Jesper Fast out 2-3 weeks with quad strain

December 22, 2017, by
jesper fast

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The Rangers will  be without Jesper Fast for the next 2-3 weeks, as he is dealing with a strained quad, announced today. Fast will likely be replaced in the lineup by Boo Nieves, who has been a healthy scratch the past two games since Mika Zibanejad’s return.

Luckily for the Rangers, they don’t have many games in that 2-3 week span, with just 5-7 games, depending on length of recovery. Unluckily for Fast, he misses the Winter Classic.

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  1. Pas44 says:

    Let’s hope this team doesn’t perform like it did when he was out at the start of this season…

    • Egelstein says:

      While I don’t quite think Fast is the straw that stirs the drink for this team, nor do I think the failures of the early season were necessarily heavily due to him not being there, it is indeed an unfortunate loss. Luckily Boo is waiting in the wings this time around. We shouldn’t be shocked if they round up some clearly-spent vet to bring in though, either. I hope not…but we’ve seen it before.

      • Pas44 says:

        thanks … I was just tossing it out there… cheers bro


        • Egelstein says:

          For sure – didn’t mean to come off as a troll, haha! Was just saying, hopefully right now, this won’t hurt things too awfully much.

        • Egelstein says:

          And, side note, I might actually consider putting DD on the wing and Boo at C, with this development. Boo looks like a center, and is built like a center…DD looks like a winger and is built like a winger. I just wonder if, perhaps, Desharnais might be able to do the same things on the wing in terms of assisting scoring, which is clearly his forte. I guess that’s for AV and Co. to figure out in practice, though.

      • scrangersfan says:


      • scrangersfan says:

        Imo. It is what it is. This team will battle to the end just to get into the playoffs. The chance to win the cup is out of the question. They don’t have a chance. The signing of Shatenkirk turned out to be a disappointment, the guy is the worst D man on the team and the power play is not working again. Just another salary cap strangling move. My advise is to have a fire sale at the trading deadline to free up some cap for building a legitimate contender and get rid of of players like Staal, Nash, D’Arnair and others along with removing the C off of McDonagh ( They will never win cup with him as a captain his is rerrible) and start to re build the team so they’ll have a realistic shot at the cup.
        And one more thing, make them stop using the word looks in place of chances which was invented by their Tinkerbell coach.
        Just to make the playoff to me does not cut it. 1 cup in 77 years?

  2. Richter1994 says:

    This is more of a loss than most Ranger fans think.

    • Jerry says:

      I agree.

    • Stevem says:

      I agree that it’s a huge loss my friend. Hopefully Boo comes back in and plays well in his place

      • Richter1994 says:

        yep pal, this is Boo’s chance to prove whether he belongs or not. plus the teams will start to up the level of play as the calendar turns.

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      Agreed…this is a huge blow. The Rangers are not a good defensive team as it is, and with him out that takes a hit and so does the PK.

  3. Richter1994 says:

    2 stats that do not bode well going forward:

    The Rangers have been outshot more than 75% of the games this year and
    the Rangers are 3rd in the league in goal shooting %, not that far away from the top of the league.

    To put it bluntly, they have been effing lucky and the goalie, after a slow start, is playing some of the best hockey of his career since Nov 1.

    Sustainable? You be the judge.