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August 6, 2017, by

That’s not a Rangers jersey

August is just the most boring month for a hockey fan. Each day is yet another day without hockey. Our agonies of the end of the season have passed, and we’re looking forward to a new year filled with new promise.

The only thing is…. we all need something to write about. And with the lack of players on the ice (save for Junior Rangers activities and some light skating), we all turn into Larry Brooks bickering over whatever nonsense pops in to anyone’s left brain. It’s not a great existence.

So let’s take a look at what our beloved Rangers have been up to this summer in anticipation for the preseason.

Mats Zuccarello has been enjoying his favorite hobby, playing football (aka soccer) in Norway with some other celebrities and, as is expected of such a beast, he scores in the celebrity game:

Also, apparently he’s shaved, thank goodness.

Michael Grabner caused a splash (ba-dum chhh) this summer when he showcased his freakish athletic ability to jump out of a pool. This caused a stir, because, well, Chris Kreider already did this years ago. As an athletically-challenged human, the Rangers making a competition out of this on Twitter just made my day:

Who doesn’t love some healthy competition among teammates?

Of course, the best news that came about this summer is the changes around the defense. Finally, someone *cough Jeff Gorton cough* is reading our blog, and has made excellent moves during this offseason. The single greatest moment of this offseason is the reasonable signing of Kevin Shattenkirk, filling a void and for only four years. Imagine: a hockey player not falling off a cliff and needing to be bought out. Crazy, huh?

Having spoken with Elliotte Friedman at Smashfest this past July, the deal certainly wasn’t what the Rangers were necessarily chasing after; however, Shattenkirk and his agent were willing to take what they could offer. I’m thankful that Kevin Weekes didn’t pull a Nick Kypreos circa the Keith Yandle trade, and that his inside information was correct.

What makes this even better, though, is that Shattenkirk has been a lifelong Rangers fan, and listening to his interviews immediately after the deal was closed would bring a smile to even the Grinch’s face. You don’t even have to be a hockey fan to appreciate this. This is just pure human joy:

And we have that joy for four years, fam.

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  1. Johnny Red says:

    I really don’t think the Rangers are reading many blogs! I would like to express my thoughts on the team picking Chytil. This is an excellent pick for a few reasons. First: he was projected to be a top 10 pick in next years draft so you can say we got 2 top 10 picks in one draft. Second: this young man has been playing with men since he’s 16 years old, (what does that say for him?) and that is huge for any young player. He also can be a high end talent that some in the Czech Republic are hinting could be another Jagr. Even if that’s a stretch it’s still a great pick for us.