Filip Chytil steals the show with overtime winner

September 21, 2017, by

chris kreider

The NHL did it. They found a rule that I hate more than the puck over the glass penalty. It’s now the stupid faceoff violation penalty. Don’t get me wrong, I think that blatant violations should be penalized. But a winger lining up with half a skate in the circle? Are you serious? No league gets in their own way quite like the NHL.

Now that my gripe is out of the way, let’s get back to the evaluation of the game.

  • Starting with Filip Chytil. It was only one preseason game, and I don’t expect him to make the club, but boy did he look good. The kid just turned 18 years old, and he was out there controlling play. There was one sequence where he protected the puck –they showed it on replay– and he looked like a seasoned NHL vet. Skill beyond his years.

  • Lias Andersson again looked like he belongs in the NHL. But it’s again early. As teams make cuts, he will face tougher competition. I think he makes the team, but let’s see how he’s doing a week from now.
  • Kevin Shattenkirk made his presence felt. He’s already showing he’s worth the money, and it’s not about the points. It’s about the controlled entries and exits. It’s about the poise with the puck and the directing traffic on the powerplay. He’s the complete package, and looked damn good with Brady Skjei.
  • John Gilmour seems forgotten, and he goofed a bit on the Pavel Zacha goal. He chased to the blue line, leaving Zacha a path to the net. Zacha made a great play as Gilmour almost recovered.
  • A lot of people got on Marc Staal for his holding “penalty.” That wasn’t a penalty. The officiating this preseason is awful. That said, Staal still snow angeled on the powerplay goal by the Devils. Beyond that, I noticed that the Rangers were pinned in their own zone a lot when he was on the ice. Par for the course. I wonder what his future is.
  • That Mats Zuccarello feed to Chris Kreider for his goal….wow.
  • Kreider with the A. I approve.
  • Great to see Matt Puempel fight. But I hate staged fights. Heat of the moment….go for it.
  • Adam Tambellini may have seen his chance come and go, much like Boo Nieves.
  • David Desharnais in the front of the net is a good thing. Don’t think he’s a 3C, but let’s see how he does with NHLers on a 4th line.
  • Didn’t really notice Ryan Gropp, but perhaps I wasn’t really looking for him? I was focused on Andersson and Chytil.
  • Alex Georgiev looked lost in net. Nerves? I won’t fault him for the third goal, that got tipped.
  • Vince Pedrie needs more time. He looked a little overwhelmed.
  • Ok I lied, one last thing about the officiating. Beyond the FO violation stuff, let the guys play. If you sneeze near someone, it’s going to be a penalty. Learn from baseball: Pick up the pace of play. Preseason games that start at 7pm shouldn’t end at 9:45. They should end at 9:30. Doesn’t seem like much, but that means I miss my 9:45ish train! It’s personal now!
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  1. Richter1994 says:

    That face off penalty on the Devs when the guy’s skate barely “crossed the line” was laughable. I mean really? This is what it has come to? Bettman is a troll but we’re stuck with him as he is a dictator that cannot be removed by the Bylaws. Brutal.

    Here’s a thought: Keep both Andersson and Chytil and let them rotate playing so they are limited to 40ish regular season games, which is what they would play elsewhere (juniors, overseas, etc). Both bring different great things to the Rangers. Chytil may have been the steal of the draft and where would he have gone in 2018 if he were 10 days younger? Top 5?

    Staal is done. My God it’s sad. Like watching Prospal (loved him) not able to skate back on defense because he couldn’t keep up anymore. The age, injuries, etc. Just sad. So now we will have a $5.7M cap hit sitting in the pressbox, or he should be there anyway. Maybe Toronto takes him for half the cap hit? I think Staal is from that area of Canada.

    Gropp didn’t do enough at all. He wasn’t bad but he wasn’t positively noticeable either. He might need more time as a bigger forward.

    That’s why we signed Shatty. 🙂

    Gilmour is not bad, but he won’t make it, too many ahead of him.

    Memo to Kreider: I know it’s preseason, but play like that please or like the 3rd period of the last game of last season. Beast.

    Tambellini and Nieves are irrelevant now. They were before but some of you needed to see it to convince you.

    • Mintgecko says:

      Gropp will be in the next wave of cuts, I don’t see a NHL player in him anytime soon, he was bad in his own end. Boo could have another chance since the bottom 6 center needs to still work itself out but the worst case scenario is Gropp being just as irrelevant as the next prospect who didn’t perform well.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Gropp needs time in Hartford to try and figure it out. Sometimes bigger forwards need more time to progress. I’m not giving up on him yet but he needs to dominate Hartford by the end of this year.

        Boo stinks. I can’t say it any other way. People need to move on from him. Chytil and Andersson have already passed him like a blur.

    • scrangersfan says:

      Staal is not from Toronto, he is from Thunder Bay.

      • Chris F says:

        Still Ontario, which would fall under “that area of Canada” that Richter referred to.

        • Mancunian Candidate says:

          Toronto and Thunder Bay are over 1400 miles apart. That’s like saying Detroit is the same area as Boston.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Thanks, I did forget that. But would Toronto take him anyway? lol

  2. Reenavipul says:

    Are there actual shift charts available? There were a few shifts where Gilmour wasn’t paired with Staal at 5v5(usually w/Smith) and I would look at them with a magnifying lens.

    My problem w/ Gilmour is actually:
    1: getting out of his own end under pressure with the puck.
    2: handling the puck in a tight space or under pressure anywhere.

    Last night, (beyond the entire shift that led to the Pracha goal ) he looked like he was making the right reads more often than not and a lot more often than last year. That being said, Pionk (even as an 8th D) is miles better in every aspect of his game.

    Pedrie is out of his depth.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Gilmour is actually not bad, but he’s not good enough to overcome the shiny new toys that were brought in to play here.

  3. reccer626 says:

    Penalties…I agree on the FO calls, but I think the Slashing needs to end and the NHL is doing the right thing by overcalling it in the preseason (it is preseason and the games mean nothing…you cannot possibly get worked up on longer games in preseason).
    Slashing in the NHL has become commonplace and has slowed the players as much as clutching and grabbing has. Your stick should be used to only play the puck or lift a stick to make a play on the puck. If the NHL can get the players to finally understand it will not be tolerated you will see a much better product and increased scoring chances, on top of seeing less of guys taking off their gloves to show off half his finger.
    Holding I know its ticky tack, but if your hand is on an opposing player it means it is not playing a puck. leaving the grey area is what leads to nothing called in the postseason. Again, its about training these guys to play right and keep the pace of play and scoring chances up.

    • Richter1994 says:

      I agree on the slashing, should be a no tolerance rule for that.

      The penalty that got me was the one I mentioned above, where the Dev’s player’s skate was slightly over the line before the puck was even dropped. That’s Bettman and his psychopathic ways.

  4. Peter says:

    I agre re: slashing. The stickwork must end. Pre-season is the right time to teach the rule even though the flow of the game is hindered.

    • Mintgecko says:

      It’s the league’s way by telling everyone to stfu about that slash Crosby gave Methot last season.

  5. Johnny Red says:

    WOW you people of this generation kill me! One PRESEASON game and he’s a star. I guess I’m old school this means nothing. He’s playing against minor league players mostly. I enjoyed the show but he’s not a headliner. The main act starts on Oct. 5th. Let’s see what these young kids do against the big boys for a full season then I’ll get excited.

    As for Staal it is sad indeed, He’s from Thunder Bay Ontario so maybe he can go somewhere in Canada or the northern mid west to be closer to home. Problem is he likes N.Y. and has a full no movement clause. We could offer him $ to waive it. These penalties are a joke my dad and uncles are rolling over in their graves

  6. Eugene says:

    Staal is dead, Gilmour is lost in his end, Pedri to early for him need seasoning, Smith need to take power skating clinics, Shati and Skjei are very good.

    Dejarden, Cattenacchi, Pump all out, no sense in keeping them, Gropp didn’t spoil didn’t do much, had couple of chances, but still… Tambo wasn’t also bad, but both to Packs, Desharnies just god job of 4th line center.

    Just wonder if they are going to keep both Andersson and Chytil…. Chytil is enough mature, no doubt, and Andersson is very very stable with a lot of sandpaper…..

    Get rid of Staal, get rid of Staal, pleeeeeeeese

    • Mintgecko says:

      There were alot of regulars who did well last night but you could tell they didn’t have their skating legs. In smith’s pov I couldn’t tell if last playoffs caught up to him or if he just needed his legs back, I’m, pretty sure he was injury prone so maybe Broadway and all thge playoff gruelling series isn’t good for him but either way he’ll get exposed playing in the top 4.

      Andersson has been okay in the sense that he’s just a boy playing in the NHL now but real no impact on the games dominant shifts to remember. Gropp was terrible, he will be apart of the next wave of cuts.

      • Eugene says:

        Gropp wasn’t good, but also not bad, and saying terrible is quiet overkill, it was his 1st pro taste, nobody expected from him to dominate.

        Andersson had his moments, but he was mostly deployed with defensive tasks according to AV, which means he did his job well, we all new he is no exciting prospect, he was picked for overall good skills, sandpaper and maturity

        Smith indeed wasn’t flashing on his feet, need more work

        • mintgecko says:

          Sorry I wasn’t being sensitive enough for anyone who has been rooting for him but at a professional stand point he’s been terrible in his first game. In a black and white view of things he’s not good enough to make it past the next rounds of cuts from this team aka terrible imo.

        • mintgecko says:

          First off I was judging Andersson on defensive deployments and from what I saw makes me a little concerned about how he fairs against skilled top 9 names. On the PP he left his man in the high slot who scored 1 second later. Gropp was terrible, someone who has been rooting for him might not see it that way but in a black and white view he would be lucky to make it past the next round of cuts.

  7. Mintgecko says:

    Why do you people who write up these articles hate Hayes s much? It’s either a undertone type of negative attitude towards him, dang Dave.

    • pas44 says:

      Juuuuuuuust a bit outside.

    • RichS says:

      Agree Mintgecko,
      Hayes had a very good game , yet gets no credit…….maybe because he is not flashy, not speedy , not Zucccccc…..
      Absolutely loved what I saw from Chytil……….didnt realize he is a center, but he sure looked good between zuc and kreider…….
      Liked Richters thought, keep chytil and anderson and play them each 40 games!
      Great time to be rangers fan, ton of young talent….chytil, anderson, buch, vesey, miller, kreider, zib, hayes, fast, day, pionk, sjekl, deangelo…….heck even zucc, shatty, mcdonagh, are 30 or under!!!!!!!

      • Mintgecko says:

        No it’s generally a Stepan supporter who I find not to like Hayes game. Hayes has a mix of all the good players skills on this team. He has more than enough flash in his skating, hands and overall 2 way game and add to the fact that he does this at 6″5 weighing over 210 pounds. He excels more at playing a skilled finesse game than Kreider does at being a power forward.

        • Mancunian Candidate says:

          Odd then how Hayes–with this massive combination of skills–hasn’t surpassed either Kreider or Stepan in goals, assists, or points in a season. Hayes’ best seasonal goal total is 17–repeatedly surpassed by both Kreider & Stepan. Hayes’ best assist total is 32–surpassed repeatedly by Stepan.

          When Hayes breaks 50 points as a 2nd liner, or until he actually shows up in the playoffs, then maybe you can call him the equal of Kreider or Stepan. Until then Hayes is a soft, inconsistent, occasionally inspiring, occasionally infuriating player. Lots of potential, sure–but I’m not convinced he’s gonna be as solid an all-around player as Stepan. His offensive ceiling is higher though–but I’m not sold on Hayes defensively.

          • Craig says:

            Agreed M.C.
            He needs a bit more moxcy or a little more of a mean streak, which seems unlikely. He is in his mid twenties, soft (typical Ranger trait) and may not get much better. He is still a decent player, but will likely never be a star. Though a different player, on par with Dubinsky as far as value. A third line center at best on an elite team

        • RichS says:

          I supported stepan….leaving town as soon as possible!!!!
          Hayes , given stepans minutes , first line pp minutes …..should break 50-60 points…….
          I absolutely love the way he is not afraid of getting hit and holds onto the puck until he can make a play…..Stepan on the other hand, coughed it up as soon as an opponent came anywhere near him!

          • Mancunian Candidate says:

            That is a ridiculous assessment of Stepan. The guy has more physical courage than Hayes, every day of the week. Hayes got lit up by Stamkos in the ’15 playoffs and hasn’t been a factor in a single playoff game since. Whereas Stepan played with a broken jaw in the playoffs after a cheapshot from Proust in Montreal & didn’t miss a beat. Stepan also played with broken ribs after being cheapshotted by Matt Beleskey. Hayes is as soft a North American big man as I’ve ever seen in the NHL.

            When Arizona improves by 20-25 points this year, maybe some of the thickheaded Stepan detractors on this site will realize what the guy is–a solid pro, and the type of NHL player that improves any team he’s a part of. All you chumps who prefer Hayes? You better hope that lazy fellow comes to play this year…and that he doesn’t play more like he did in his abysmal second year with NYR.

            • RichS says:

              Stepan will get 1st line minutes again this year, so we will see how he does, i would guess 40 points….and a negative 15 or worse……
              But again, he dumps the puck as soon as opponent gets near him, is that what you mean by ‘physical courage’?
              Hayes maybe because of his size , doesnt seem the least concerned when skating with the puck.
              He should easily break 50 IMHO.

              • Mintgecko says:

                Yeah Stepan is going to be a softer version of Dubi, he’ll put up 46 points this season. Meanwhile Hayes will easily put up 55 points due to ice time and personnel, he could break past 60 if he’s not a passenger.

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                So your prediction is that one of the NHL’s most consistent players (who’s tallied between 51 and 57 points each full season since ’11-’12) is going to suddenly drop off to career lows in points, with Max Domi on his line….sheer brilliance on your part. Hayes had a poor defensive year last year, his possession numbers kinda sucked. And he’s gonna face his toughest level of competition yet as a newly-minted member of the top 6. You guys don’t appreciate consistency, and all of us are gonna find out the hard way this year what Hayes cannot do. Hayes is the biggest question mark on this team.

              • Reenavipul says:

                Did a deep dive into Hayes, Stepan and threw in Miller. I broke the season up by home and away and also did a split of when Hayes’ line would start, with December 10th being the point of change(around that time was when AV went to him starting most of the games at home/ harder assignments.
                P60 is 5v5, all score states.
                Stepan in the 1st bit was P60 of 2.49 at home, .8 on the road. the 2nd bit(larger sample) was 2.12home/1.2 away
                Miller was h2.62/a1.8; h1.73/1.81
                Hayes was h2.55/1.22; h.65/2.16

                Stepan was CF% h50/41.74a early, h54.79/51.33a late

                Miller: h43.30/44.51a; h47.87/43.73a
Hayes: h43.81/42.98a; h45.19/41.95a
                I did the whole zone starts thing and the big pick up is that Hayes & Millers OZ & DZ starts (on the road) changed dramatically(25-30%) when their roles shifted. Stepan only got increased OZS.
                Long story short, Hayes, slump had as much to do with deployment as anything.

            • SalMerc says:

              How long do we have to listen to the broken jaw story? Stepan had some moxie, but his cost and output put him at a bad value for the team. Case closed.

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                When somebody calls a guy who played through a broken jaw in the playoffs “soft”, especially in relation to Pillsbury Doughboy Hayes, that’s when you’re gonna hear that story.

            • Chris A says:

              This is a meh argument. You’re both right in your praise and wrong in your criticism.

              Stepan is a very good hockey player that didn’t manage to reach his near PPG potential that his early career trajectory hinted at. He’s a fine 1C, but maybe not for a team that wants to win a Cup. The Rangers decided to swap out Stepan’s dependability in favor of cap flexibility. Stepan’s contract wasn’t awful, but it potentially could have created a logjam in the future.

              Hayes is an immensely talented hockey player. Like most bigger forwards that are able to possess the puck, he looks languid out there and that tricks some of the more reactionary fans into thinking Hayes is lazy. There are NO lazy players in the NHL. The league is too competitive. It’s also a little bit disingenuous to say Hayes has ‘no heart’, after all, this is a player that almost had his leg amputated in college because of hockey but he rehabbed and continued his career.

              Both Stepan and Hayes are very good hockey players. The Rangers, because of the salary cap, can only retain so many good hockey players. Stepan makes more than Hayes, is two years older than Hayes, and his contract was about to be saddled with an NTC. Gorton decided to flip Stepan for a #7 pick and a potential game breaker on D.

              Stepan will be a useful part on a young Coyotes squad. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him break 60 points this season. Hayes will continue to be a subtle force for the Rangers. Good things will continue to magically happen while Hayes is on the ice and his burgeoning defensive game will continue to grow as he gets tough assignments and still manages to tilt the ice in the Rangers’ favor.

              • Peter says:

                Well said Chris

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                Hayes was quietly awful last year–a mere 6 goals and 15 assists after January 1st, in 37 GP. Add in his dreadful 0 G/3 A in 12 playoff games, and you have a guy who had 24 points in his last 49 games played last season. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. As for his defense, his possession numbers were terrible last season; he’s every bit as lousy as Stepan was in the face off circle too.

                To suggest that Hayes is a better player than Stepan is just wrong, across the board Stepan has superseded Hayes in every statistical category. And yet somehow people think that the gentle giant is gonna become a monster….that’s wishful thinking of the highest order. And if people want to pretend that this change doesn’t have the potential to sink NYR’s season this year, then they’re fooling themselves.

                Or to put it another way–Hayes will face the likes of Crosby, Malkin, Kuznetsov, Backstrom, Tavares, Giroux this year instead of Bonino, Beagle, Cizikas, or Bellmare. To act like he’s a guaranteed 50-point player when he’s never faced this level of defensive competition before is pretty naïve.

              • Richter1994 says:

                Nice post Chris.

            • RichS says:

              I give him credit for playing with a broken jaw …….BUT…..I consider him marshmellow soft BECAUSE…..
              1. Never throws a check
              2. Never goes into the corners
              3. Dumps the puck as soon as opponent gets close
              4. Watches rookies and lunquist get roughed up and skates away
              5. Does not put a body on his man in defensive zone
              6. Never carries over the blue line

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                Hahaha! I must’ve missed all the times Kevin Hayes did these things in his career, too. Just for starters, I saw Stepan knock Mike Green out cold once–we ever see anything like that from Kevin “It’s Legal in Massachusetts, Bro” Hayes? Neither player is a physical player. Neither guy is a fast skater. Neither guy is a good faceoff man. Yet one player put up points consistently, and one has not. Guess which one?

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                Stepan scored a game 7 overtime series winner too, did you forget that already? Talk about unappreciative.

          • Mintgecko says:

            Stepan’s say days are numbered, the NYR really screwed him by sending him off out west. Yotes are expecting a better center who could put up 65+ points.

            Hayes> Stepan

            • Mancunian Candidate says:

              Hayes is not better than Stepan. He’s never outperformed him in any NHL season or playoffs. How hard is this for you to understand? If Hayes was better than Stepan, he’d have more goals/assists/points than Stepan in a season. Hayes hasn’t done this yet.

              • Mikeyyy says:

                Inforunately statistics don’t agree with you.


                Essentially Stepan with 3 more years in the league than Hayes should play much better as his 1c as did Hayes as the 3c.

                Last season in 6 fewer games and much less toi Hayes came close to reaching the same points total

                And Hayes had 2/3 the ice time Stepan did and it’s a no brainer to send Stephanie out to the desert.

                Try to back your arguments up with actual numbers instead of getting them from Nambia.

                Fact Stepan played worse after he signed his big deal and physically was unable to perform consistantly on a nightly basis while playing with the likes of Nash Kreider and zucc

                While Hayes was playing in lines with inferior skills.

                It’s a wash as far as I am concerned considering points share. 5.3 to 5.9. And that Hayes last year was a bounce back from the previous year and Stepan was a steady decline over the last 3.

              • Mancunian Candidate says:

                Hayes has never had Crosby/Malkin or Backstrom/Kuznetsov as his competition. Not to mention that he’s never played Crosby head to head like Stepan has, when Crosby had the worst playoff series of his career.

                You’re dealing in hypotheticals here, that’s like saying Benoit Pouliot was as good in his 1 good NYR year as Brassard was due to a better points per 60 minutes average.

                Nearly everyone commenting on here doesn’t like Stepan. I get it, I’m not asking you to–all I’m saying is the guy was a consistent if unspectacular performer, whose defense is gonna be missed. If the version of Hayes from ’15-’16 shows up this team could be in real trouble.

  8. upstate tom says:

    totally disagree about the penalties, these are grown men and they know the rule changes, if they aren’t smart enough to play by the rules then give em a penalty till they learn. seems pretty simple to me, same goes for the slashing on the hands, it needs to be stopped plain and simple !!!!! if chytil and andersson earn a spots they should be on the team without a doubt.

  9. Leatherneck says:

    NHL shooting itself in the foot….perfect expression. Hockey is so much more exciting 5×5.
    D has to be
    McD – DeAngelo
    Sheij – Shatty
    Smith – Pionk ….for 1 preseason game because I think this can end up being D at or near the end of the season.
    Staal has to go before Holden with Holden a quick follow but this wont happen right away. Earliest I see them moved is Nov.
    Graves as 7th D with regular play time filling in. Graves is solid and looks ready.

    Chytil is skilled to the point of wow. I initially hated our 1st round picks but now I am on board. I do think Vilardi would have been a better pick but Andersson is really good too.

    I am serious about the lack of Right handed forwards and the lack of. It shows in many areas, from entries to powerplay to a SOG 5×5. It makes prediction by our foes much easier on how to defend and Goalie positioning a tad less complicated.

    Gropp was awful in TC but played a nice game yesterday, Hartford it is but he is a legit prospect that needs to be tutored. Totally surprised Gettinger was on the 1st list of cuts. I don’t get that one at all. Our forward prospects are 95% 3rd and 4th Line canditates and that is not good. Andersson, Chytil, Gettinger, Gropp and Tambellini are the only ones I see having a future.

    Lastly Lettieri….he looks good and I wonder if he actually makes the team out of camp. Miller so far needs more sample size to figure him out as a C, he did good as C last night.

    • RichS says:

      Good points leatherneck……Chytil wowed me also…….
      Agree we could have used another right handed wing…..Stempniak would have been a good off season veteran player to possibly reacquire……
      Love the defense you propose….especially smith back to his natural side….no slouches here!
      My other concern, besides AV, is what happens when teams get physical with this young , smallish team!??

      • AWDS says:

        I think Chytil, in one game, looked more NHL ready than Andersson in either of his. The kid is seriously talented. If he shows he can play like that every night, then I don’t see him getting sent back to his Czech team.

        Not that Andersson necessarily looked bad… he could definitely make the team & contribute as a 4th liner. That’s still something a 1st rounder hasn’t done for us in almost 18 years.

        And, speaking of prospects…. I’m kind of shocked no one drafted Pionk. Another very talented player….

    • Ray says:

      The reason Tim Gettinger was cut was because the Soo Greyhounds start their regular season on Saturday and he needed to join the team (his contract will slide this year). This is a key reason why the junior players are among the first cuts. [Ditto Ronning]

      More interesting is the fact that Sean Day and Brandon Crawley have not been cut. For Day, Windsor’s regular season starts today (still his team right?) and so maybe he is not going back to juniors. Crawley can play an overage year in juniors, but really the Rangers should sign him and put him in Hartford and this is a hint that they are at least seriously considering that.

    • Andy says:

      Right on with your Defense grouping call. I think that could very well be our D also by year end and we will be much better off if it is the case. Chytil was amazing. Sure does not look like an 18 year old out there. Realize it’s one preseason game, but he has been out for 4 weeks and he did not miss a beat. This kid is going to be difference maker we have not had for a long time, but really needed.
      Shattenkirk is also going to be a lot of fun to watch.

    • Rod Seiling's Twilight Zone says:

      If you just “initially hated our 1st round picks” I’d let it slide. But your actual assessment was about as harsh and as critical as it gets: “I will never complain about trading 1st round picks as long as this crew is running the draft….this was pathetic”.

      • AWDS says:

        Given the team’s poor history with top 1st round picks, I think it’s hard to blame people for reacting the way they did.

        ‘Going off the board’ is a scary thing to hear on draft night.

  10. Peter says:

    With all the good young talent the Rangers have waiting in the wings, I am not going to fret much about center depth and Holden and Staal. Things will work themselves out eventually later this year or certainly by next season. I am excited to see which kids make the cut and which kids the team seems to believe to be on the cusp of joining the big club.

    Gorton has got a plan and it is apparently rebuilding on the fly with a focus on getting younger and faster. Exciting stuff. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.

  11. pas44 says:

    Hayes just turned 25… he is going to get more physical soon enough…

    he is from Boston. he is gonna become harder this year and for some to come..

    you’all see

    the kid has the skills and size, you have to mature into a harder player… its only natural.

    Stephan was old news, his contract was heavy, we needed to shred him

    Hayes, Kreider and Miller, all going to get there and become forces…


  12. Reenavipul says:

    Game 3 lineup announced, Day still not in the lineup.

    • Peter says:

      Hmmm, when will he see the light of Day?


    • Richter1994 says:

      Day must be headed for Hartford, where he should be to start the season.

      • Reenavipul says:

        I think it’s a matter of giving extended looks to guys that the whole organization hasn’t had enough of a look at. Day had his post draft year to do that.

        • Richter1994 says:

          You’re probably right. I can’t imagine that Day has any chance of being with the big club this year anyway.

  13. joe from newburgh says:

    Interesting not one mention here of the only rookie d-man with a one-way deal already, Alexei Bereglazov. If he doesn’t make the team, he’s free to go back to the KHL. The Ranger scouts must have seen something they liked.