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Rangers drop a brutal one to the Oilers

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Memmorieeess light the corners of my mind

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forex trading Going in to last night, there was good news and bad news. The bad news: the Rangers returned late last night with barely any time to rest up and prepare for their 6pm start. The good news: the 6pm start was against the Edmonton Oilers, known for not playing up to their talent level. Nothing like a quick victory to forget about a pretty awful game Saturday, right?

chloramphenicol 5mg 325mg. 2017, Stephen F. Austin State University, Jaffar's review: "NPXL 30 caps. Cheap NPXL online no RX.". Pain during masochistic sexual rituals Well, it would have been right, except that the Rangers played at least 50 minutes of brutally bad hockey last night. Like, embarrassingly bad hockey. Even Ulf Samuelsson had a whole lot to say about it. I’m no Ulfie, but I did have some feels (mostly of the crabby variety) about this game, and, per usual, I threw them into rambling bullet form.  Read More→

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The Hiring of #fancystats

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