Twitter breakdown: Apparently the Rangers only play overtime games

September 27, 2017, by
filip chytil

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So I couldn’t watch last night’s preseason finale, and I figured it would be a perfect time to do the season premiere of the Twitter breakdowns. So without further ado…

May as well start with the defense, and Kevin is right on the money here. I expect Pionk to be in this conversation over Staal at some point, but it seems inevitable that Staal makes the team. Holden as the 7D.

Yup. Chytil has done almost everything he needs to make the team. The question is, who does he replace? And how long can he last? And will it stunt his development if they rush him? It’s more important that he develop properly, not rush him.

Allaire is at his best when he has a skilled goalie who needs minor tweaks. Pavelec could be an interesting case.

“Don’t let Gabriel Fontaine going 1 on 3 for 15 seconds of the Flyers PP and killing time go unnoticed” – Josh Khalfin

Fontaine is the surprise of camp thus far. He’s been phenomenal. Freaking Josh is private, so I couldn’t embed the tweet.

A pleasant surprise here, as DeAngelo looks like he’s NHL ready and may have matured. I will be happy to be wrong on my initial assessment of him if he straightens himself out and produces. And, not or.

Yup – both have been. I want to see it continue against NHLers. The Rangers turned one of the worst blue lines in the league into potentially one of the best. Unbelievable.

Some other points:

  • I don’t think Bobby Farnham, Paul Carey, Andrew Desjardins, or Steven Kampfer have a place on this team. There are certainly worse options for injury depth, but there are too many kids.
  • I still think both Lias Andersson and Filip Chytil get more looks through nine regular season games, then get sent back to Europe. That puts them in line to get time before Jesper Fast returns.
  • This is due to the play of Boo Nieves, who I think makes the team.
  • David Desharnais is going to be an interesting watch. I didn’t notice him much in the preseason, but we shall see.
  • I’m intrigued who gets the extra ‘A’s.
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  1. SalMerc says:

    While Chytil is impressive, I think he needs to learn to skate with his head up or he is going to be crushed.

    Any chance Vesey gets sent down? Not too impressed with his play this far.

    I think the defensive pairs are correct with Holden as #7. Pionk sent down.

  2. pas44 says:

    Nice back to hockey! Sorry if my views yesterday bothered anyone!

    I thought Desharnais “DD” was all over the ice last night, he made a few things happen… I think the lines need to play together more steady but I was pretty excited to see his play


  3. amy says:

    i see this team growing together I like the mix of youth and vetrans this will be a good season

  4. Creature Feature says:

    Lots of youth to be served here, but I think the NYR will be careful with Chytil.

    I didn’t think Pionk played all that well last night. Somehow Holden will be on this roster, AV won’t give up on him.

    Our forwards need some spark, maybe the kids are the answer, but can they bring it for 80+ games?

    • John says:

      Agreed about Pionk. I watched the Philadelphia feed so they didn’t focus much on the Ranger players. But from what I could tell he was a little overmatched. Not super glaring but enough to be noticeable.

      Also I didn’t think Nieves played his best game. Looked a half step slow especially in the second half of the game.

      Graves looked good for a lot of the game but he lost his edge several times, the most glaring was behind his own goal line. No one was around so he recovered in time. The fact that it happened at least twice was a little disconcerting though.

      I think Pionk should start in Hartford. See if Holden can gain some trade value the first couple of weeks. If they can move him sooner so be it. Then let Graves be the 7 D. But Pionk needs to play regularly and significant minutes.

      • Mintgecko says:

        Eh losing a edge doesn’t dictate your play much unless you’re the last man back or going to the crease. Hartnell is always falling down from barley skating and Hayes also seems like he’s losing a edge once he touches the ice, sad to say Graves just might be that kind of guy. As good as Nash is he’ll always be good to lose a edge every 2-3 shifts.

        • Mintgecko says:

          Btw I can’t even guess what Letteri would be like as a regular NHL’er. He reminds me of Zucc sometimes with his physical built but we haven’t even seen him at center yet which is kind of a bummer. A 4th line of him, Grabner and Andersson might look good. I feel as much as he looks like he could supply offensive still he would look great next to someone like Fast in a bottom 6 role..

          • Reenavipul says:

            Letterei did not look good at center at Traverse City, doubt he would look much better in New York.

      • Reenavipul says:

        Pionk was getting beat wide with speed, inside with power & in front by mass. If you’re not big, you gotta be strong enough and he just isn’t right now.

        Injury call up, that’s all he is right now.

        • Chris A says:

          Do you see Pionk as more than an emergency replacement by next fall?

          • Reenavipul says:

            I don’t see him being ahead of Sean Day(if he keeps playing RD) next fall except as an injury callup.

  5. RichS says:

    I thought our best player this preseason was DeAngelo……his quickness, speed and puck handling ability may eventually make him our most valuable defenseman!!!!!!
    As much as I like chytil, I do not want him to be rushed which may harm his development….same with anderson……
    I liked what i saw from letteri, he looks good out there .
    Agree with sal/merc I expect more from vesey…..maybe he turns it up a notch when the season begins…..

    • Mintgecko says:

      Vesey had one more goal than Hayes sophomore slump year and we all knew Hayes doesn’t shoot and played majority of his time with Glass, Fast and Stalberg. Vesey being a average 20 goal scorer should be a after thought, I think he should develop into a high quality role player who can score and I would personally like to see him develop his game into a defensive shutdown type. As I said all during the summer about his future production, I’d be shocked if he cracks over 40 points.

      I agree about DeAngelo and even though Stepan didn’t bring back the haul of a average 1c as his fans preached for it was still obvious that this guy was under JG’s radar.

      • RichS says:

        Agree with Vesey as 20 goal scorer, and the extra weight he seems to have put on will help him in his drives to the net, which is why i love kreider, miller, grabner, nash and buch.
        If DeAngelo and Anderson continue to develop and play as well as the organization expects then this trade was terrific, even if stepan continues to put 50 points up each year. Eventually Anderson will approach that and it looks that Chytil will eventually eclipse it, albeit maybe not for couple of years.
        What do you think of letteri…..???

        • Mintgecko says:

          I don’t think Andersson will ever be a regular 50 point player. Scouting reports that I came across about him question his offense with the pace of the NHL. If they want him to be a offensive juggernaut then he should move to someones wing like next to Hayes in the near future. I could see him putting up 30-35 points as a checking 3c for his potential, maybe 42 points as a career high.

  6. Mintgecko says:

    That scks that you didn’t take noticed of DD because he’s been flat out great and AV always talks about him. People can be bias all they want but I think if you’re a fair at valuation of a player and reading signals then you would know things like JT not playing center and DD will definitely be making the team as the 3c, they might even load up the 2nd PP with him on there to start the season.

    Pionk has fizzled out imo, I think he lost some of that composer he had with the puck. Sadly that might help keep Staal’s name in the mix of starting or playing on the regular.

    Boo will most likely get a trial run as the 4c through the 9 games but if doesn’t happen due to Letteri than I wouldn’t be shocked.

    Andersson at the very least should be sent down to brush up on his game or remain as the 13th forward, I’d like to see him battle it out with Boo when Fast gets back in the lineup. Then while Chytil should most likely be sent home soon here. There’s no room for him in the top 9 and he still has alot to learn or else hell get burned at the NHL level.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Considering Staal’s a lefty and Pionk a righty who hasn’t played on the left, don’t see how one’s play affects the other

      Desharnais has been good, but do you want him as a checking center?

      • sherrane says:

        Staal’s play can affect Pionk because Smith can play either side.

      • jrrangersdad says:

        Is there really such a thing as ‘checking center’ anymore? even if there is, there really isn’t a single center with that quality on this team. AV expects offense from the 4th line which will hurt Boo’s chances at sticking on this team. Lindberg was more valuable to us than most people realize.

        • Chris A says:

          Reenavipul is right, DD as a 4C is a tricky situation. You really need someone a bit bigger to win those very difficult D-zone draws.

          If AV decides to use Hayes/Mika as his D-zone centers, he is going to saddle those two, and their linemates with D-zone starts. But, in doing so, that could allow the Rangers to have a ridiculously offensive minded 4th line, think DD/Chytil/Buch. Give them 70% O-zone starts and see if they can fill the net.

        • Mintgecko says:

          AV didn’t even like Lindberg and besides that it’s not like the kid was around during the season when the team had the most success as a 4 line team. AV also needs to fill out a name or maybe two on the pk. Hayes and Mika’s ability to go against harder competition is why you’re right about AV wanting more offense from the 4th line but that doesn’t mean that Boo is of contention to win a role on this roster.

          • jrrangersdad says:

            I stated below Boo would make the team. Just won’t stick around long term for that reason above.

      • Mintgecko says:

        Who says the 3rd line will be used as a checking line this year? I have more of a open mind with the idea that Vesey and DD teaming up to take on more easy zone starts for some potent offense in the early part of the year. I’m not sure who the other winger will be ( Buch?) but hopefully by February AV will trust Vesey in more defensive deployments that will allow DD FO% to go against harder competition. All in all yes I think AV will trust him in a similar role if the 4th line deployment isn’t handled by then.

        • Chris A says:

          Rangers 3rd line hasn’t been a checking line since Torts left and Boyle/Prust were the mainstays on that line.

          AV’s first year in NY the 3rd line was Zucc/Brass/Pouliot

    • Ray says:

      FYI, the nine games is irrelevant for Nieves. The point is that Andersson, Nieves, Day, Gettinger (already back in juniors) have ELCs that can slide. If they play ten games, the slide feature goes away. So a nine game trial for a young Swedish center makes sense.

  7. pas44 says:

    is there any likely hood of a trade between now and opening night?

    all these forwards with youthful talent…


    • Ray says:

      Could happen. I have always thought the Rangers want Kampfer as the #7D with the third pair being Staal-DeAngelo/Holden. If DeAngelo has indeed won the starting job, I presume JG is trying to deal Holden. Whether he will seek a veteran forward in return or just a prospect or draft choice remains to be seen. [Conundrum: there are a few vacant forward slots. The fact that the kids have outperformed the veteran candidates means (A) the kids are great, or (B) the vets are awful.??]

      The down side is that JG is sort of a distressed seller – if I know he wants to deal, so do the other GMs. The upside is that getting beaten out by the obviously more talented DeAngelo does not reflect poorly on Holden and at least some will believe he can still play.

      • Chris A says:

        If Holden can be flipped for more than the 4th round pick it cost to bring him here, I would consider that deal a resounding success.

        DeAngelo and Pionk/Graves give the Rangers the NHL/AHL depth to move on from Holden without missing a beat. In other words, thanks to the progression shown by the young Ds, simply moving Holden off the roster and creating cap/roster space, would be an upgrade, anything else in return is a bonus. This is why the B. Smith signing was a sneaky smart move. Much like a younger Kevin Klein, Smith can fit comfortably on any of the Rangers 3 D pairs. Again, much like Klein, Smith wouldn’t be ideal on the top pair, but he can fake it for a game or two if needed.

        The downside of signing Smith is that there is a very real possibility that, much like Holden in 2017, Smith could be pushed way down the depth chart by all the kids in two or three years. I imagine Gorton made sure Smith’s NTC is only limited to 10 teams starting in the 19-20 season to help mitigate that downside.

    • Ray says:

      I like the thumbs up-thumbs down feature, but really, how can anyone give this a thumbs down. A misspelling sure, but it is only two lines – the first is a question which may engender interesting discussion and the second is a simple phrase echoing what the vast majority here believes.

      I express a number of opinions not in line with most here and get lots of thumbs down, expressing disagreement, which is most reasonable – but sometimes I find myself just shaking my head.

      • Chris F says:

        I feel you, Ray. It’s not used by everyone as a simple gesture of agreement or disagreement, it’s wielded by some to target comments, any comment, made by someone who they tend to disagree with or have clashed with in the past.

        I could just post “LGR!” and easily get 5 thumbs down based on past arguments.

        • SalMerc says:

          Case in point, Look at my initial comment. If this isn’t because of the political blog post yesterday, nothing is.

          • Jerry says:

            Hey Sal,
            I actually enjoy the one guy doing the thumbs down for everyone. It’s nice to know, we’re annoying him!

            • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

              Has anyone stopped to consider that the thumbs down guy might be the Mets fan who has inspired the Yankees in recent weeks? 🙂

      • pas44 says:

        The Thumbs are like votes, done behind a curtain, but it would be nice if you could see the list of who clicked each…

        And why does Amy also always get thumbs down, her comments are always like the cement of this blog, never anything but BLUE BLOOD POSITIVE!

        I always consider a thumbs down in her company as a badge of honor…

        JOBU We are gonna need a rum shipment delivered by Oct 4th please…

        • Reenavipul says:

          With Amy it probably is the lack of punctuation, capitalization & run on sentences more than anything.

    • Richter1994 says:

      I am hearing that Gorton is working the phones feverishly. whether that results in a trade is a different story.

      Bottom line is that Jeff is not “settling” for this group of players as a whole.

  8. jrranagersdad says:

    AV’s track record make the Defense pairings pretty easy to predict barring no trades. Kampfer (capable 7th), Pionk (impressed) and Graves (impressed) are all heading to Hartford until Staal and Holden are purged (or eternity).

    Locks: Ziba, Hayes, Miller, Kreider, Grabner, Vesey, Zuch, Nash, Buch

    3rd Line Center: Desharnais proved very capable of handling 3rd line center duties. I didn’t see every game but he wasn’t exactly flanked by our top forwards yet still performed pretty well. I would expect him to look even better with the right wingers on his side. 2PP team may need him as well.

    4th Line Center: Lias will get the nod for at least 9 games rather than giving Boo that opportunity. Lias is extremely capable on both ends of the ice but I do question whether he can go 80 games. Loser of this battle may well be the 13th man urely because of his speed and size (yes, Boo that’s you). I personally don’t think Boo did anything remarkable in pre-season but may want to cycle these guys in and out of the lineup early on or throughout the season.

    4th Line Winger and 14th forward: Chytil certainly has offensive skill but if he is not a Top 9 forward with linemates that are real solid in the defensive end, he will be a huge defensive liability. His skill set would be a waste on the 4th line (minutes). Perhaps more importantly, I have a hard time believing Rangers would start the entry level contract clock for both Lias and Chytil. I think this leaves Lettieri and Puempel due to their pre-season and NHL experience respectively. I have a hard time believing AV would consider AAAA player Carey and Farnham unless the latter is Tanner Glass’ half brother. I thought Fontaine was solid but at age 20 it makes more sense to see how he goes with top line opportunities in Hartford.

    Have to totally disagree with the views that Vesey looked ordinary. He was much more noticeable than some of the other forward vets. We need at least some wingers on the top 3 lines that will press and go into corners.

    DeAngelo was by far the biggest surprise or MVP of pre-season. But will he get the AV treatment with Shat and McD getting the bulk of PP time.

    Hank doesn’t look as sluggish as last year and Pavalec will be solid under the ‘goalie whisperer’ this season.

    Did Brendan Smith play yet this pre-season?

  9. Reenavipul says:

    My days are now ruined: figured out how to pay for Liiga broadcasts, games start 8:30PST. With only a gap from 1-4pm I can watch hockey pretty much nonstop if the schedule is right(and get my kodi sources figured out.)

    • Rangers Fan in Boston says:

      In between jobs currently?

      • Reenavipul says:

        I’m in a position where I don’t have to work anymore, any gigs are short term and involve overseas travel(so I can get my Eurohockey fix on.)

  10. King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! King Sieveqvist! says:

    Only seen the first and last games , down here they were blacked out ! So how does “The King” look? Pavlec has played half way decent … made some big unhelped stops last night. The kids look good (good size,u cant teach that,good control of the puck yet they were playing against mixed groups as well) Staal is horrendous,not to impressed with Shattenkirk yet

    • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

      3 games….71 saves on 76 shots. .934 save pct. In his one full game on Sunday vs the Flyers, he had a .949 save pct. Thought he was very sharp in his last two games in particular.

      The King will be the least of our concerns…which I’m sure disappoints a Hank Hater like yourself to no end. He’s our starter for the next three seasons at least. Get used to it.