The best thing on the internet for each Ranger: 2017 edition

kevin shattenkirk

Most of the time when you come to Blue Seat Blogs, you can expect to read smart analysis and commentary from our staff of knowledgeable writers. This post is a little different.

Three years ago I put together the first edition of this series and it has since become an annual tradition to scour the internet for the funniest, most ridiculous photos, videos, GIFs and so on of the men that will proudly wear the Rangers uniform that season.

I think it’s a good way to provide a little human connection with each player before we scrutinize their every move on the ice when the games start. I hope you enjoy scrolling through this as much as I did compiling it.

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I love this photo of Miller, but you also must listen to Kevin Hayes’ stories about Miller from the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast here (19:30) and here (28:18).

follow Tablets BP 10mg - Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC) by Actavis UK Ltd Kevin Hayes – #13

Hayes practicing his Call of Duty skills has been a staple of this post – until I found the above photo of Hayes with BC teammates Bill Arnold and Steven Whitney. Hayes has no shame – as seen in these dab pushups, this Rihanna karaoke, this Mugatu costume and this epic bucket hat (with a Chris Kreider cameo!). Oh, and don’t miss this photo of little Kevin!

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Fast and his girlfriend appear to take Halloween VERY seriously.

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No – I don’t know where this is from and yes – I wish I did. Some of you may also enjoy 10 full minutes of #staalsarebrothers.

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This video still holds up for Kreider, but obviously his pool jump is also infamous. Santa Kreider, marshmallow Kreider and Kreider getting a haircut from Mats Zuccarello are also pretty good.

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My original plan for Shatty was just to compile quotes about how excited he was to join the Rangers, but there was just so much other stuff to choose from. In the end, the classic pink bunny costume won out over Shattenkirk giving a tour of his BU dorm with Nick Bonino and Joe Pereira, his stellar dance moves, the inexplicable “horny” quote, and whatever this is.

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Vesey’s first experience eating sushi is phenomenal. He also crushes it at throwback Thursday.

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Summer was fun with this little one… 😏😊😎😜

A post shared by Ryan McDonagh (@rmcdonagh27) on

McD is a pretty private guy, but he definitely loves being a father. I also still love the outtakes for this RangersTown commercial.

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If you don’t know what the Teddy Bear Toss is, check this out.

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The unflappable Hank’s one mess-up. He even looks like a million bucks when he’s ziplining or in a ridiculous costume.

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I can’t embed the clip, but this video of Pavelec climbing a hill in full gear to raise money for charity (or something?) while with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles is the real winner. There’s also a Part 2.

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There are countless classic Zuke moments out there, but him riding a carousel still holds up as my favorite. Here are some more: Zuke mic’d up at the Rangers golf tournamentas a dolphin, as an adorable kidas an adorable kid with Peter Forsberg, with the best hairdo ever, as a Ninja Turtle, and so on. Also, here’s an honorable mention to Patrick Thoresen’s incredible impression of Zuke.

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A surprising amount to choose from for Grabner, who made a ton of videos with the NHLPA back in the day, hit the slip ‘n slide with his son, did a trick shot challenge vs. Leo Komarov, does a bunch of wild workout routines and rocked a truly ridiculous Movember mustache – but this is one of the greatest draft day photos in recent memory. Grabner’s entire Twitter feed is also incredible, but his Khal Drogo costume pales in comparison to…

How Nolvadex (singulair 5 mg chewable tablets) chemotherapy works, side effects, interactions and precautions. Get free tools to track your health. Brendan Smith – #42

Smith as Khal Drogo is priceless, but he also has a slew of choices that fall squarely in the ‘adorable’ category including this childhood pic with brother Reilly, one of many photo shoots with his dog, this victory pose, and this swoon-worthy smile.

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Not sure how I missed this “Cherry Berry” craze that apparently swept the nation… On a more serious note, if you don’t know Kampfer’s backstory, I recommend reading this and this.ço-droga-raia.html is predicted to increase the risk of bronchospasm when given with aminophylline. Manufacturer advises avoid. David Desharnais – #51

There’s no context to this video, but that kind of makes it even better. Desharnais also makes a very convincing Joker, enjoys gnawing on his hockey stick, is apparently a fan of the wrestler Kane, and once got pinned against the boards by Erik Karlsson in hilarious fashion. He’s also quite the handshake aficionado.

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Fast-forward to 2:45 to see the hijinks with Gabriel Landeskog begin – great composure by Holden here. Holden also takes a mean selfie and his cousin has a pretty good sense of humor.

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The Cribs style tour is fun from the notoriously private Nash. This NHL 2K9 promo spot and Little Nash are also worth a look.

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I’m sure there will be plenty of gems as Chytil’s stardom grows, but for now we’ll have to take this sign of things to come. See what I did there?

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Skjei is pretty big on Halloween, has some artistic talent and is no stranger to throwback Thursday, but this costume just cracks me up.

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DeAngelo as Ben Stiller’s nurse character from Happy Gilmore was an easy pick – but check out this inside look at his draft day, too.

bijsluiter aldactone 25 mg Pavel Buchnevich – #89

There were a ton of contenders for Buchnevich, but I feel like this is him a nutshell. He also has a real thirst for adventure, an appreciation for animals and knows how to rock a tux and Halloween costume. I also am fond of his bromance with Chris Kreider.

here Mika Zibanejad – #93

I planned to give Z-Bad has due for being a legit DJ, but this was impossible to resist (for the record, that’s David Rundblad, Erik Karlsson and Mika). In fact, Zibanejad seems to enjoy dressing up – whether it’s for Halloween or simply to impress. He also loves dolphins, babysitting and dogs. And then there’s this.

Coach Alain Vigneault

This will ALWAYS be my favorite Vigneault moment, but even though we know him as a happy and mild-mannered guy – Vigneault can occasionally be set off. In fact, he perfected the art of the body slam during his playing days. Vigneault also used to rock a killer ‘stache.

Drop links to whatever I missed in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “The best thing on the internet for each Ranger: 2017 edition

  • Oct 4, 2017 at 10:27 am

    This gif of Brendan Smith eating a donut will always be my favorite:

  • Oct 4, 2017 at 11:16 am

    I like how you could go through Hayes and Zucc’s instagram to gather goofy pictures of each other. I never understood 2 things about what fans say of Zucc, for one he still has plenty of friends on the team and a bff in Hayes. 2 he clearly isn’t interested in being a assistant captain, he just wants to play hockey and win a cup for NYC.

    • Oct 4, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      I can’t speak to Zucc’s desire or lack thereof for an “A” on his sweater, but he got one today, regardless.

      • Oct 4, 2017 at 3:50 pm

        Just saw this as well. He is deserving of this honor.

        No go out and reinvent the GAG line!

  • Oct 4, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    As much as I can’t wait to be at MSG tomorrow night, based on the events of this past week, it doesn’t carry the same excitement as it usually does.

    Said rhetorically: When you think you’ve had a bad day…

    Pray for the poor souls in Vegas that were just looking to have a good time. Peacefully. RIP.

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