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Friday chat reminder

Happy Friday, BSB faithful!  We’ve had a long, between game layoff, but no shortage of Ranger-related news.  The imminent return of Derek Stepan, John Moore’s suspension, line combos, defensive pairs, the last time anyone has seen Cam Talbot alive…  Join me today for a chat on all these topics and more, starting at Noon today.  Don’t forget to drop by at 11:45am and fill up that queue.  See everyone in a few short hours!

BSB Fanduel League, Round Two

Tuesday’s league went pretty well, we filled all eight slots. So let’s go ahead and try it again tonight. For those unfamiliar with Fanduel, you are given $55,000 to construct a team of 2 LW, 2 RW, 2 C, 2 D, and 1 G. The goal is to find some good bargains (for example, Scott Darling of Chicago is $6,000 while Marc-Andre Fleury is over $9,000) and save money for some stars you know will put up points.

I created another league at Fanduel for tonight’s games. You can sign up for Fanduel by clicking here. The league link is here.

We don’t do anything crazy, it’s $2 to enter and winner takes all. It’s an eight person league again (winner gets a shade over $14). If the league fills up before you can sign up, let me know. Trying to gauge how big to make these things.

Trying something new: BSB Daily Fantasy Hockey

If you’ve been following myself and Kevin on Twitter, then you’ve noticed that we spend a lot of time talking about daily fantasy hockey. Personally, I find it to be more fun than the season long stuff because I can change my roster a lot, but I have a short attention span. Anyway, we’ve been playing daily leagues against each other and three other BSB regulars, including everyone’s favorite Tommy Tabasco.

Anywho, we’ve enjoyed it, and there I just wanted to gauge interest from everyone else. I created a cheap league ($2 entry, nothing crazy) and made it for eight people. There are 5-6 of us that join regularly, so this is just a guinea pig to see if you all have interest in something like this. You can sign up for Fanduel (coincidentally it’s the site we all use) by clicking here. The league link is here.

If the league fills up before you sign up, please please please let me know in the comments, so that future leagues will increase in size.

Friday chat reminder

Join me this afternoon for the first live chat of the regular season!  Plenty to discuss after yesterday’s opening night victory; Rick Nash’s big night, Dan Boyle’s injury, MSL at center, systems, whatever.  We will get started at 1pm, but make sure to stop by at 12:45pm and fill up the queue.  See everyone in a couple hours!

Friday live chat reminder

I realized last night that the next time I post, the regular season will be under way.  Crazy.  Anyway, it’s been an interesting preseason, so let’s chat about it.  We’ll get going at noon, but make sure to stop by at 11:45am to start filling that queue.  We will talk Anthony Duclair’s exceptional performance, line combos, depth spots, whatever the people want.  See everyone at noon!

BSB Fantasy Hockey League

It’s that time of year again. As the start of the season approaches, it’s time for another year of BSB Fantasy Hockey. This time around, BSBer Puck Luck is going to be the commish. Click here to join the league directly. If the link doesn’t work, the ID is 65764 and the name of the league is BSB Fantasy.

Good luck to everyone that participates.

The Five Stages of Fantasy Drafting

Stage Four

Stage Four

It’s that time of the year again. Preseason hockey officially kicks off today with Carolina facing Columbus this afternoon at 1:30pm. The Garden has a fresh sheet of ice down, ready to see the Rangers skate their first preseason game tomorrow night. Less than three weeks stand between us and the regular season. We’re already getting injury reports. Life is good for the hockey fan.

Late September also blooms into a time when, if you’re very rabid, you find nothing wrong with planning social events around your several fantasy drafts. Each of these is special in their own ways: admit it, the head to head with your co-workers is important cause of 40 hours a week bragging rights, but your keeper league that Jim has won three years in a row needs a new king in town, right? So you strategize. You agonize. You figure out your way to win and you go for it.

Lucky for you, faithful reader, I have been watching a disgusting amount of Grey’s Anatomy lately and I feel confident in diagnosing the Five Stages of Fantasy Drafting. Read more »

Arrests made in connection with death of Derek Boogaard

In case you missed it from yesterday, there have been some arrests made in connection with the overdose death of Derek Boogaard in May of 2011. Jordan Hart, son of former Islander Gary Hart, was arrested for supplying Boogaard with the prescription painkillers that led to his death. Oscar Johnson, a PA in Utah, was also arrested for providing Hart with the prescriptions for a number of years.

Another report mentions that a member of the 2010-2011 Rangers guided Boogaard to Hart when the former asked where he could find painkillers.

Justin’s 3rd Annual Pre-season Top 30 Goaltenders List (30-21)

It’s that time of year again; welcome to the 3rd Annual Top 30 Goaltender’s List! Before we get started, just a couple housekeeping matters to attend to. There are no major changes to the methodology this year. I am still advising a hypothetical “team” on how to prioritize seeking a goaltending solution, irrespective of standings, roster composition, contention window or organizational view of its current options. The rankings are obviously subjective, so feel free (and encouraged!) to disagree with me.

Last year, I introduced a “dropped” section to give a little context as to why goalies who appeared on the first year’s installment didn’t make the cut the following season. Unfortunately, this year saw a huge drop off in the 30-21 range (8 goalies), so I don’t have room for that section this year. With all that out of the way, let’s start with the honorable mentions:

James Reimer- Toronto Maple Leafs: I’ve never been a Reimer fan, and after losing his job to Jonathan Bernier, failing to perform in big games and being involved in perpetual trade rumors, I felt justified in leaving him off the list. Whenever the inevitable trade to Winnipeg comes, he can continue to be a key contributor to mediocrity.

Ondrej Pavelec- Winnipeg Jets: Speaking of Winnipeg, I’m done waiting for Pavelec’s A-list talent and D-List work ethic to develop. He has squandered a golden opportunity to be a fantastic NHL tender, but now the KHL seems more likely than ever once his ridiculous five-year contract expires.

Cam Talbot- New York Rangers: After a fantastic rookie Cam-paign (see what I did there?), Talbot looks to show that last season was no fluke before hitting the open market in July in search of a starting job. I thought it was a little premature to include him, but he is well on his way.

Onto the Top 30 Proper…

Read more »

King’s Lair

It's good to be the King

It’s good to be the King

In case you missed the gossip pages last week, Henrik Lundqvist is selling his Hell’s Kitchen apartment. The place is a 2,035 square foot penthouse duplex with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bath, which will run you about $6.5 million. Not bad.

For more pics, scope it out below.

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