Rangers announce training camp roster

September 13, 2017, by

The Rangers have announced their training camp roster:

Andrew Desjardins is the only interesting name, as he will be in camp on a PTO. He’s not really a 3C, and he’s 31 years old. A bit odd, but not as odd as Bobby Farnham’s invite.

The preseason opens on Monday after a pair of practices on Saturday and Sunday. It’s expected that the first round of cuts will be following that game, with the kids playing in Juniors to be sent back to their teams.

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  1. Reenavipul says:

    Crawley’s destination will be interesting as I’m not sure he gets top 4 minutes in London and Hartford has a lot of bodies(even if he’s better than half of them.) I really liked his game in TC and I think the staff did as well. I had heard things about his skating, but that did not look to be much of an issue, if at all.

    Gettinger might get an extended look as they need bodies for practice, but he should be going back to the Soo.

    Day is definitely going to get an extended look as he’s legit 6th or 7th best D on the depth chart, but he’s gonna play top minutes in Windsor.

    • Ray says:

      Crawley isn’t signed yet actually, though the way you talk, this should be a no-brainer. Still, they may not want to tie up a 50 man roster slot this year?

      • Reenavipul says:

        Like someone wrote earlier, Chytil will likely slide, still can shuffle guys and keep roster at 49.

        • Ray says:

          I am guessing Gettinger and Day also slide, which means they could go down to 45. They do need room for Desjardins and/or Farnham or whoever they add at forward, but you are right that they have room for Crawley.

          My own guess is that they either sign him and send him to Hartford – or don’t sign him now and give him an overage year in juniors. Personally I think the first course is the right one.

          JFTR, I don’t think anyone who has spent any real time in Greenville (or previous ECHL affiliates) has succeeded with the Rangers since Girardi. [Actually Girardi only played 7 games with Charlotte, so the streak is really even longer.]

          Crawley is better than Pedrie and Gilmour now, right? So they ought to have a place for him to play in Hartford.

          • Reenavipul says:

            The trainer is better than Gilmour.

            Crawley & Pedrie is closer skill wise, but the former can play either side, is bigger.

            • Ray says:

              As you seem to know the Ranger D fairly well, I am curious about your opinion on this question.

              Ideally, a team wants 13 dmen on the 50 man roster I think – 7 in NY and 6 to play regularly in Hartford. Guys who slide, play in Europe, or aren’t good enough for Hartford don’t count (Donnay, the last few years e.g., and I’m guessing you include Gilmour). [You can get by with less, but 13 is optimal.]

              The Rangers have 16 guys in camp. How would you choose the 13 this year? I am assuming nine guys are locks and the question marks are Holden (might be traded), Day (might slide), Bereglazov (might go to KHL), Crawley (not yet signed), Zborovskiy, Pedrie, and Gilmour.

              The first question is “who really isn’t capable of playing for Hartford?” But then, what would you do? Will staying in juniors be good for Day? Will keeping Day and/or Crawley create a glut or just fill out the team?

              • Reenavipul says:

                That’s why I brought up Crawley & Day in my 1st comment: they’re better than most in Hartford, yet what’s better for their development and what are the options?

                Straight ranking(and actual D matters more than O upside for me):
                1: McDonagh
                2: Smith
                3: Skjei
                4: Staal(when not concussed)
                5: Shattenkirk
                6: DeAngelo
                7: Day
                8: Graves
                9: Holden
                10: Kampfer
                11: Crawley
                12: Bereglazov
                13: Pionk
                14: Pedrie
                15: Zborovskiy
                16: Gilmour

                In Hartford I could see:

                With Bereglazov in for Kampfer if he were to start the season in Hartford. I just don’t see a spot in Hartford for Gilmour unless he really tightens up his game in his own end.

                If Crawley’s getting top 4 minutes in London, then he should probably go there, as he won’t get enough minutes in Hartford.

                Day is getting top pair minutes in Windsor, but I think he’s at the point to where he needs to battle more against better competition. He would also be getting top 4 minutes in Hartford.

                Add to that Windsor lost Rocky Thompson and it’s a really tough call on what would be best for his development. His skating and size are NHL quality, his reads have become way more consistent and he’s contained in his assignments in his own end. His offensive mistakes in Traverse were largely a function of the coaches giving everybody the green light to jump in to see what that potential is.
                Day has already seen adversity and it didn’t break him, the idea of him struggling against the best on Broadway as a 19 year old shouldn’t faze him. In Hartford, he should shine.

              • Ray says:

                Thanks again.

                If I accepted your rankings and controlled the Rangers, I would play your top six, use Graves or Kampfer in #7 slot with the other being top four at Hartford. Day would be a first pair defenseman at Hartford and the guy called up (TO PLAY) for any extended injury. I’d deal Holden and sign Crawley to be top four at Hartford.

                Guys who do an overage year in juniors don’t usually prosper and that just seems wrong for the #11 defenseman.

            • Chris A says:

              Reena, I love your Gilmour hate.

              • Reenavipul says:

                I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he’s not really that good offensively and a train wreck in his own end.

                When you have a ton of extra contracts under the 50 man roster it’s always worth it to take a flier on a guy, but this signing just didn’t work out and it was apparent from the 1st day of Traverse City.

  2. pas44 says:


    Picking up the Friday night game after turkey day! Red Wings
    Toronto on Sat. Dec 23rd!
    Maybe Kings on Fri. Dec 15th!

    AND… Wait…. Wait…. Wait for IT…
    A co-workers very good friend works for the NHL…


    I have to say, the Rangers have a decent weekend home game schedule this season!!

    DROP THE PUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mikeyyy says:

    So many questions so few answers. So close I can smell the ice.

  4. Ray says:

    Kevin Shattenkirk is also invited to camp according to the Ranger website.

    I believe this is a very small roster as Ranger camps go. Last year it was 63 players, this year 54. Forty-eight come from the 50 man roster, which is typical, but this year there are very few extra invites – just six. Two veterans, Farnham and Desjardins (that’s typical), two unsigned draft choices, Crawley and Ronning (a bit low there). But just two more guys they want to look at – Kotyk and Kosmachuck. Except for Kotyk, they obviously didn’t think much of the non-Rangers at Traverse City.

    Might just be an attitude change though — it may be that AV finds too many players just get in the way.

    • Reenavipul says:

      Only one player at TC was on a PTO, Ryan Moore. The other F’s still had junior eligibility, so we’re there on ATOs

  5. Rick Nickerson says:

    No Shattenkirk?