Three reasons why the Rangers should avoid Erik Karlsson

Erik Karlsson isn’t going to be with the Ottawa Senators for long. He was rumored to be on his way out at the deadline, but that never happened. Now all eyes are on the draft, when teams have significantly more cap room to work with. As always, the Rangers are always mentioned with big ticket names, and with a newly stocked system they have the tools to pull it off.

But is that the right move for this team right now? It could be if they are looking for a fast turnaround on this rebuild. Karlsson is a one of a kind player, an elite defenseman who can put up 80 points in a league where 50 is considered fantastic for a blue liner. That said, Karlsson might not be the route the Rangers want to go. Let’s go into three reasons why.

1. The Cost (trade)

Karlsso has one year remaining on this deal, so he’s not going to be a free agent signing. He’s going to be acquired via trade, and it’s going to cost a boatload. Even if he is packaged with Bobby Ryan (four years at $7.25 million remaining), the cost is going to be up there because it’s Erik Freaking Karlsson.

Those three first round picks? Expect to part with a pair of them, especially if you don’t want to part with more than one of the top prospects in the organization right now. That prospect depth? You’re parting with a young top prospect and probably one of the mid-high ceiling guys just acquired at the deadline.

The cost might be prohibitive for a Rangers team that literally sent a letter to fans saying they are rebuilding.

2. The cost (salary)

Even if Ryan isn’t included in the deal, which is a huge cap hit to take on, Karlsson’s deal is expiring. He will be 28 when hitting free agency. He’s going to get multiple dump trucks full of money backed into his driveway. Expect $10 million a year. For a LONG time.

But what about the likely scenario where Marc Staal is included in the deal to even it out? That doesn’t even come close. The Rangers would be paying $15+ million on Karlsson and Kevin Shattenkirk. All this time we spent worrying about cap flexibility would be wasted.

Ok, I get it. Karlsson/Shattenkirk aren’t Girardi/Staal, and you can make the argument that Shattenkirk’s deal would expire before the key young kids would need theoretical large raises. But do you really want to tie that much money into two players? Look at what happened in Chicago.

3. The timing

Karlsson is a phenomenal player, I can’t stress that enough. But if the Rangers can’t afford to keep him after his one year remaining, then this isn’t the right time for him. They aren’t winning next year, and acquiring Karlsson is a win-now move.

Even if they can retain him, how many years will it be before the rest of the team can compete? If Filip Chytil and Pavel Buchnevich can develop into the elite players we all hope they might be, and maybe Lias Andersson projects out to be better than his scouting reports, then maybe? That is, of course, they aren’t included in the trade (see point 1).

The best time might be if/when he hits free agency, after another year of rebuild when the trade cost is nonexistent.

There are so many reasons to trade for Karlsson, and I would certainly love to see him on Broadway. But when it comes to the big picture, I’m not sure it’s the right fit at the right time. And if it’s not the right fit at the right time, then it’s the wrong fit, as painful as it sounds.

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  • Pass, but you know the Rangers will try, and try hard. Envisioning Karlsson and Hank on the team is too enticing.

    I would rather go for Trouba or Hamilton.

    For Trouba: Spooner, Namer, and a late #1 for Trouba. This trade solves the Jets’ need for lefty centers, as they are a very right handed team. Trouba would need to agree to a contract with the Rangers to get this deal done.


    For Hamilton: Hayes, Zuc, and a late #1. Hayes reunited with Johnny Hockey. Calgary needs scoring badly. This gives them a good jolt of offense and gives them a pick in the first round, that they do not currently have. Hamilton is 24 and has 3 years left at $5.75M per, a very reasonable contract for a player that would be on top pair.

    • Why give up three higher end assets for Hamilton? Maybe Hayes + a draft pick OR Zucc and combo picks, but otherwise that price is too steep. I do like that Trouba deal, though I suspect the Jets will demand more.

    • That’s quite an overpay for Hamilton. At this point I wouldn’t trade Hayes straight up for him, let alone add Zucc and a #1. That Trouba package is excessive too, in my opinion. He’s been hurt often already in his short NHL career, and if Winnipeg makes a deep run or wins the Cup, I’d bet the house that they’ll keep him around in the ‘Peg.

      And as far as Karlsson, on top of the prohibitive cost in assets and future contract, I’d be really wary of his injury history. He has one good ankle and one half of another ankle; his production nosedived this year, in his first season after major reconstructive ankle surgery.

      • I’m not saying that I’m in favor of a trade for Karlsson, but I do want to say one thing in his defense regarding a “nosedive” in his performance. His first child, a son, was stillborn, a month before his due date. Give the guy a break

        • His season was not a good one long before the family tragedy occurred. Karlsson’s surgery was massive, the recovery obviously impacted his game. He had his slowest start to an NHL season since his first year in the league.

    • As an addendum: Trouba has played one full campaign in the NHL in 5 years in the league. He’s missed 17, 17, 22, and 27 games respectively in the other seasons of his career. This player has also never tallied more than 33 points in a season. Giving up 3 assets for him is lunacy.

    • Hate to send out Hayes but if Calgary added Jankowski or their 2nd rounder that feels like a fair deal.

    • JG should just trade for Johnny hockey so I can actually use that line of ” reunited with Johnny hockey”. That would be the real deal for this team and Hayes. We would actually see our top line putting up top numbers. You know over 65+ points like every other team in this league? Kreider can be the first to go to get that done unless people are going to miss his 47-52 point seasons.

      Making trades for elites this summer is a bad move. You have the draft with tons of good picks to restock the AHL from and you still can draft a top 10 talent. You also have all the cap room to sign a big fish who is a free agent. Whatever Spooner+ Vladdy or Vesey and a 1st gets you is what JG will offer imo. I would add Skjei in a Trouba deal, any lateral move including him for a proven top 4 D man who has years left is a win win.

      Ps no way would Hayes get traded this summer. JG didn’t ditch Stepan and JT to throw out Hayes and make our center core even weaker than it is. In both post trade media talks JG was talking about Hayes effecting those moves. If Travares somehow comes through than mark my words Hayes will still be around.

      • I will just reply to all here.

        For a top pair D man, you think that’s an over pay?

        #1, you’re undervaluing Hamilton


        #2, over valuing the package going the other way

        If anything, Calgary adds to the deal on their end. A prospect.

        • The Bruins couldn’t walk away from Hamilton fast enough. He’s had Giordano as a partner in Calgary, and they’ve missed the playoffs more than they’ve made them while he’s been a Flame. I don’t think I’m undervaluing him at all.

  • Karlsson has injury issues. Did I mention that Karlsson has injury issues?

    The man is lousy defensibly, and for all the scoring he gives, he takes back by having the opposition score as many against.

    Bobby Ryan is shot, and at a cost of $7 mil plus, oh lord walk away. When he was available, I believe I was a lone voice against going after his then, geeeeee I was right???? Have we learned nothing from the deals with Girardi/Staal, where you take on huge cap space, and term for players on the wrong side of father time?

    Another point to consider, with Shatty on the team, adding Karlsson would be redundant. We have a few kids that can lug the puck already, who also show an inclination for defense.

    Last point, why give away the shop when next season, should we want to acquire him, he would cost us ZERO, he would be an UFA. What GM in his right mind would give away roster players, picks, and get a wounded player who already may be over the hill due to the mileage on his body. If it’s up to me, I’d not walk away, I’d run like a bandit!!!!!!!!!!

  • the rangers are currently in a rebuilding stage Karlsson would of helped if the injuries he had would of been fixed plus the money he would cost he would help the kids immensely but you are going the right way so I would pass

  • “The Rangers put a very strong value on character as they look to build a culture of hard working, and hopefully highly skilled, players to carry them into their next era of success. Howdek, Hajek and Lindgren all seem to fit that mold with Howden being a skilled two-way center, Hajek with the potential to be a top-four defender and Lindgren is known for his leadership and competitiveness. The Rangers need to be harder to play against and these are the type of players that help make that happen”.

    SNY today had an article on the type of people who the Rangers targeted during the season trade deadline. It’s a good read, interesting with some remarks about three players in particular. On Hajek, JG said he is big, very well conditioned, character player, and will be hard to play against. The last four words are music to my rears!!!!!!!

    • Character is great but sometimes it’s tied with names like Tanner Glass. I hope it’s for Evander Kane/Antoine Rousse types for the top 6 and bottom 6. This team can’t afford to draft anymore Andersson types as top 20 pick in the 1st. Reality is just setting in on where he will project to play long term.

      • The character issue is related to these three specific players. Glass was AV’s lap dog, wouldn’t qualify for ECHL today, unless AV coaches at that level….

  • I have been watching the U18, there is a ton of talent in this draft and I think it would be a huge mistake if we punt picks for broken down players. I am ok with JT or Kane, not ok with trading a ton for Karlsson. If we do not move up in draft lotto, I want one of Wahlstrom, Bouchard, Dobson, Hayton or Wilde. We do not need a smooth skating 5’10 165 dman.

    • Even in the later picks in the 1st and up to the middle of the 2nd round you’re getting real good players….not this draft you don’t trade these picks… not this draft

      to be in the discussion for Jack Hughes next year is a win for next year

      Richter 94….bro….relax…for a change embrace watching our kids instead of overpaid aged veterans who lose their drive once they sign a contract with us and get fat and happy and better yet lazy and unpassionate
      Seen several of your posts lately and there is a lot of flaw to your thoughts. We have very seldom picked high….the year we had #4 and #9 those kids would’ve been 3rd round picks. The Rangers typically never relied on development of their talent and traded away prospects and 1 cup to show for it in my life time (56). Let’s name same names here
      Middleton…79 finals would he be that piece?
      Deblois and Duguay over Bossy….hmmmm
      Ridley, and Miller
      Granato and Sandstrom
      Jessiman over (lowering my head) Sanguenetti over Giroux, Del Zotto over Eberle and Carlson
      Sadly Cherepanov
      I still stand with the McIlrath pick but then AV happened but still over Fowler Tasarenko
      2004 draft…..2 picks in an awful year

      I can go on with names but what this tells me was in the past prospects were never a priority and not the approach the Rangers ever considered in how to win. They were not prepared or done their homework. Why would they when that is not your approach? Instead they studied free agency

      Now the greatest danger to the Rangers is the Oilers approach. The Islanders problems the Rangers will never have, Money and retention. Oilers were in the look at me mode, lets draft the popular name. They never considered team needs and look at them now but then McDavid happened and they have life again. Then Chiarelli happened so who knows what happens there. Let’s not forget the contracts that were handed out to kids either….Entitlement anyone?

      What I do know is the timing is perfect for the Rangers to build well. The talent level next 2 years is insane, but Lundqvist can add to that or completely derail it. I hope he has a desire to win the Cup and decides to move on. Islanders who by miracle are in draft position this year with needs we have that we need to move on from AND that they NEED. Islanders also are forced to send a message to their fans and their players.

      This is the perfect storm scenario for me.Everything is in place, even the test to commitment. Let’s build. Let’s develop and lets embrace the Tank and a formula that has success when done right. draft, develop, retain win the Cup. The time frame is 3 years…this was one of those years…2 more to go with the 3rd year being the year you propel forward and start contending as your talent gains experience…year 4 is where you add the 1 off big name free agent.

      Lastly, how about Buch’s interview and his thoughts on AV? Yikes

      • Leather

        All season long I said that AV jerked the kids chain, and didn’t care for him. Well the feeling was mutual as you can see based on some of his remarks in Russia:

        “He “did not feel anything” when Alain Vigneault was let go and he learned about it from “the news.”
        The explanation from management about selling was that this was not a team that could win the cup and that it was time for a change.
        On his season, Buchnevich said that everything depends on his confidence and that it’s easier to play when he doesn’t have to fear that one mistake will cause a decrease in ice time. He said that he could play a few good games in a row, struggle in one and then find himself on the fourth line with minimal ice time.
        He was happy with how the season started but then started to struggle, saying “I already explained why this happened. You are constantly sitting, frightened, you do not know what awaits you in an hour.”

        Too damn bad E3 isn’t here to try and defend this horse shit the way he always came to AV’s defense!!!!!!!!

        People believe me next season will be a vast improvement in the locker room, and we’ll have some very happy campers playing for us again…………….

      • Like the beautiful girl on “Trading Places” says, “why can’t we have both?” (vets and young players).

        It’s going to take a mix of both to win a Cup. Not all vets and not all young players that are not old enough to drink legally.

        I have advocated playing young players for a long time. Last I saw, Hamilton and Trouba are not 25 yet. That’s old?

        But it is folly to think that the Rangers are going to trade away all their vets and replace them with a roster full of under 25 players.

        You and others can disagree, which is fine, but it’s not happening. When Dolan talks about “getting a star” guys like McDavid and Matthews are not available, so you can be sure it’s a player around 27ish years of age.

        • Richter 94

          When the timing is right….then you go after the free agent…now is not the time…now is the time to build and identify the players. Let the kids grow together….build camaraderie…gain experience

          right now the process should be what do we have with Lindgren…Hajak…Rykov, Howden…Gettinger… Day…Ronning…

          Develop Hayes, Kreider, Zib, Pionk, Vesey, Chytil, Andersson, Buch, Skjei,

          Spooner? Fast? DeAngelo? Shattenkirk? Smith? Gilmore?

          trade Namestnikov, Zuc, Lundqvist, Staal (or buyout)

          Gropp, Tambellini, Nieves, Littieri, Crawley, Bigras, Pedrie, Viirta. Wall. Halverson, Nell and Huska

          literally no other names worth mentioning

          This team has no depth and you need depth to win the cup hence why the next 2 drafts are vital

          The UFA’s at this time need to be mentors….I would sign a center that is great at faceoffs to teach our kids how to take draws.

          Process Richter 94…process

          • You forget one major thing my friend, that the Rangers’ drafting has been awful for many years that forced them to go the FA route all the time.

            It’s not automatic that that the long-term rebuild works. Not at all.

    • Well he does come with some snarl and his counter attack with this forward core could look lethal. You will see Karlsson throw 2x more open ice hits than Kreider will ever do in 5 seasons alone. It’s just that where does he go with Shatty on the PP1? Nobody is talking about it but I sure hope Muzzin comes through in a trade because that would sure balance out the D.

      • Karlsson career hits: 569 in 627 games

        Kreider career hits: 756 in 381 games

        Mint, as usual, you are completely wrong again. Is there any reason not to consider you entirely full of BS? Do you even watch games, or just sim seasons on videogames instead?

    • I have to say that between Boqvist, Merkley, Ty Smith and Hughes, the last is the best of the bunch. The only one that can play a lick of D and whose offence game is comparable to Boqvist.

      • Yeah….of the 4….Hughes…..I like Wilde over all of the ones you mentioned
        Bouchard, Dobson, Wilde, McIssac, Lundkvist, Bahl, Sandin. Ginning, Mattias Samuelsson

        Wahlstrom, Hayton, Veleno. Bokk, Dellandrea, McLeod, Kaut, McBain, Groulx, Olofsson, Ylonen, Kotkov

        Imperative we get another 1st and 2nd…preferably with Isles

        1st pick Wahlstrom / Bouchard
        2nd pick trade Isles Wilde / Dobson / Hayton / Veleno
        Boston pick Bokk / McLeod / McIssac
        Tampa pick Dellandrea….Full stop
        2nd Kaut / Bahl
        2nd Isles any of McBain, Lundkvist
        2nd Devils Ylonen / Kotkov
        Sandin and Olofsson….Ok with but not who I would target

        • Wilde (and the rest of the USA U18 D) has been really disappointing. They keep painting themselves into corners trying to bring the puck out.

  • No on Karlsson for sure.

    But I don’t feel that Taveras gets enough credit around here as a possibility. If he wasn’t wearing a NYI uniform, I think the rumors would be rampant already. He is EXACTLY what they need right now, and for the rebuild going forward. Young, elite, game-changing talent available without having to give anything up for him. IMO, you go all-in for someone like that, and especially when your organization desperately needs it. The timing cannot be more perfect.

    To me, it’s more of a question if you can actually talk him into coming here. THAT’S the hard part. I would guess he wants nothing to do with a rebuilding team at this point after the disaster he’s gone thru. But I feel if you’re having questions about him, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have elite talent skating up front around here (understandable). You need a few players that are of the same calibre as Lundqvist to get you anywhere…. and he’s one of them.

    • I agree. JT is 28 and elite…my only issue is cap hit and length. Will he be elite or broken down at 33 with 2 more years at 10++ on his contract. If you could front load a contract for 5-6 year, then maybe, 7 @ 10++, it is not the rode we should travel. Kane @ 26, 5 years @ 5.50, might be more feasible…he has been great with Sharks.

      • If you want front loaded 7yr, $10.5mm AAV, you’re looking at $15/13.5/12/10/7.5/7.5mm or so.

        I have to go back to the CBA and run some numbers, but(in theory) if they did a dumbbell contract and bought out the last 2 seasons that were almost as pricey as the 1st two, the Rangers could actually get cap credits. It would make him untradeable, but if you’re sold on him and he’s still producing, who cares? Again, have to go back to the CBA and do my homework to make sure, but you could buy him out, then re-sign him where he’d make more money and the cap hit would be minimal.

        • Did the math(rightly I hope) and if you did a contract of $10.5AAV that went as follows: $15/9.5/8/8/8/9.5/15mm and bought out the last 2 years, the Rangers would get cap credits of $3mm+ and $8mm+ those last two seasons.

          If you plan accordingly, the Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise; that is weaponizing the CBA for two different windows.

    • Tavares is not young, he’s a nine-year veteran whose game will likely fall off a cliff within the next three seasons. Add in his bad knee, his team’s utter lack of success throughout his Islander tenure, and what you have is the NHL’s next big free agent disappointment. Let that stuff happen to Montreal, Ranger fans have suffered enough.

      • Something deep down tells me that if he wants to be a NYR than 100% it will happen. I don’t think JG would consider your trashing on JT play because at the end of the day he’s a elite 1c that this team needs. He’s definitely weighing all his options and we all know they have a pack with Dolan to bring in star names to fill the MSG seats. Add the fact that JT is also weighing all his options on where to play next.

        • “Something deep down” tells you Tavares will be a Ranger? Man, that sounds scientific as all hell. I guess the issue is decided then, because you can read Gorton’s mind. Although I’d find it more likely that the only contact you have with Gorton is when he extends restraining orders against you, Mint.

          • In all fairness I think he was suggesting that Tavares becomes a Ranger if he really wants to … in other words JG & Co. would sign him if he indicates the desire, nothing more than that. Personally I don’t think JG & Co. gets past the door.

  • No. This is contrary to everything the new GM is talking about.
    Sather, Dolan Plus the recent moves all point to JG’s team and his direction now…

    It’s going to be hard to reshape the years the organization did things like this, I think they will make a play that works for us, it will not be the winning bid, same for JT#91, and the club will keep moving on without them both…

    New Times, Old Habits and Ways of Thinking need to go Beddy Bye!

  • I think the FO has been a joke with how they moved two top six forwards (JTM and Stepan) and a top pairing dman (McD) for meager returns (basically trading them when there was no bidding war at all).

    But you cannot say no to this player. He is a top ten player and changes the game. If the price is right, you have to do it.

    • Stepan value wasn’t any good. Nothing in the hockey media made a peep once JG put up a for sale sign on his 26 year old center with tons of playoff experience. I don’t get how JG has to take the fall for that. He signed a contract that wasn’t worth his overall play and for good faith he put up less than 60 points and 21 goals as a season high. In the following summer he was apart of the worst team USA for hockey and continued his mediocre success that following season. AZ assumed he would take the next step in his career and be a 65-70 point player. That’s why they jumped on him oppose to legit contenders or stronger markets making room for him.

      JT should have been traded for some help on D or in a package for Evander Kane awhile ago. JG basically admitted that the brass and him knew about how they were going to trade him since last season. He did drop the ball on that one considering that he went over in a package with McD. Vladdy was a throw in for Tampa lol and JG bit on that like a old mofo.

      • Stepan had a great season and almost matched his highest career total. He has a reasonable contract. There was no bidding war and we sold him at the lowest possible value. Horrible trade by Gorton.

        Similarly, we sold another top six player in JTM to the Lightning as well as a top pairing defenseman in McD. There was zero bidding wars for these guys, and again we did not get enough back.

        My larger point is what is the FO strategy here? We seem to want to do a quick rebuild, but on any team these guys would be key cogs that would be tough to replace. We traded them away for less valuable pieces. Just seems bizarre.

        • I’m curious how you know there were ZERO bidding wars for either. Unless your name is Jeff Gorton by some chance.

          • I know that based on Brooks’ reporting as well as the actual return we did get for these players. We dumped two top six forwards and a top pairing d-man for a return of average assets. Toronto was never in on McD even though they clearly needed a dman. If you are looking for a quick turn around in the rebuild, it’d be easier to do it with these three guys.

            Lots of posts have been written about why we should go after Dougie Hamilton. If I am Calgary I am asking for Chytil and more. Nothing less. Just because the Rangers trade away assets at firesale prices doesn’t mean other teams will.

      • DId you not read anything I ever wrote about stepan? The guy was getting paid exactly what every other center with his production is getting paid. Do yourself a favor and look up centers on capgeek and look at their point production. Or go back to my page long rant on how stupid that trade was. Honestly. Not trying to be a smart ass. FInd me one guy making less then Stepan is for 55 points a year. Doesn’t exist.

        So his value was excellent. His trade was less about point production and more about what we wanted from him. We wanted him to be a Crosby level player but he was a stepan level player. So you and Gorton and Sather cost us 2 or 3 years of playoffs cause you wanted more.

        I will put it this way….how about a line up of John Taveras Derick Stepan Derrick Brassard and Kevin Hayes. Mixing in Dominic Moore like we did with the year we went to the finals. Stepan doesn’t look so bad if he was position as the number 2 center at 5.5 million a year. Dubinsky is at 4.7 million and he is a 4th line center putting up 30 points total for a year. But you know who is not in the playoffs this year?

        • Syepan’s role was taken over by Hayes halfway through last season because he was getting destroyed defensively. That, a plateau of production and an upcoming no trade clause are the reasons why he was moved.

          • I would definitely agree he was getting destroyed defensively. His defensive game definitely slipped this year on one of the worst defensive teams in the league at a -7 plus minus. Can you remind me where are Hayes and Zibenjad ranked in plus minus? You know with us he was a + 19 for the year…so yeah he was declining big time from a plus minus of 5 the year before. You know for your sake I truly hope we trade for Karlsson and Trouba and any other fantasy player you think we need.

            Look I get the move…but at this point call it what it is and I will leave well enough alone. Stepan is a very underrated player and no one realized it or if they did they took the chance on new blood. But after this season that move was stupid. Obviously hindsight is 20/20 and a 7th pick overall seemed like a great idea. But by no means did they forecast andersson not making the team this season. They thought they had a sure handed stud that was as close to being ready as anyone in the draft. Just didn’t turn out that way. You know how I can say this? Cause this is Glen Sather and the New York Rangers… a team I have followed for atleast 20 years….and since his take over as GM this team never fielded such a weak lineup at Center. Remember I know it was a long time ago but we only had 2 NHL experienced centers at the start of camp. And really we had only seen one for a full season the other one missed a quarter of a season injured.

    • I can not only say no, but no effing way.

      Last season only 35 of his 62 points were at 5v5 with a P60 of 1.45(while -20), while on the power play his P60 jumps to over 4.

      I’m not giving away the store and handcuffing my cap situation for a guy like that.

      I can get 80% of Karlsson’s 5v5 P60 production for 1/5 the price in Thomas Hickey(who’s an UFA this summer) The Rangers already have players who outperform Karlsson’s PP P60 rates in ADA and Shatty.

      • C’mon. Shatty and ADA were a combined -32, playing roughly a full season between them on a team that was -32. Karlsson was -25 on a team that was -70.

        And 35 points would be a lot for any Ranger not named JT Miller (oops, he’s gone).

        • At 5v5, they were a combined -28, and combined they played less minutes than Karlsson.

          But it proves my point: Why trade your future and limit your cap room by bringing in more of what you already have?

          • But they’re not comparable at all. You’ve got Karlsson -20 for an otherwise awful team and Shat-ADA -28 for an otherwise average team. Karlsson is playing against everybody while AV is sheltering Shatty and ADA.

            Further, the Rangers need an elite player badly – if only so they can stop pretending that the guy in net is elite.

            I do agree that Karlsson makes Shattenkirk redundant – and Shatty must be moved as part of the makeover. As for ADA, I don’t see him in the top ten on the depth chart and I see no reason why his presence should affect any decisions. You keep him for another year like the Rangers kept Gilmour to see what happens, but you don’t expect anything (unless you get a good trade offer).

          • Karlsson *was* elite offensively and his defence is a train wreck. What are you paying for when the O goes away?

          • Health is critical. I don’t think you can win if you best players are hurt — at least very rarely. If Karlsson isn’t physically right, he isn’t going to play good defense — and it helps to have a coach who will shut down players who are hurting the team.

            You may be right if Karlsson’s problems will linger, but if you can be totally sound, things may be different.

          • Why would the Rangers pay $10mm and trade a ton of players for that risk?

            Over his career(and throwing out this season) his GF% is 49.72. So for all his production at ES, he’s still costing you more goals than you’re getting. And now begins the downhill ride.

            Again; not only no, but no effing way.

  • The Senators are not sitting in the best position to demand a boatload of assets for Karlsson. Home crowd and probably media are likely unhappy losers him. Next contract is way over their heads. His injury history adds weight to what becomes their burden.

    Remember the “that’s it? feeling after the most recent Ranger-Lighting trade? Why should the ’ fans of other teams be any different when they are in similar position?

    I would love to have him on the Rangers, without losing yutes with great potential. On roster, Chytil, Buchnevich, and Kreider are untouchable. And don’t get stuck with big contract long term. And our number one picks were not cheap. Achieve those goals, and would love to get him. Otherwise, pass.

  • No way do we trade for Karlsson. That would be crazy unless you are saying we win the cup next year with him LOL.

    We could revisit this in the summer of 2019 if it makes sense. Let’s take a step back and develop a new core than we can start adding pieces once we see what we have. We should continue to sell right now not ship a bunch of assets for a pending UFA. Only sign guys (Like NASH) that we can flip at the next deadline for more assets if need be. Would love Kovy if there is not a no move in the contract.

  • I have to agree with Odielicious here. If we are going to go after elite nhl talent, they must be centers, must. We can handle defense with system change and the guys we have and maybe a minor addition or draft. But no more highly paid denfensemen no matter how old they are!

    • Thanks joe…atleast someone reads what I have to say. Honestly it is a crap shoot with drafting. That is why it always takes 2 or 3 years of drafting to find that Toews.

      I personally don’t think this franchise has the patience to wait that long to be competitive. And I really do pray for a some free agent signing of a center. Not this same old story of looking for leetch and richter to carry the team again.

  • If we had to chase one it’s easily tavares. 1. Its only money 2. Karlsson ankle situation is not one I’d want to trade big for .

    • I am skeptical here. If you look at +/-, on balance Karlsson has better than his team over the years. Now one clear defect of +/- is that it punishes good offensive players. They get penalized for short-handed goals and more importantly empty net goals.

      Granted, he is not Bobby Orr, Nicklas Lidstrom, or Brian Leetch in his own end – but neither is he Keith Yandle or Kevin Shattenkirk. Paul Coffey might be a good comparison.

      IF the Rangers can swing a not too exorbitant extension and also unload Shattenkirk, this can be a good deal. But having both Karlsson and Shattenkirk is high-priced redundancy.

      • -20 (3rd worst relative to teammates) at 5v5 last season, +5 (3rd best)the year before, even(3rd worst) the year before that. At even strength he was -16, so 4 is the number of empty netters he was on for. He led the team with goals for at ES, but was on for the 2nd most against.

        His x+/- was -5.23, so he was much worse than expected last season.

        At best, you’re hoping Hank and whoever follows Hank will lower that goals against to something more manageable.

        With that ankle, I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 foot pole even if he had a really good cap hit. He won’t, so I’d run screaming.

  • Can we stop using the words Buchnevich and elite in the same sentence? Buch is 23 years old, When Rick Nash was his age, he had 106 goals to his name. Buch is still looking for a 15 goal season.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think Buch is good and will get better. But he is not the missing piece who takes the team to next level. And while I don’t want to trade him, I certainly would not mind dealing him to a team that would overpay.

    • Ray…It’s really hard to gauge the players with AV being their coach…we need a year of a new system to get a true feel….pointing over to Miller…he’ll just get better with Tampa…yeah he makes mistakes and loses focus time to time but those habits will be broken…….takes less than a week to develop a habit…takes a couple of months to break them

      JG is going to fix the toughness issue….about time….I think everyone realizes you need both toughness and skill to win….yeah those Pens everyone points to as the fast team…..had and still has toughness too

      We had a Captain that got punked by Crosby….yeah…not good…not gonna win like that….That was the beginning of the end for McD as a Ranger

      • Of course, you think JG will fix toughness issue, most here see him as trying to build the next Toronto, which is exactly the opposite. And I envision something in between. All that is certain is that we’re not all right.

        • Josh Anderson, 23 6’3 220, trade Spooner or Name for him.

          Sign Pat Maroon, 2 years 4.5 million.

          Sign Greg Pateryn, 2 years 2 million.

          That will go a long way in addressing toughness.

  • Please stop with the Karlsson trade ideas. Stick with Leatherneck and find us a true 1C. If Jack Huges is the next McDavid lets fail 1 more year and draft him. I don’t really care.

    How many ex rangers are in the playoffs this year? So honestly if we could have kept half of depth we had we also would be in the playoffs, but piss poor management and horrible contract negotiations has lead us to this point. And the tribe of yankee fans is at it’s best trying to do what works in baseball but never has worked once in hockey. Just ask Sather how paying for high priced free agents worked out for him in his first 5 or 6 years as a GM and just how many playoff visits did he make? He out spent everyone in the league by 30 or 50 million and still never made the playoffs. LMAO.

    Stay the course and develop from within and let the players all bond in the minors so they will fight for each other. Quick rebuilds don’t work unless you keep your cogs…and us trading Mack, JT, Nash, Stepan, sealed our fate. You might as well trade zuc and just see what you can get for him this summer and if it leads to a high draft pick so be it. The more picks the better in my opinion. In a year when they all figure out what they are ….then buy some players to fill the gaps.

    Post Note…think about all the centers we have had on this team in the last 10 years. Anisimov, Lindberg, Moore, Boyle, Stepan, Richards, Callahan, Dubinsky….this is very telling people. Shows us just how impatient management is and how many of these players are in the playoffs this year or just eliminated from them? That in itself says worlds about this fantastic front office.

    • Callahan is a winger, not a center. Anisimov and Dubinsky were used to get Rick Nash; Moore is a journeyman 4th liner at the end of his career; Lindberg was mediocre in NY and now in Vegas; Richards was vastly overpaid and wasn’t a true 1st line center anymore, and at a $9 million annual salary, the Rangers HAD to buy him out. As far as your list goes Stepan and Boyle are the only ones whose absence really hurt the Rangers, and even they are replaceable assets. You’re being overly dramatic (as usual), this type of situation isn’t unique to the Rangers. Look at the Bruins—they’ve traded both Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton, and though the team struggled initially after those moves, they’re now one of the better teams in the NHL.

      • Trading Mack is the equivalent of trading brad marchand. Seguin was more like trading miller except he was a winger for us cause we could not make it work as a center(Anyone join in for the AV sucks chant?).

        Missing the point as usual…How about a team that has right now or next season…Taveras as your 1C , Stepan as your 2C and Brassard as your 3C and Boyle/Moore as your 4C …how are doing then? And all of this is made possible by not giving insane contracts to defensemen and goalies. Just ask Carey price how good an elite goaltender is on a team with no depth at center? Stepan makes 5.7, Brass is making 5, Taveras making 10, Boyle makes 2.7, Moore is making 1. That is a grand total 24.4 million in a 80 million cap I think you have enough to fill in the gaps. Toss in a rookie goalie and some guy named Shattenkirk and Skjei and there you have it a contending team.

    • 100 % spot on Odielicious,
      We have traded away or let walk away so many terrific players……and you are right the playoffs are full of them…..
      Starting with 40 goal scorer and future HOF center Eric Stall , Strallman, Miller, Grabner, , McDonagh, Hagelin, lindberg, Callahan, Anisimov, Dubinsky, John Moore………add to this group Shatty, Yandle, Buchnevich, Kreider, Hayes, Zib, Zucc, Chytil, Andersson, Sjkei…….etc etc a very talented team with great leadership- E.Stall, Callahan, Dubinsky……..!!!!!!
      This team would make the playoffs and has the skill and size to do well IMHO.!!!!!

  • When you have CAP space and picks you can do quite a bit of damage on draft day. The lottery has to happen and we find out if we jump up. If we don’t, I foresee a move of a 1st and 2nd rounder for another teams overpaid stud. You can hate Karlsson, but we do not have anyone close to him.

    I still would like a stud forward/center to allow the kids we draft to learn on the wing, as there is less defensive responsibility there.

    Still hoping we grab the 3rd pick.

  • The Rangers need to rebuild their Blueline through the draft. Then develop them the same way that successful franchises like the Hawks, Kings, Nashville, and Ducks have. Didn’t the Barry Beck fiasco teach the Rangers anything?

  • This is a very bold and uneducated article. To assume that Karlsson is certainly on the market is just that.. an assumption.
    Ottawa Senators GM already clarified the club will make a lucrative offer on July 1st. I say if there is no done deal come training camp then yes it’s likely he will be moved.
    Now, that’s not to say they will receive offers because Karlsson is a proven point producer and game changer. The senators would not have had the run they did last year without his presence.

    I agree this isn’t the right move for the rangers but I guarantee clubs will be salivating at the idea of obtaining such a player.

    In terms of Karlsson being a defensive liability;

    Yes, in previous years he was used in an offensive role which created a high chance for chance game play. However, last season Guy Boucher and his defensive game had Karlsson playing much more responsible defensively. He led the league in blocked shots I believe and this was the key reason for his surgery and subsequent fall in production.

    In closing, Karlsson is a legend in the making. I would wager a lot on him one day being inducted into the hall of fame. He is a difference maker and would be a major boost to a team looking to “win now”

    • Karlsson has 1 1/2 ankles now, not 2. He’s played a lot of minutes for a lot of years. He will cost $8-$10 million annually on his next deal. And the Rangers can spend that money and their assets more wisely on other players.

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