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BSB Live Chat 6/1/2012

Reminder: Live chat at 3pm

Just a healthy reminder that Justin will be hosting the weekly live chat at 3pm. With the Gaborik injury and the Zuccarello news, there’s a lot to talk about. Make sure to drop by. Who knows, maybe Kevin Baumer will join us for his first BSB chat.

BSB Live Chat 5.25.12

3 p.m. Friday chat reminder

This week we are going to try a 3pm chat time.  We’re talking playoffs, contracts, the off-season, Dubi, whatever you guys want.  See everyone at 3pm!

BSB Live Chat with The Suit

Reminder: Live chat with The Suit at noon

This is just a healthy reminder that The Suit will be hosting today’s live chat at noon. It’s rare that Suit hosts a chat, so make sure you have your questions ready. Skinny ties to be awarded for the best questions.

Friday Live Chat

Friday chat reminder

Make sure to stop by today at noon for the BSB weekly live chat!  We’ll obviously be talking Game 7, but anything goes, off-season, Hank’s glove hand, whatever.

BSB Friday Live Chat

Friday chat reminder

Ok, after a little mini-hiatus, I’m back to the regular Friday chat schedule.  Except this week will be at 1 instead of noon, which is neither here nor there.  We’re talking play-offs, overtime, off-season, whatever.  Make sure you head on over at 1!