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BSB live chat 2.15.13

The return of the Friday chat this afternoon

This afternoon at 3pm, the Friday chat returns here at BSB!  We’re talking Islanders, the scorching hot Carl Hagelin, JT Miller, whatever’s on your mind.  On an administrative note, we’re using new chat software, so bear with me if the process isn’t 100% bug free.  See everyone this afternoon!

Admin notes: No chat today

Sorry for the short notice folks, but there will not be a weekly chat today. Cover It Live, which used to be a free service, decided to begin charging a monthly fee based on “clicks” into the chat. Without going into the detail of how this is priced, the only reasonable option gave us 500 or so clicks per month. We reached that within two chats, so we will be holding off on another chat until one of the following happens:

1. We find a more effective way of managing our chats with our click limits.
2. CiL decides to lower its prices.
3. Someone presents us with a better option than CiL.

Sorry folks, this one is out of our control.

BSB Live Chat: 7/13/2012

BSB Live Chat

BSB Live Chat: Free Agency Addition

Friday chat reminder

Happy Friday boys and girls.  Just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about our pre-free agency live chat today at 3pm.  This will be our last chance to talk about potential landing spots, cap scenarios and long-shot signings before it hits the fan on Sunday.  See everyone at 3!

BSB Live Chat – Pre-Draft Edition

Friday chat reminder

Just a quick reminder, I will be hosting our weekly live chat at 3pm today.  Dave and Kevin will be stopping by also, so be sure bring your draft/free agency/trade questions this afternoon!

BSB Live Chat 6/8/12