How Not to Rebuild: Carolina Hurricanes Edition

March 11, 2018, by

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Continuing on in the series about how not to rebuild a team, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at the Carolina Hurricanes in the wake of their firing of their general manager, Ron Francis. What makes the Canes especially interesting is that they’re not in an Edmonton or Buffalo situation – they’re a decent team with decent players, it’s just that every year they seem to be on the cusp and can never quite get over the hump. Why is that?

Let’s start with the good – Ron Francis has done a fine job of managing his salary cap, the details of which can be found here, on CapFriendly, with the real big doozy here being Jordan Staal’s long-term contract, signed before Francis became GM. After that their next highest paid forward is Victor Rask, who, although he isn’t exactly star talent, is hardly what’s ailing the Hurricanes, at least in terms of dollars and cents. Justin Faulk’s contract is reasonable for the kind of player he is, and the Pesce and Slavin contracts are (at least in my opinion) veritable steals as far as locking down two excellent young d-men go for many years at reasonable cost. Really, aside from that Staal contract, the next big issue is the risk Francis took on Scott Darling, who although he’s had a rough year, could conceivably bounce back (or not) depending on a coaching change, the personnel in front of him, etc.

The bad, and this is where the Rangers should be concerned, is that the Hurricanes never finished low enough in the standings to get elite talent in the draft, and when they did, they kind of blew it. In 2013 (although this is before Francis’ tenure) they drafted fifth overall and picked Elias Lindholm, and when they had the same pick in 2015 they picked Noah Hanifin. While neither of these two drafts were particularly stacked in 2013 they could have, for example, picked Sean Monahan, Valeri Nichushkin, Bo Horvat, of Andre Burakovsky, any of whom would alleviate their issues at forward. Similarly, in 2015, in addition to passing on Zach Werenski, had they not gone for best player available and drafted based on team need they could have gotten Pavel Zacha, Brock Boeser, Matthew Barzal, or Kyle Connor.

Indeed, going for best player available seems to have contributed to Carolina’s surplus of defensemen, and although they have a good stock of them, it would seem that they could use some help up front (sans Sebastian Aho, who was an absolute steal at 35). Although we do have the benefit of hindsight here (not unlike with the Oilers) the plan of drafting and developing only works if you 1. have at least one or two stellar draft picks (and get lucky as far as which draft you have them in) and 2. knock it out of the park with those picks (and the rest of them, which they’ve actually done pretty OK with).

The next big issue is something I’m not as concerned about with the Rangers, and that’s a reluctance to make big trades. Ron Francis didn’t make any big blockbuster trades in his time as Hurricanes GM and that seems to have hurt the team as well. Aside from snatching Teuvo Teravainen away from Chicago, the reluctance to deal from a place of strength has held the team back and left it lacking in, for example, a true 1C.

So much of a being a successful GM is figuring out where your strengths are and dealing from those areas to make up for areas of need, and Francis instead simply amassed a ton of draft picks and defensemen and sat on them. If nothing else, it frustrates the fanbase to see your GM do, well, nothing. You’ve simply got to take risks at some point, and again, aside from Scott Darling, Francis never really did that. Along those lines as a GM you’ve got to evolve at some point – even the famously stingy Kevin Cheveldayoff has changed his way to some extent, with the recent acquisition of Paul Stastny pushing the Winnipeg Jets from dark horse to true Cup contender.

Obviously the Hurricanes aren’t quite in the same position as the Jets, and Winnipeg had the benefit of drafting Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor, but it bears repeating that in this league you’ve got to give to get. When you’ve got a lot to give, and you don’t get, well, it can become a problem. Some of this may have been due to internal budgetary constraints that will hopefully be relieved under new ownership, some of it may have been due to overvaluing of assets and a belief that everything had to be a bargain or a steal, but in any event, Francis’ reluctant asset management was certainly one of his big issues as a GM.

The last big problem area for Francis is something Rangers fans can get behind – a commitment to bad coaching. After numerous bites at the apple goaltending is still an issue for the Carolina Hurricanes, raising the question of whether it’s the goalies or the system. The latter option would gesture towards coach Bill Peters and his staff, who then double down and play Cam Ward despite his best days clearly being behind him.

That one isn’t quite analogous to the Rangers, but Peters’ inability to adjust his lines and combinations correctly will surely strike a chord with Rangers fans. Coupled with Francis’ hesitancy to call up young talent from the AHL (Valentin Zykov for example has 30 goals in the AHL, but is yet to play an NHL game this season) and give Peters the right tools to play his best lineup, and you can see how things might be similar to the Rangers predicament. Now, with a GM change things may be different, although new owner Tom Dundon has hinted that he’s open to keeping Peters. This too is similar to how, even though the Rangers have resigned themselves to a rebuild (and rightly so), there is a non-zero chance that Jeff Gorton keeps AV after the end of this season (which I think we all can agree would be bad).

So there you have it folks, a blueprint on how to wind up a middling team throughout an attempt at a rebuild. Although there’s hope for the future (again, it’s not Edmonton) the Carolina Hurricanes, right now at least, are stuck in a little bit of a rut. Issues at the draft, a major reluctance to take risks and improve the team, and not putting pressure on coaching to make the right adjustments (or simply not firing the coach and finding a new one) have put the Hurricanes on the unfortunate road to mediocrity. There’s still plenty of ways for their new GM to steer them into a more successful direction, but the Canes certainly do serve as a cautionary tale of what not to do, at least in some respects.

The Rangers are coming out of their glory years under the King’s reign, and in order to give Lundqvist one last shot at the Cup (my hope is that they re-sign him for one-year contracts continuously as the rebuild is wrapping up, keeping him around behind Shestyorkin until the team seals the deal and his coronation is finally complete) and return to playoff success we’re going to need to bounce back right. As with the cautionary tale of Edmonton, all of this is easier said than done of course, but if Jeff Gorton is doing his due diligence on how to rebuild the right way, he’d do well to take a look at the Carolina Hurricanes as far as what not to do.

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  1. Reenavipul says:

    1: When a team is closer to the salary floor than the median(let alone the cap) it’s tough to put a consistently winning product on the ice. That’s on old Karmanos.

    2: It doesn’t help when your goalies suck.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Francis definitely didn’t leverage his cheap D depth into productive forwards in the off season(like going for Stepan) and it cost the team another lost season; a year of cheap, productive assets and Francis’ job.

  2. Richter1994 says:

    Rangers key to whatever they are going to do going forward:

    #1. Put Dolan and Sather in a corner and tell them to butt out to let Gorton do his thing, completely unobstructed so they cannot sabotage him.
    #2. Fire all the coaches, except for Benoit, and hire a John Paddock type who has both NHL and juniors head coaching experience.

    They don’t do this then it doesn’t matter what personnel moves they make because it will be a total waste.

    • tanto says:

      I wouldn’t worry about Dolan, he’s not determining anything other than making Sather President for life … and I really doubt Sather is controlling the show here. This is and has been JGs team for the last year or so, admittedly working on correcting some of the errors in the past with deadline trade deals. That doesn’t happen overnight, give him a bit of time and he’ll get it right.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Well, I hear that Dolan and Sather “love” AV. That’s dangerous as Dolan is infamous for keeping people around regardless of their results because of personal opinion. Gorton, again from what I hear, wanted AV out yesterday, meaning gone already, but was told “no” at least until the end of this season.

        AV comes back, then I have zero hope for the Rangers going forward no matter what personnel moves they make.

        • Walt says:

          Maybe we should put Dolan back on the bottle, and as far away as possible from this team going forward. What a dumb ass he is!!!!!

          • Richter1994 says:

            Daddy did a smart thing when he separated MSG from Cablevision. Charles knew what he was doing.

        • Mintgecko says:

          Where do you hear this stuff?

          I feel like your witty enough to read the signs that AV wasn’t going anywhere off the NYR anytime soon. It just seems like you put your own spin on things. I don’t know if I look like a D bag for coming at you but that’s not my intention.

          I’m aware of a group on this site who started a rumor about AV losing the locker room last October. I never saw any signs of such thing and I always disagreed with that theory. After the trade I noticed how you thought that AV was next to go in this upcoming offseason. I could never see that and many times I was a lone wolf providing examples on why he would be the HC for the NYR next season.

          I just want to know what made you change your mind to the FO loving up on him? I thought the JT Miller lateral move was more than obvious that AV is here to stay and he just might sign another extension. The business side of things allowed Dolan to get a new yacht due to all the exposure from seasons 14 and 15. It was quite obvious that any Mafioso would love him behind the bench which goes to filling up the MSG.

          Ps I have a deep hate for him

          • Richter1994 says:

            I have 2 friends that are very well connected to the Ranger organization, that’s where I get this stuff from and I try to share what I can for discussion purposes.

            They were pretty right on what would happen at the trade deadline. And I knew about Vesey and Shatty months before they signed.

            I had heard that as talented as Miller is that he is difficult to deal with. Him being traded had nothing to do with AV.

            AV appears to be gone after this year and Gorton wanted to do it now as opposed to later. Sather squashed that and said at least to wait until after the season.

            So, if AV is here, by some miracle for him, then that means that Sather is still in charge after all and we as fans are basically doomed.

          • Reenavipul says:

            If you actually look how the team has played since the letter went out that AV’s systems are no longer in use.

            Dead man walking.

        • Larry says:

          I am not doubting your sources, but I do hope it’s not true. The thing is…Dolan and Slather both agreed to rebuild the team and sent a public letter out to the fans, then traded away McD whom both Dolan and Slather like a lot, then JT and Nasher and others…and then keep a coach whose system doesn’t fit the incoming young kids, this just don’t make sense to me.

          • Richter1994 says:

            As far as I know, AV is gone.

            And again, I could be 100% wrong but they are not rebuilding with all kids. Dave wrote an article saying it’s a rebuild not a retool. I disagree.

            The Rangers wanted to change the locker room and they did. Look at it this way:

            #1. The Rangers did not want to pay McD a year from now when his contract was up. It was a PRIORITY to trade him now as opposed to the draft. Why? Because Trouba, Karlsson, OEL, and maybe more D men will be available for trade at the draft. That could possibly water down the return for McD tremendously. So the Rangers feverishly made the deal with TB, demanding Hajek in the deal, which TB did at the last minute. Namer is a more talented version of Miller, and less of a pain in the butt.

            #2. Nash, who is probably coming back in a few months anyway, brought back a #1, Spooner, and Lindgren. For a couple months of his service!! That’s a great return. Spooner is playing well and he has what the Rangers are looking for: Youth, speed, and skill. Could be a keeper or traded in a package for a better player.

            #3. Grabner fetches a 2nd and Ryko, who the Rangers have scouted over and over because he is on the same KHL team as Shesty and Kovy.

            The Rangers weren’t winning this year anyway, so why not load up on assets? The Rangers are now in the best position to get better quickly than in any year that I can remember. All their acquisitions have the common thread of youth, speed, skill, and are character guys. So mission accomplished. They got younger and they changed “the room.”

            But this is only phase 1. Phase 2 is at the draft and phase 3 is July 1.

            I fully expect Chytil and Andersson here at the beginning of next season. I expect Nash will be back. I think that Kovy is in play big time and so will Tavares if he gets to FA. They will try very hard to get a top pair D man. And the coach to be gone. I do not believe that Ruff will be the replacement.

            • tanto says:

              I was with you 100% through Nash (and/or Grabner — that’s me adding something) coming back. I’m not sure I want them to sign Kovy or even try to get JT (he’ll just say NO). Not sure I want them to try and get a top pair d’man (unless he’s 23 or younger and we send a d’man+ back to them that isn’t named Skjei). Then I was back with you 100% about the Coach and Ruff. 😉

              • Richter1994 says:

                I don’t think JT signs here either, the point I’m making here is that they will go all in to try, that’s all.

                Kovy wants here bad. He wanted here last year too.

                Trouba is 24? Plus I think he’s worth it. I say hell no to Karlsson.

              • tanto says:

                Would love Trouba, but as I’ve stated elsewhere the convo starts with a first rounder or Skjei …. I can live with a 1st rounder going back to the Jets, the question boils down to what else are we willing to give up?

            • larry says:

              Good post, makes a lot of sense.

              They have a load of assets, about 10-15 young players either through trades or draft, all thanks Gordon. There is no way the Rangers would wait for all of them to grow up, so I do expect the NYR make some moves at the draft to get some elite talents mostly at defense.

              I do hope NYR go after Tavares hard if they have the chance, he is not a generation talent like Crosby but he is very close to it, and he’s in his prime. Stars like that are very very difficult to get.

              • Richter1994 says:

                For the first time in maybe forever, the Rangers are set up to make significant moves this draft and offseason.

                Quite honestly, I am very excited. They need to get in the top 4 of the draft though.

                If JT is a FA then the Rangers will go after him, 100%. Whether he signs here or not is another story.

            • Dan says:

              To your point on McDonagh … I know hindsight is always 20/20 but I wonder what Stepan would of fetched at the deadline last year in 2017. I guess JG figured we were in a playoff position and had one more shot to make a run with the core.

              However, he clearly learned from his mistake last year and moved McDonagh now, (although it pains me to say it) which was the right move. That’s why I love the moves JG made, he’s looking to the future while also realizing he made a few mistakes last year (Stepan deal and giving up too much for Smith) and approached this deadline completely different from what we’ve seen in the past.

              We’ll never know the exact ins and outs of the locker room and front office but this definitely feels like this is his team, he stamped it two weeks ago. Which is why I feel AV will be gone after this season is over.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Dan, quite honestly I do not know what the deal was with Stepan. I know the Rangers wanted to deal him but also keep him for the playoff run last year, as that was the last year of “going for it” with that group intact.

                The Rangers wanted Chychrun, not DeAngelo. I think the Rangers got schooled a little bit here, though the 7th pick in the draft is worth a lot, regardless of what they actually did with it.

                They certainly did not want the NTC kicking in for Stepan, at $6.5M per. No way.

                And yes, this was the right move at the right time for McD. I just wish Serg or Point were in the deal but they got good assets there. Namer is very skilled, you can see it very obviously.

              • tanto says:

                Richter, I’m more than happy with what they did at pick #7. I think Andersson replaces Stepan within a few years. I know they wanted Pettersson who was taken at #6 but Andersson was a good get and will give us 10 good years.

                Re: the trade itself, if they trade him at the deadline then you’ve limited the number of teams you can trade him to in half — the draft pick would have been worse for sure, probably in the 20’s. What we don’t know is the “prospect” that one of those better teams could have offered. I think with DeAngelo they were willing to “gamble”, he seems like a boom or bust type of prospect.

            • BOBBY B says:

              Richter1994, spot on every step of the way, after reading your post, I am convinced we are pointed in the right direction!!

              • Richter1994 says:

                I’m excited Bobby, except for one potential major thing: Sather allows Gorton to do what Gorton wants to do. If this happens then I am excited.

                But we know Cigar, he can’t help himself, and that scares me a lot. Time will tell my friend.

            • The Wave says:

              This may have been covered elsewhere – apologies if so – but whom would we like to see behind the bench?

              • NickyParmigian says:

                If the Blackhawks let Coach Q go, I would be all in on bringing him here to coach a rebuild. Man won 3 Cups, maybe he wants a different challenge. Like Babcock, come in and take a young up and coming team into future glories.

      • Jeff says:

        tango agree. JG has done a good job with the inherited contracts and the moves HE has made. Cant get yesterday back so talking about Yandle and Staal and losing players on the bench in playoff games can only lead to the conclusion, and hopefully, that Av will be relieved of bench duties. That happens and JG is good for at least next 2 years.

    • Reenavipul says:

      John Paddock? That’s great for getting players ready for the NHL, but you need somebody a little more comfortable on a modern bench. The game is largely the same, but on the margins(and clawing points from the margins is where it’s at unless you have superior talent) it’s night and day from when Paddock was in his prime.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Paddock has coached in the NHL and has a winning record no matter where he goes.

        With the Rangers (assumed) having both young players and vets, I think that he would be a good fit, not to mention being a former coach in Hartford.

        • Reenavipul says:

          He’s 63 and hasn’t coached at the NHL level in 10 years.

          Why not hire a psychic and have them conjure up Lester Patrick to coach?

          • Richter1994 says:

            lol, he’s obviously a good coach and it’s just a personal thought.

            There are probably a million possibilities here.

          • tanto says:

            Is Patrick really available? Awesome … maybe we can get Mike Keenan to run the defense. lol

            … but seriously, maybe someone LIKE Sheldon Keefe or DJ Smith.

  3. Larry says:

    This might not be a 3-5 years rebuild, NYR already have a pretty decent 3 lines up front at forwards and they are all young, if they can get a guy like John Tavares from free agency, their forwards are good enough to compete.

    The back end defense needs a lot work, hopefully Gordon can get it done though free agency, drafts and trades.

    We have Hank as our goalie for the next couple of years.

    AV is not good with the young players, so he has to go.

    All in all if things go well, NYR could be in a position to compete in just 2 years of time.

    • tanto says:

      Larry, you know they aren’t getting Tavares and a guy like Tavares rarely makes it to UFA. 🙂

      • Richter1994 says:

        I have said that all along, as I would have bet a lot of money that Tavares would retire an Isle, until now…

      • Larry says:

        John Tavares is an UFA this summer and yet he still hasn’t signed with the Islanders, rumor says he turned down multiple offers from NYI. With Islanders has a slim chance to make the playoffs and Islanders doesn’t have a permanent home until Belmont Park maybe 2022? Why would he stay there?

        • Richter1994 says:

          Yep, latest I have heard is that he is actually close to done with them. This is basically his last contract coming up.

          • Larry says:

            Would he sign with the NYR? not sure about it, but NYR do have the money to make an decent offer…amazingly this guy is still just 27 yrs old.

            • Richter1994 says:

              Rangers will go hard for him if he’s a UFA, no ifs ands or buts about it.

              But I do not see him coming here. I think that the Habs or the Wings will go hard as well and might have a better chance.

              I have heard that JT just boght a house on Long Island (Garden City). Don’t know if that’s true, which if it is true, then why would he do that? Implies that the Isles or Rangers are in consideration.

              Personally, I do have my doubts about him signing with the Rangers unless he views it as an alternative to staying with the Isles.

              • Larry says:

                I do hope NYR go hard for him if he’s available.

              • Richter1994 says:

                They will, but my gut feeling is that the Habs and the Wings may have the upper hand if not the Isles.

              • Reenavipul says:

                Habs would have maybe $8mm to sign Tavares, Detroit $6.5mm with Larkin & Athenasiou getting raises, so maybe half of that.

                They’d have to clear the decks, give away Pacioretty to get near what he’ll get.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Habs are going to have a very good shot at him for sure. And it wouldn’t surprise me if JT went to them.

                I don’t know what the connection is with Detroit, but evidently they do exist.

              • Mintgecko says:

                I been already viewing him signing over here as a alternative to the Isle. I’ve pretty vocal about that for awhile now and as every day keeps inching closer to the playoffs then I can him in a NYR blue jersey.

                JG has the world to offer him which might include a coach like AV to stick around.

                JG, Sather and Dolan will be all in. Icing a roster with Shatty, Travares and whoever else will make for some good money.

                If it happens than Zib shifts over to wing or gets traded imo. No way is the Boston crew upstairs giving up Hayes btw who Sather loved so much that he almost signed Jimmy Hayes one summer.

                I bet he brings De Haan over as well 🙂

              • Richter1994 says:

                For the longest time, I thought there was no way that JT would sign anywhere else other than the Isles.

                Things have appeared to have changed recently. Isles fans will be devastated if he signs elsewhere and destroyed if he signs here.

              • Dan says:

                You think we could a first rounder for Zucc or am I overvaluing him?

                Just saying … if Tampa wins this year, and we move zucc for a first rounder at the draft, we have 4 first rounders (ours, Boston, Tampa and the one for Zucc).

                We then sign Tavares, Kovy and a make a move for a top 4 D-man while at the same time replenishing the farm system all in one fell swoop.

                Not counting Chytil and Anderson, along with the prospects we got at the deadline this year. We have officially rebuilt ourselves in 12 months a la Cashman and the Yankees.

                Fun to think about 🙂

              • Richter1994 says:

                Yeah Dan, that’s my thinking too. Forget this “we will go for it in 2020” they are revamping for next year.

                Calgary wants Zuc bad, but they do not have a first rounder this year. BUT, they have a plethora of young prospects that would definitely interest the Rangers, and I think that’s a way that the Rangers might go.

                I also look for the Jets possibly involved as Zuc as well. Another team with a very deep prospect pool.

              • tanto says:

                I just don’t buy it. He’s either signing with the Isles or somewhere else other than NY. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him get 7/8 years over $10/11m per. He despises us and I don’t think a bit of money will make a difference.

                Plus you would need to have some real antipathy for your old team to do something like that. It would be like a real ugly divorce where someone was carrying on affair with your best friend since the beginning of your relationship. It would be a gut punch, a low blow … you need to have some real strong emotions to do something like that. I don’t get the sense he hates the Islanders, but he just might see greener pastures somewhere else because the Islanders are dysfunctional —- the fish rots from the head!

              • NickyParmigian says:

                How can you say John Tavares ‘despises’ the Rangers? Like, how do you know that if you aren’t in the NHL and friends with him personally? This is not the ’70’s, ’80’s, or even the ’90’s. No one hates any teams anymore. Rivalries can develop and individual players may not like each other, but these kids are businessmen. They go where the money is, and where their wives and children will be happiest.

            • tanto says:

              That’s what I read Nicky. We are the team he hates. Just google tavares hates rangers and you’ll see what I mean.

        • BOBBY B says:

          Tavares is already being fitted for a Toronto Maple Leaf Jersey.

          • Richter1994 says:

            I don’t think he goes there Bobby. If anything, I think the Habs.

          • tanto says:

            Depends Bobby. Toronto would have to commit $10m+ per to Tavares, they will have to commit the same to Matthews when the time comes … and Nylander and Marner will also command huge salary increases all within the next couple of years. Not sure they can accommodate that many large salaries without gutting/short changing the rest of the team.

    • Mintgecko says:

      Keep believing that JT could sign as a NYR. It’s possible and something that I’ve preach since this team turned it around in November.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now that I think Hayes behind a elite 1c while you simultaneously treat Hayes like a 2c with ice time and PP would be a scary top 6 center core. Travares would have the depth for once and the other PP and PK could be major factors to what Hayes brings to special teams. He also wouldn’t have to worry about having a 4c shutdown all the competition for him when his 2c could produce and be a major factor in a shutdown role.

      3rd line problems isn’t a concern anymore. Names and Chytil could work that with whoever being the center of that line.

      De Haan would follow and realize the smart choice would be signing over here.

      • Emile the Cat says:

        I think if Tavares does sign here (big if) then Kovy signs here too, as the rebuild becomes ancient history. I’m not sure if I like this or not.

        • Richter1994 says:

          Let’s put it this way, if the Rangers were doing a “build through the draft” rebuild, then every player older than 25ish would have been traded. Including Hank.

          It’s not happening IMO. The assets accumulated may be used for acquisitions.

        • Mintgecko says:

          How would you not like that possible scenario? Remember Kovalchuk wants in here no matter what. I mean don’t get me wrong because maybe he talked to the NYR behind close doors and the FO fed him plans for next season like getting wind that Travares wanted in.

          I love it because I’m a Hank believer lol and I believe he has another 2-3 of being a the top goalie for a team. It only makes sense that this team needs top line players to mix with the established NHL names who will be between 23-27 years old and the rookies. We need a 1c because Zib will never be that guy and should be shift over to wing if Zucc goes this summer. We also needed a scoring winger since Kreider seemed to not be that guy anymore as each season passed by until he would get a elite 1c to hold his hand for every shift.

          I would much rather see Kreider get a new top line to play with next season and than give Hayes his sniper in Zib since he’s a main assist type of center who can rack them up with a true goal scorer on his wing. Buch can be like a bigger Johnny hockey type of distributer and Hayes is started to shoot means someone with skills has to be worthy to dish the puck to him.

          If the top 6 was that than you reset everything. Shatty and Kreider would have Travares and Kovalchuk with maybe Mika as 1 PP? Chytil, Hayes, Buch, Names and whoever the QB D man could be that would make up the other PP. It’s temporarily for someone like Buch who could play top line and PP by the time he’s 27-28 or ealier if Kreider doesn’t work out next to JT.

          • Emile the Cat says:

            Offensively your proposals are pretty plausible, but it wouldn’t stop Hank from seeing 40 shots a night. There’s too many holes on defense, the calvery is a couple years away. Shattenkirk adds to the PP, but that’s not the solution.

            I’m in on the “tank” I feel we’re only extending mediocrity any other way.

  4. tanto says:

    We could only dream of having two top 5 picks in 3 years … but their problems run even deeper, bad goaltending, marginal coaching and a lack of true depth up front (bad drafting, lack of important trades) destine this team to mediocrity at best. I mean even worse though than the Top 5 picks in the 2013 and 2015 drafts look at their 2014 draft at #7, they passed up on Nylander and Ehlers to pick Haydn Fleury … haydn who? 😉

  5. Reenavipul says:

    Skjei for Puljuharvi: would you do that straight up, or could you get Chiarelli to throw in this year’s 1st as well?

  6. Larry says:

    Another thing I picked up when Slather and Gordon had the news conference about informing the fans the Rangers are rebuilding, GM Gordon said ” The team still does not have an Identity at this point of the season…” Basically Gordon is insinuating AV did a bad job this season.

  7. Jerry says:

    If JT hits free agency, he will not sign here. Just my opinion.

    I think he respects the Islander Organization and therefore it would be a figurative slap in the face if he signed with us.
    He has too much class.

    Remember the pitch the Rangers made for Zach Parise. Parise said publicly that the Rangers no matter what dollars were thrown at him wouldn’t do that to the Devils.

    You’ll see the same thing with JT.

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