Rangers claim Cody McLeod off waivers

January 25, 2018, by

cody mcleod

The Rangers have claimed 33 year old forward Cody McLeod off waivers, likely putting an end to the Daniel Catenacci tenure in New York. McLeod adds #toffness to the lineup, but not much else. After spending most of his career in Colorado, he’s been in Nashville the past two seasons. In 713 NHL games, he has 124 points and 1524 PIMs.

I’ll admit the Rangers are a little vanilla, something exacerbated without Chris Kreider in the lineup. But McLeod doesn’t move the needle, other than being the new Tanner Glass. Actually…I’d rather have Glass.

McLeod has size and willingness to get to the corners, which is fine. But he doesn’t do much else. He’s not good with or without the puck. He’s not a good skater. Anything more than a few hits would be gravy, but don’t expect much.

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  1. amy says:


  2. amy says:


  3. Sally says:

    If he is so great, why is Nashville getting rid of him?

  4. Bobby B says:

    FINALLY, a player with a steel set of balls!! Although AV will nerver play him. Maybe he will rattle a few cages during practice???

    • Egelstein says:

      Groan. McLeod won’t rattle any cages during practice, because that isn’t how it works. At all. AV probably will play him if given the chance; see Glass, Tanner.

    • Mancunian Candidate says:

      Bobby B—rattle some cages at practice? Great idea, maybe he can injure some more key players for the Rangers. Give me a break, McLeod is useless.

  5. Spozo says:

    And they officially just raised the white flag.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Here’s a theory my friend and I were discussing via text.

      This pick up could actually signify that the selling will begin and the infusion of the young players. This guy would be brought in to serve as “some” protection for the younger players.

      Just a theory.

      • Stevem says:

        I like that theory my friend

        • Richter1994 says:

          Thanks pal.

          Complete guess on our parts, but why else make a move like this?

          Of course, they could also be buyers and think that this guy helps with the playoffs. Hope not.

      • John B says:


        You really gonna make me post the article that protection doesn’t exist? I have that saved for the people who truly believe that it exists. Don’t go to the dark side.

        • Richter1994 says:

          Hey John. No, not me pal. I am merely speculating what the Rangers are “thinking.”

          I made a comment yesterday to a poster saying that “toughness” is measured on what the players do on the ice, not who is in the line up.

          There’s a difference between what I think and what I think the Rangers think, lol. I’m with you pal.

      • Swarty says:

        We can only hope Richter

  6. Egelstein says:

    Alrighty, then…maybe I’m not blaming Gorton quite as much as I should be.

  7. Mancunian Candidate says:

    This pickup is a joke, right? McLeod sucks at hockey, and he’s a walking punching bag to boot.

  8. Stevem says:

    I like this move.. thumb it down.. but I like the move

  9. Fotiu is God says:

    Just as The Hanson Brothers resuscitated the Charleston Chiefs franchise, so will Cody McLeod right the Rangers…

  10. wwpd says:

    So that they still have enough bodies to play hockey without gutting the Pack when the sell-off begins?

  11. pas44 says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with half this move.


  12. Eugene says:

    This guy is complete disaster, Glass at least could skate, this one is complete madness, and he also has 1.3 mln cap space!!!!!!

  13. Peter says:

    I needed a laugh today. Thanks Gorton! 😀

  14. rjcy says:

    I expect the requisite blowback, so let ‘er rip (BobbyB and Fotiu pls assist as nec). Grow up boys and girls. No one is saying this brings us the Cup. This does start to address a flaw in the roster. This does suggest the opposition had better play it straight with our skill players and goalie. Henrik as been run and interfered with more in the last several years than I have seen of a goalie and I go back to 1968 with the NYR. Skill players play bigger with a guy like this. Skill players often get more room with a guy like this. Goals win games and Cups, but what makes a goal? Room to skate, pass and shoot, then the skating the passing and the shooting. Also, games and Cups are won by limiting the opposition’s goals. What does that? Keeping the puck from them, but also making them uncomfortable and rushed when they have it. Thus, a physical game is a part of a successful formula. Just one part, but a necessary one. Is this guy enough? Surely no…..but it helps.

    • Stevem says:

      Bingo rjcy.. well said

    • John B says:

      “Do Enforcers Have Value?

      Statistically there is absolutely no evidence that enforcers help teams in any way at all. They provide virtually no value to a team outside of fighting, their fights don’t result in goal-creating momentum and they don’t reduce the likelihood of injuries or violent play on the part of their opponents.
      The first conclusion is practically true by definition, and four separate, independent and comprehensive studies have all reached each of the latter two conclusions.
      So, no, enforcers do not have value. This isn’t meant to be a definitive answer, of course, merely the perspective of the analytics.
      There may indeed be a benefit to having an enforcer on the team, but, if so, it is not one that has ever been captured on a scoresheet.”

      “There was a time, starting in the mid-to-late 1980s and lasting for about two decades, that teams insisted on having a roster spot dedicated to a guy that had no other role but to play four or five minutes per game and fight. Teams felt they were bodyguards for their star players and that they could either deter violence or make other teams answer for violence that they dished out. But they did nothing of the sort, and in recent years there were just as many hits warranting supplementary discipline when the heavyweights were in the lineup than they when they were not. Given how that role has sharply declined in recent years and with fewer and fewer teams keeping a “fighter” on their roster, I suspect teams have started to realize that and understand that the roster spot is too valuable to waste on a player who isn’t helping on the ice and isn’t offering the type of protection they want. ”

      • wwpd says:

        It has often been said before, but what you want is a team of players that can play hockey and defend themselves, not one player that supposedly defends all the others.

      • rjcy says:

        So…..respectfully….Ted Lindsay played after 1980? John Ferguson? Ted Greene? Cashman? They played on some pretty dynastic teams, no? No staged fights in those days…so what did they ever do to provide value? They bought their teammates room to play and they pressured the opposition and they made certain the opposition knew that if liberties were taken then it would be reciprocal. Granted, these were not goons, and I would agree that the most effective “policeman” as they called it when I was a kid, is a player as well. So please, these concepts are not outgrowths of the Broad St Bullies and that era, and the constant insinuation of that is getting old and intellectual empty. As For WWPDs comment, absolutely, I would agree, but it has to start somewhere and with a snowflake roster, we start like this. Just sayin’….

    • Dunc says:

      The only player that McLeod could “rush” would be another knuckle-dragged who wouldn’t be posing any scoring threat anyway.

  15. Peter says:

    Tanner Glass is a better hickory player then Cody and better pugilist. I woukdn’t want him either.

    They need guys that have skills, speed, youth and snarl, not overthehill punching bags.

  16. Reenavipul says:

    The bigger problem is that you have a number of players down on the farm with expiring ELCs that are getting blocked by the likes of McLeod & Kampfer to get a look at whether they can hang at the NHL level.

    AV’s systems are dragging the squad down, while his player selection minimizes the value of players during their ELC period. With the likes of Kreider, Hayes, ZBad & Miller, the team needs to see if a modern coach can get more out of those players and ones in the system.

    • Ray says:

      Surely Catenacci was blocking no one. Catenacci was recalled because there was no one else they wanted. It may be that the Rangers should use some of the Hartford players, but those players are not being recalled because the Rangers don’t want to use them, not because they are blocked.

  17. Peter says:

    On the feel good news front: Wednesday night Chytil had two assists and Lias Anderson had an assist on the overtime winner goal in his first AHL game.

  18. Odielishous says:

    Every point made here is valid. Is it a great move no. What I think it really does it solidify the locker room.

    Is anyone a leader on here that said this move is stupid? Messier ruled the locker room in his day. And it wasn’t just with his play. If you got out of line or started to eff off he was on you. He got respect cause of his never ending desire to win. No one is coming into this locker room today is going to respect Mac. He has no cups, no norris trophies, no mvp awards. No one on this team has won anything except for hank and no one cares what goalies have to say.

    This move IMHO was about accountability in the locker room. A player doesn’t do something or half ass’s some plays(JT MILLER) this kid is going to punish in practice or outside the next time he can. Goons are paid to police their own. Everyone has heard that statement but few understand it also applies to the team he is on and his own locker room. Guys respect a guy who is willing to sacrifice his face and body to get a win. The second he drops his gloves he earns their respect.

    Just picture it this way …if you want to work everyday and the guy sitting in the next cubicle was Connor McGregor and there was no hesitation til he threw a punch would you watch your words around him? Would you work a little bit harder to not be on his bad side? Respect is earned and no one on this team has earned anyone respect. Just look at the way everyone of you bloggers treats Staal. This guy has given his eye, had a concussion, god knows how many other untold injuries and everyone craps on him.

    There no accountability in this locker room. It is a free for all and everyone does as they please. How do you tell a guy to player better when even if he sits he makes 7.8 million dollars that year? Once that catches on …every player starts to do it. So this IMHO was a great move if the reason I listed is its purpose.

    It he gets a shift over JT Miller, Buch, or anyone other then the AHL call up’s then it is the dumbest move ever. And I will bash this franchise every time I am here with all of you. Otherwise this should right the ship.

    And Dave and all of the Staff thank you very much for allowing to vent my frustrations whether you guys agree with them or not. Sincerely. It is nice to have a place to discuss ideas.