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2015 nhl draft

As we start getting deeper into the draft, it becomes slightly more difficult to predict when a certain player will be drafted. However, in round 3 there should be a few players that the Rangers should absolutely try to draft, whether he is there at their pick or if a trade happens on draft weekend will give them another pick.

Conor Garland, RW- How many of you really hate Tyler Johnson right now? How many of you want him on the Rangers? Conor Garland could be just like him.¬†Garland is a right handed forward that hasn’t been lucky in terms of the draft. He was eligible last season and put up 54 points in 51 games, but wasn’t drafted due to size (5’8). If there is one thing that really frustrates me about the draft, especially in the new NHL where speed and skill are everything, it is that some teams would rather draft a bigger, less skilled player over one with a boat load of talent just because he is small.

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