went with Steve Valliquette against the high powered Sharks. Now, his reasoning was that he wanted to give Hank rest, and that…

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Naslund to Retire?

So, as per Larry Brooks, and all the beat writers, Ranger winger Markus Naslund is going to retire, having confirmed it to his teammates during breakup day. However, Naslund has yet to confirm this to the media, so it is still an unofficial retirement. Personally, I won’t believe it until a press conference is called, or Naslund confirms it to…

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Game 67: Rangers at Carolina

The current playoff picture is as follows: Team………….GP…..W…..L…..OTL…..Pts 5-Montreal…..66…..35….24…..7…….77 6-Florida………66…..34….24…..8…….76 7-Rangers……66…..34….24…..8…….76 8-Pens…………67…..35….26…..6……..76 ———————————————————————————— 9-Carolina……67…..35….27…..5……..75 10-Buffalo……67…..33….26…..7……..73 Suffice it to say, tonight’s game against Carolina is huge. None of the other teams in this logjam are in action tonight, so the Rangers can gain two points in the standings and move into sole possession of 5th place, while knocking some wind out…

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Korpo/Vally In, Fritsche Out, Prucha Sits Again

As per Sam Weinman, the revolving door that is the Rangers lineup is getting tweaked again. The Korpedo is back in tonight in lieu of Dan Fritsche, who was invisible last game. Valliquette is also in tonight, with Hank expected to get the start tomorrow at The Igloo. As for Prucha, he’s sitting again. I guess Voros’ presence in front…

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