Vigneault/Gorton disconnect seemingly evident

October 11, 2017, by

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When it comes to hockey, the goings-on between front office and coaching staff personnel is usually very tight lipped. There is never a leak. There is never any sort of inkling that something could be wrong. There is speculation based off reasonable assumptions, but that’s the best we can do. It’s one of the more challenging aspects of not just hockey, but all professional sports. Insight into front office workings just doesn’t exist regularly.

Which is why when it comes to the Rangers, it comes as a little bit of a surprise that there appears to be a disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff. This is 100% speculation on my end, and I wholly admit that. That said, this isn’t wild speculation, it’s educated guessing. There are clear signs that something is not right in Rangers town.

For the past two years, Jeff Gorton has spent each offseason putting together a roster that fits the mold of a speed and skill team. Out went some slower players and some fan favorites, in came puck movers and skill guys, both big name and low key. On paper, the Rangers could have the best top-four in the Eastern Conference, and a top-nine to match it.

But then we look at the roster decisions made by Alain Vigneault the past four games, and they all seem to go against what Gorton has been putting together. Remember that scene in Moneyball when Philip Seymour Hoffman said, “I own the lineup card” to Brad Pitt? Same concept.

Vigneault did it Gorton’s way in the first two games, and the Rangers lost. He then did it his way, benching two of the three biggest acquisitions of this summer (DeAngelo, Smith) and lowering the minutes of the biggest acquisition (Shattenkirk) in favor of his guys (Staal, Kampfer, Holden). He even went as far as benching the talented and still being evaluated Filip Chytil after just 12 minutes of even strength time, and no time on the powerplay. Chytil is now in the AHL.

The issue isn’t so much what AV is doing, or what Gorton wants him to do. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, that’s fine. The issue is that there is a very clear disconnect on what the team’s direction is. Gorton wants speed and skill and new faces. AV wants his guys that have always been there.

When coach and GM aren’t in sync, the team suffers. This isn’t Moneyball. There is no happy ending until they both realize they are trying to accomplish the same thing. This is 100% speculation on my end, but reading into the roster construction and the subsequent roster decisions, something appears to be amiss.

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  1. James says:

    Your speculation on these matters is driven only by your continuing bias toward not liking the coach. The on-going agenda of this blog appears to be more focused on trying to get AV fired (which wont happen) rather than actual hockey and in-game performance.

    Is there any breakdown or discussion on the Rangers lack of scoring, 5 goals in three home games. Or the lack of EV Offense. For example, Zibby has 5 goals, but 4 on the PP. The Rangers have scored 10 goals in 4 games, but have only have scored 5 EV Strength Goals in those 4 Games.

    • Todd N says:

      Is it not the responsibility of the head coach to have the team prepared and motivated?

      • Matt R says:

        He is motivating them by scratching players and playing odd line combos, that is literally what he is doing. i am pretty sure Brendan Smith gets the message that he is not playing well currently.

        • Richter1994 says:

          Let me ask you, what Ranger D man played well on Saturday after getting an 8 spot dropped on them? Why pick out Smith when all of them were horrible?

          The Leafs were skating by Staal as if he were standing still. The coach’s “adjustment?” Promote him to first pair. Brilliant!!

          The man has a good regular season record, which means he’s had good teams, that’s it.

          • Matt R says:

            Smith didn’t show up to camp prepared, plain and simple. You cannot reward that lack of accountability – if he was awful in camp and preseason, but turned it on in the regular season that is one thing, but if you’re awful in camp then start your season like that? It is all about sending the correct message to the locker room.

            I am not saying I agree with Staal to the first pair, that makes no sense, but Smith needed to be scratched.

      • Snake says:

        What blog have you been reading? Dave has been more than fair with AV. I’d say he’s been too easy on him. AV sucks. He never should have been hired and at the very least, been fired a couple of years ago.

        This piece was spot on and if anything was still more fair to AV than he deserves.

      • Snake says:

        Sorry. My previous post was a reply to James, not Todd N.

    • Tim says:

      You could be right about writer’s bias towards the coach but that doesn’t mean he is wrong. I wholeheartedly agree with the opinion of this article, even though neither of us have any tangible evidence of disconnect between the coach. However, when you trade your top center and one of the best backup goalies in the league, and one of the pieces that the team acquired in that trade was basically benched games 2 & 3 and scratched in game 4 and then the coach benches smith (rightfully so imo but not for 2 games) who was signed long term, and lastly the prize free agent of the off season who the team is paying 6.5 mil, to not be on the top pair and had less TOI going into the 3rd period of last nights game.

      If you want an article that focuses more on the team play, i am pretty sure BSB published an article breaking down the game this morning..that’s not the point of this article. It’s about Gorts & AV and how AV has managed the new arrivals thus far. Yes, people will say its only 4 games in, but AV has mismanaged the lineup for the since he arrived in NY.

      • Al Dugan says:

        Tim, not one bit of evidence except the following. Smith on ice for 5 against in 2 games and Tony D absolutely lost against the Leafs.

        Do you think they don’t discuss the management of the team, really? Do you think that AV’s boss doesn’t have input on who’s playing?

        What an absolute click-fest this site has become!

        My daily reminder: Dylan McIlraith is NOT in the NHL, either is poster boy Emerson Etem, and Adam Clendening cannot get a game with the ‘Yotes.

        • Evan says:

          Hey Al,

          You wrote the same nonsense in another comment the other day about data from 2 games.

          Toronto DEMOLISHED the blackhawks who demolished the penguins. Should the blackhawks and penguins blow up their line ups for one bad game?

          Last night, Kampfer had NUMEROUS horrific turnovers including one that led to a goal. KAMPFER DID NOT MISS A SHIFT. Where is your anger about that? Deangelo has one bad turnover and immediately rides pine.

          Why should Smith and Deangelo be immediately benched but not Kampfer or Holden for all of their constant mistakes?

          2 BAD GAMES IS NOT A TREND. The rangers in october of 2013 were one of the worst teams in all of hockey. Go look at the results, but one big difference. AV WAS PATIENT WITH HIS BEST PLAYERS and new personnel back then.

          Demoting Smith, Shatt and Deangelo for Holden, Staal and Kampfer is insane coaching. That is a lot of new pieces. Let them gel and play together. It is called growing pains. You do not bench guys for worse players.

          Staal and Holden were on the ice for almost every crucial goal in the playoffs last year. We cannot win a cup with them. End of story.

          You do not make outrageous line up changes 2 games into the year.

          • Evan says:

            Also one final point Al.

            By your analysis of short term data, Girardi never should have seen the ice the last 3 years. The dude was on the ice for god knows how many goals that were directly his fault from his terrible turnovers.

            I have no problem with benching people for mistakes that are made, but AV HAS NEVER BEEN CONSISTENT WITH THIS.

            Smith played bad? You want to teach him a lesson? Sure sit him one game. But AV has never done this for Staal or Kapmfer or Holden or Girardi and barely for Klein. Sitting him 2 games is a total joke.How can our best personnel grow if you wont play them.

            Also regarding Sunday’s game, MTL is a horrible team and we were lucky 2 goals got waived off. Hank won that game not the defense. That is not a reason to continue forward with a terrible defense and last night it showed as Kampfer and holden were horrific

          • RichS says:

            Very well said Evan,
            The double standard that AV employs with his players
            does not sit well with the fans and i would bet does not sit well the players either.
            I couldnt agree more with your take on girardis horrible play and his never getting benched…..
            And Al may be correct- McIlrath may not be an nhl caliber dman BUT the FACT is that he outplayed both pylon twins while he was here and still got the bench, while their play was god awful……thats what fans dont like about avs coaching…..

            • Matt R says:

              I am not a coach, but here is a question I impose..

              You have two players, Player A and Player B.

              Player A has been a first pair dman for the last 8 years and has played the hardest minutes against the best competition. Player A has lost a step for sure, but Player A was trusted in the past, performed well, and knows what he needs to do to succeed in these situations because he has done so many times in the past. Player A gives 100% every time he is on the ice, plays a super simple game, and gives you exactly what you expect night in and night out. Player A makes mistakes, but the mistakes he makes are TYPICALLY because of a declining physical ability, and not typically because he made a mental mistake.

              Player B is a guy that has had a nice career as a 2nd/3rd pair dman who plays solid minutes and understands the game well, but is making a large number of mental mistakes that appear to show he isn’t mentally prepared to start the season right after he signed a big long term deal. Player B was never considered to be a shut-down guy, but he is in the prime of his career coming into a season where he can truly make his mark on the league. Player B looks lost on the ice, unprepared mentally and physically, and seems to not understand the gravity of the role he is in.

              To me, Player A and Player B are very different players and shouldn’t be compared. As such, I can understand why Player B (Brendan Smith) has a much shorter leash than Player A (Dan Girardi). It is also important to note that the Rangers have much more depth at RD than they had last year, Dan Girardi was in that role because there was no one else, not because he was well-suited to the role.

              Please, I do not mind discussing this intelligently, but it has to be based on facts and not feelings.

          • sherrane says:

            Toronto demolished Chicago? Was that during the last 12:00 of regulation when they were trailing 3-1 before winning in OT? They scored twice in the final 7:00 to force OT. I’ll have whatever you’re drinking.

            Smith and DeAngelo played the first two games of the season in which the Rangers allowed 12 goals. The 4 allowed to Colorado is the most they’ve scored this season (they also scored 4 in Boston). The 8 goals allowed to Toronto is the most they’ve scored this season (they scored 7 in their opener in Winnipeg). The Rangers have allowed 0 to Montreal (the only time they’ve been shut out) and 3 to St. Louis (they scored 2 against the Islanders before winning in a shoot out). Smith and DeAngelo have not even come close to meeting expectations. Their play has been highly disappointing to the point where I just cannot believe some people are upset over it. I’m not saying Holden and Kampfer are acceptable, but they’ve been better than Smith.

            • Egelstein says:

              Two. Games. Marc Staal has strung together months’ worth of bad games in recent yearrs…nearly bulletproof in the lineup. Promoted at the first opportunity AV got this season. These are the types of things a lot of fans note when they talk about AV’s inconsistency and/or double standards and/or favoritism.

              • Reenavipul says:

                When not concussed, Staal has played a serviceable game. After The 1st week of January, he was concussed and it affected his game even after he was cleared to play.

                If Corsica 2.0 ever gets fully functional, look at his splits before and after January 7th.

              • Egelstein says:

                I do genuinely feel bad for him that injuries derailed his game so badly. That being said, even at his current-stage-of-his-career-best, I don’t think he’s due top pair duties. Even at his best, it’s just not who he is. Furthermore, his best is not the type of defensive style that actually fits well in this system. I joked about Marc Staal 1D elsewhere a few weeks ago…I didn’t honestly think we’d see it save for a rash of injuries, though.

          • Matt R says:

            Kampfer is a career 7/8D. AV gets nothing by scratching him to provide motivation, to me Kampfer is that average intelligence kid in class that is always going to be average. Anthony Deangelo is that brilliant kid that sits in the back of the class that never does homework and constantly makes jokes. Disciplining Kampfer gets you nothing, disciplining Deangelo could motivate him to stop the act and commit to being a more complete player. This is the method to AV’s madness, his lineups aren’t intended to necessarily be the best, they are intended to show the people with potential that they need to change their act.

            • Peter says:

              DeAngelo does not need disciplining. What he needs is to become familiar with the system and his assignments, and playing time to get in sync with the team and the way they play the game here. If AV is unwilling to give him ice time to get him going, then he should be sent to Hartford where he can work on those things. DeAngelo wasn’t lacking effort, he was lacking knowledge of where best to position himself, etc. in the defensive zone. Press box time is not going to fix that.

              • Matt R says:

                Deangelo isn’t new to hockey – he knows exactly what he is supposed to do. Young players want to prove that they belong and that they are special – I am sure he has a very large chip on his shoulder by being traded twice before he was even an NHL regular. As such, the challenge with a player like that is to show them they need to slow down and make simpler plays and that he isn’t going to be traded or sent down to the AHL if he makes a bad play here or there. AV is basically warning him to simplify or lose his spot.

              • Reenavipul says:

                And not trying to thread breakout passes between a teammates skates.

        • Reenavipul says:

          Etem just called up.

    • SalMerc says:

      I agree. What if the 2 are in sync? What if Gorton went to AV and told him to sit Smith and DeAngelo? What if Kampfer is Gorton’s boy? Too much supposition based on opinion.

      A coach runs the day to day operation of the team and puts guys out there he think can make him win. Don’t think for a minute that Gorton wasn’t involved in this decision.

      • John B says:

        “A coach runs the day to day operation of the team and puts guys out there he think can make him win.”

        After the past two lineup decisions, and ice time allocation, pretty much sums up why everyone continues to be perplexed and come to the conclusion that the coach makes poor decisions.

      • James says:

        What gets lost in all this over-evaluation of AV’s roster decisions and defensive pairings is there is no objective analysis of the players performance.

        Last night, the Rangers should have won this game but their players did not score when given the opportunity. The up and down nature of this team is due right now bc the Rangers young talent of Buch, Krieder Vesey & Hayes (all top 9 forwards) have zero goals. Throw in Rick Nash (0 points) and Grabner (1 assist) and theres a lot more to worry about than the Coach.

    • Dave says:

      “The issue isn’t so much what AV is doing, or what Gorton wants him to do. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, that’s fine. The issue is that there is a very clear disconnect on what the team’s direction is. Gorton wants speed and skill and new faces. AV wants his guys that have always been there.”

      • SalMerc says:

        Buch is a new kid who has proved his value and therefore plays on the first line. Didn’t AV make this decision? He has speed and plays the game well. Is it AV “well” or Gorton “well”? Either way AV puts him out there every shift.

        Smith looked bad for 2 games. The coach sat him. Is he wrong for doing that? Maybe Staal actually played well in our first 4, but the glasses people wear always say Staal is a pylon. While he isn’t “young and fast”, he has shown not to be a defensive liability thru 4 games.

        Holden and Kampfer are there to allow AV to get the message across to DeAngelo and others that you play well or there is someone else ready to take your job.

        Once again, if you think AV and Gorton are not in alignment, think again.

      • Ray says:

        There is no disconnect. Gorton doesn’t like new faces. New faces each year are just a part of hockey. Rangers haven’t had abnormal turnover. Gorton likes speed and skill. So frankly does AV. He just insists on disciplined hockey. You have no evidence suggesting Gorton doesn’t value disciplined hockey.

        Last April, Gorton gave Kampfer a two year contract. How does that fit your model?

        What many here don’t grasp, IMO, is that disciplined hockey and quality hockey are not precisely the same thing. You want the highest quality hockey possible in every game. AV believes in disciplined hockey – with the idea that discipline breeds long term quality.

        Odd thing for people who insist a team should focus on possession metrics instead of wins, because the wins will follow.

      • JoeS. says:

        Again Dave just supposition! Why, if you are right, did he give AV the big extension and not fire him? That doesn’t seem to jibe with your assessment. Why?

    • Egelstein says:

      You can only talk about Marc Staal 1LD so much from a pure analysis standpoint before shifting focus to the fact that Marc Staal 1LD is pure coaching jackassery. Just one example. Even Larry Brooks and Brett Cyrgalis are having a rough time putting lipstick on this pig.

    • william g.moran says:

      AV system can not play against the trap last year or this year. Players have to play together on a line for a long time not be switched around from game to game no less every shift. He shifted them around last year. he doing the same thing this year. He wants them all to play. maybe that’s why he cant finish at the end of the season. pick the players or get the players that can win the cup and play them.

  2. Reenavipul says:

    AV doesn’t want new toys, he just wants his Raggedy Andy.

  3. wideleft says:

    AV is just confused because he can’t scratch Tanner Glass anymore.

  4. Swarty says:

    When coach and GM aren’t in sync, the team suffers –

    Without a Doubt – this team or any team for that matter…

  5. Spozo says:

    If you’re correct about this then you must consider a couple things. AV said he discussed the Chytil situation with Gorton. So either Gorton agreed with the move or AV just flat out lied during a press conference. How can there be disconnect on a matter that they agreed on? And if AV just made the story up about them agreeing, why is Gorton letting this happen?

    • tanto says:

      If AV wont play him then of course Gorton will agree with the proposition to send him down to the AHL to get some ice time. What confounds me re: Chytil is that he was most impressive on the PP in the pre-season. He gets slotted on the 2nd line with Nash and MZA but then doesn’t get any PP time at all, instead we have Desharnais who rightfully should be our 4th line center. If not Chytil, then at least play Hayes on the PP … but Desharnais? That’s a real head scratcher.

  6. tanto says:

    Like Billy Beane, Gorton should just trade away AVs favorite toys —- if the disconnect is real.

    • Reenavipul says:

      He bought out Girardi, he dealt Stepan(who possession metrics in AZ look great as long as they’re behind.)

      In the near future, if this continues, do you fire the team or fire the coach? Or are they gonna let it ride all the way down and suck for Svechnikov?

      I think we know the answer to that one, certain people excepted.

      • tanto says:

        I said “if the disconnect is real”. I don’t think it is.

        • Reenavipul says:

          If you work under a theory that the GM & coach are supposed to be working together to assemble the best possible team and put them in a plan to have them succeed, then there is a disconnect.

          Smith was garbage in preseason, they didn’t fix it. That is not giving the player the best chance to succeed.

          Someone named Chytil the 2nd line C, then gave them the quickest of hooks. That is not giving the player the best chance to succeed.

  7. avsucks says:

    whatever the problem is i hope the fix it soon.

  8. HOF 19 says:

    I still believe this team can make the playoffs and when we do ….Make no doubt AV WILL STILL BE THE COACH so we can now bury this subject…..And that is a good thing !

  9. Arisrules says:

    The Rangers FO has always been a black box. We really don’t know what they are thinking. At this point, I assume they are on board with whatever nonsense AV does.

  10. David Hes says:

    The real problem is the owner thinks a goalie is a person who writes a mission statement. He knows and cares nothing about this team or sport. The team is rudderless with a stubborn moron for a coach and a GM who still defers to a relic demented from too much cigar smoke.

  11. Eugene says:

    After acquiring Cracknell I am not sure there is disconnect between AV and Gorton

    • Reenavipul says:

      AV would’ve seen about 2 minutes of Cracknell on video over his career; meanwhile, Ruff had him for a career year. This is the absolute fringe of roster construction. But speed is not part of his game, cycling is.

  12. Ray says:

    This is not an educated guess. This is a whimsical hope totally disconnected from reality. We have one very concrete piece of information – the contract extension AV got last year. Or do you suppose that Gorton really didn’t know AV’s coaching tendencies.

    What does AV want in his team? He wants a team built on speed, but with defensemen who are responsible in their own end. And responsible does not mean no mistakes – it means a commitment to try to avoid them, to not do dumb unexpected things.

    You seem to think Gorton was determined to win the Cup in 2018. I don’t think so. Gorton shook up the 2017 Rangers because he did not think that time was ever going to win. You may think buying out Girardi was getting rid of a bad defenseman, but more likely it was getting rid of an over-priced defenseman to clear room and make room for Shattenkirk and Smith. As for the Stepan trade, he was creating cap room by trading an expensive player with one of those pesky NTCs about to kick in. In return, he got two very talented young assets in Andersson and DeAngelo. It seems far more likely that these acquisitions were more directed to the 2019 and 2020 Cups than toward 2018.

    Gorton’s moves did not make the Rangers better this year than they were last. What they did was better position the Rangers for the future. Maybe that was what he was trying to do?

    As for Kampfer vs. DeAngelo, I think the case is clear. Kampfer is a marginally talented dman who is the best he can be. He a capable seventh defenseman for a Cup winner, who may be called into service during time of injury. DeAngelo is very talented. Left to his own devices, IMO, he will be a flashy defenseman on a bad team. If he gets good coaching and follows it, he can be a real quality player. Is he better than Kampfer now? I don’t care; AV doesn’t care; Gorton doesn’t care. For now, all that matters is his development. And sometimes that means benching because he isn’t toeing the line. You don’t bench Kampfer for not being very good; you bench DeAngelo for choosing to not be very good.

    • Pas44 says:

      AV’s extension is concrete, but so is the capable head coach on the other end of the current bench, ready and waiting to clean up after AV.

      I see Dave’s disconnect more like a long leash at present.

      JG is watching, and if your correct about him not looking for a cup this year, then this puts a different light on the AV extension doesn’t it.

      Perhaps JG is looking to the future but doesn’t have that coach yet for this future team either…

      • Reenavipul says:

        AV’s extension means as much for his job security as Phil Jackson’s contract did: Dolan’s indifference means more. But if it gets ugly and they start making the back pages, he’ll get interested.

    • Egelstein says:

      So, Mark Staal is committed to not making mistakes, still makes a ton…but it’s the commitment part that is more important? You may be right on that being AV’s logic, now that you put it that way.

      • Ray says:

        Everyone makes mistakes. There are different kinds. If you think a player is going left and he goes right, it is a mistake. But this happens. Taking unnecessary chances (which BTW you only notice when the player gets burned) is something that doesn’t have to happen.

  13. Moose Klein says:

    Perhaps I was in a dream last week, but while watching a late game from the west coast, I swear I saw Dylan McIlrath (Calgary?) and thought…wow, he’s still in the NHL…The Rangers really lack a superstar anywhere in the line-up; Hayes, Kreider, Miller, Vescey, Grabner = ???? The Rangers actually look slower this year on the back check and defensive zone…hope it’s all a dream and I wake up to a winning record…..and I do miss Tanner Glass who always busts his ass.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Love your name, didn’t like your post.

      We don’t have superstars but yet you want Tanner Glass on your team?

      Coal miners are probably one of the hardest working people in the world but that does not make them good accountants for my firm.

  14. Peter says:

    The curious disconnect I see is within AV’s own deployment. He wants his team to play an up tempo style, but does elevate or value the defensemen who can best help run an uptempo game. Shatty, Skjei, Smith, DeAngelo and of course McDonough best fit the needs of an up tempo team. Staal, Holden and Kampfer do not, yet have been playing major minutes. Your 3rd pair should be Staal and DeAngelo, with DeAngelo on the 2nd Power play unit too. It is time to get the blue line in sync with the style he supposedly wants to play.

    • Reenavipul says:

      The disconnect is AV(from the D) wants the stretch passes from deep ups n gaining possession, not D bringing the pucks out as a unit and head manning where appropriate.

      DeAngelo’s mistakes have been trying to excercise AV’s ideal, then not being in position to recover from the bad bounce. Part of that is understandable, the benching are not. If 77 tried to go coast-to-coast and got caught it’s one thing; this is not that.

      Smith deserved to sit, but if he isn’t back in Friday, then that’s a bad sign.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Then you’re getting into the concept that the coach is a one trick pony when it comes to concepts, which is fair to a point.

  15. Richter1994 says:

    Dave, I have been saying this for a long time. Gorton even took away some of the coach’s faves during this past offseason. There is only one reason why Staal is not bought out and it has to do with circumstances that would have involved the Players’ Association.

    I would love to have both AV and Gorton behind closed doors to get their true feelings about each other. I give AV until the end of this calendar year. If the team is floundering around .500 or maybe even worse, I think AV gets the ax. Not that Ruff is the answer, mind you.

    And I also believe that the players have tuned out AV. I think they have for a while, meaning the core players who have been here, starting with our HOF goalie.

  16. Jack says:

    The Rangers organization is broken and has been broken for 30 years…doesn’t matter who the coach/GM/scouts are…the organization has never formed its own identity. The model the Rangers use is the model of whoever won the Cup.

  17. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    While there is always a chance that there are things going on that we know nothing about, you still have to connect the dots here. And the two most important dots is that line drawn between the AV dot and the Gorton dot in the form of a mega-extension and raise.

    Ray summed this all up perfectly and brilliantly.

    The flaw in Reena’s point about Phil Jackson is that EVERYONE knew there was a huge disconnect between Jax, Melo, the coaches, the rest of the team. It was reported each and every day. So are you saying that beat writers are purposely covering up this MSG story (Rangers) while going all in on the other MSG story (Knicks)? If so, then you must believe in leprechauns and elves. That situation became untenable so in that case, the dissension overrode the contract.

    And to my buddy Richter, who has my utmost respect, on this, sorry to say, I think your dislike of the coach is blinding you to the facts. There is little chance that AV has been “tuned out” by the players in the room. If that’s so, then Gorton should be immediately terminated for gross incompetence for giving a mammoth extension to a coach who he must have known was having problems with his players, and/or a coach he’s not on the same page with. Sorry my friend, what you are suggesting simply makes no sense.

    I am absolutely convinced that Gorton and AV are very much on the same page. AV said it himself last Spring during the playoffs. He said he and Gorton meets and talk about lineups almost on a game to game basis. This notion that AV goes “rogue” against what Gorton wants him to do, leaving the GM to shake his head upstairs, is ludicrous on its face.

    Now, what certainly is possible and more than reasonable is that if the losing continues, grumbling and finger pointing can begin. Just look at what’s going on with the Giants. It seemed unfathomable that McAdoo would be on the hot seat by season’s end. But now it seems almost unfathomable he will be back. If the Rangers spiral and this becomes a lost year, sure, he could very well lose the room and lose his job. That’s the nature of pro sports.

    But right now? After four games? I would bet that if both GM and coach read this article, they both would have a good chuckle while having a beer after practice.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Love you too bro.

      Here’s the difference between you and me, the coach has “earned” my hatred (of him as Ranger coach, not as a person). I have numerous examples to show why he’s a bad coach, especially in the playoffs.

      Where as you, you take the “boxscore” approach in saying “look at his record.” But it’s regular season related, not Cup related. He’s had good teams, hence the good regular season record. But no Cup, which isn’t as much an indictment as it seems. It’s very hard to win a Cup, no question.

      But here’s where the coach loses me, big time: He does nothing, zero, nada, to enhance the chances of the Rangers winning a Cup. End of story.