Rangers to sign Kevin Shattenkirk

July 1, 2017, by
kevin shattenkirk

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Update 2: He’s coming to NY. Four years, $6.65m per year. He left more money on the table from other teams. He wants to be here.

Update: A few folks are putting cold water on this. Stay tuned.

Per Kevin Weekes, the Rangers will be signing coveted free agent Kevin Shattenkirk to a four year deal worth $6.9 million per season. The move solidifies the Rangers top-four defense as one worthy of Stanley Cup contention.

The term is short and takes Shattenkirk to age-32, which is a big get for the Rangers. Shatty was rumored to be targeting six years. With all the extra cap space, I’ll take a short term cap hit that’s higher.

This is a solid deal for the Rangers that shouldn’t bite them in the long run. Shatty won’t be signed to a big deal into his mid or late thirties. Solid move by Gorton.

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  1. Ben says:

    Huge! And sneaky. All quiet on the Ranger’s front for a while. Gorton’s done well here. Now to avoid re-signing him for 8 years when he’s 32….

    This leaves us with what, $11 mil in cap space to sign a 4C? Or any C, really – that’s like all the space in the world.

    • wwpd says:

      And re-sign zibanejad and fast and a backup goalie.

      • mintgecko says:

        Been preaching this for awhile now that not only is a departure from Stepan and one of the twins would be 100% possible this summer but it would allow for some terrific cap flexibility. I think alot of fans are going to be miserable for the rest of the summer until they could really eat their crow when the season starts up.

        Solid move, possibly the best defensive core assuming people play there correct roles 1-6 even if Staal is still around. We might have one of the most underrated top 6 down the middle with Mika and Hayes that can really help compete.

        • Justice says:

          But what to do about the center position, thoughts? I honestly think a trade might be in place. For the first time in a long while, we actually have more cap space than we probably need, and there aren’t many quality centerman left in FA. Now I’m hardly a GM but tell me what you think of this proposal: Rangers send 2018 1st Rnd Pick + 2019 2nd Rnd Pick to Dallas for Radek Faksa + 2019 3rd Rnd Pick?

    • Swarty says:

      NHL Network said the NYR were in on both Thorton and Marleau until they signed Shatman

      If that is true – then why not take a shot at Jagr for one year at a time?

      I think someone else posted something this week but as Mr. Fitzsimmons once said – “things have changed”

      He’s a way better fit for the team, the salary expectation would likely be less, and there cannot be that much of a quality difference between the three of three of them.

      This is about as low risk a it gets. The Garden would love him.

      Even at his age his quality trend is way better better – he played 82 games last year @ 17.00/game – 16G/30A – +2 – That’s a shade under Stepan’s career average….

      Plus he has way better hair than Justin Williams.

      It’s a no-brainer

    • Justice says:

      I agree, Gorton has done a fine job thus far. I’m ok with his draft pickings and he’s very clever when dealing with trades/FA. With the signings of Shatty and former starting goaltender Pavelec, the Rangers have just plugged in 2 of the 3 holes in our roster. Now they just need some depth at the center position, and it doesn’t have to be a game-changer, just a quality player to help fill that Stepan void. With Thornton out of the equation (never really wanted Thornton anyways) I would not mind adding Mike Fisher IF the price were right, but only if.

  2. Spozo says:

    But Eklund said it was down to 3 teams. Boston, NJ, and Tampa.

    I’m fine with this. They needed a 1RD and he was the only guy they realistically could get. I’m shocked he will take 4 years but I guess the extra 500k per year is the reason why.

    They still need another center and Zib needs his pay raise. Let’s see what else they do!

    • Reenavipul says:

      Shatty is a 1st pair D on a bad team. When Parayako showed up it was a matter of months before Shatty went to 3rd pair.

      • Spozo says:

        We shall see. But he’s the best choice they have (if he actually signs). Smith is not a first pairing defender.

        • Reenavipul says:

          He’s no choice at all.

          The twitter negotiations are amazing as it went from “NJD $7×7” to “Shatty will leave millions on the table to sign w/ NYR”

          Really? Ok, here goes: league min, max performance bonus/1yr.

          2 years leaving hints, couldn’t score with a fistful of hundies in a brothel.

          1st move? Fire your agent.


            Err? What metrics are you using to make these claims?

            Shatty, a third pair…. come on.

            • Reenavipul says:

              Just look at deployments.

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                So, lemming logic is the prevailing wind here? I see…

                (I was just wondering if someone had an alternative model ready to douse some cold water on Shatty being good; I guess that’s not the case)

                BTW Spozo, Eklund is a joke. He has almost zero credibility.

              • Chris F says:

                He’s not 3rd pair bad, but I do think Shattenkirk is not an elite 1 RHD.

                He can improve the PP, produce at even strength, and not drag McDonagh down, so that’s big, but I haven’t noticed him as ever really being that big time, game changing first pairing defenseman.

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                I agree that he’s not elite (even if the metrics suggest otherwise). I guess that term also depends on a definition which is likely different for every person reading this.

                I do think, however, that by replacing Girardi (who was beyond awful last year), a very solid #2/lower end #1 will look elite by relative comparison…..

              • Reenavipul says:

                So you’re all in on the worlds tallest midget, even though you admit he isn’t worth it.

                Trolling much?

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                All in? What are you talking about?

                No, I just don’t think he’s third pairing material like you do.

                Nor do I think he’s ‘thebestevaaaaar’, unlike many others who only look at HERO charts.

                You know Reena, it’s like you’re grasping at straws with this stuff

              • Reenavipul says:

                I have actual deployments in my favorr, you agree, yet it’s my issues?

                Do the world a favor: stop responding. Me, anybody else, whatever.

              • Chris F says:

                4 years at $6.9mil is not all in.

                Shattenkirk is the best option out there to bolster our top right side. Do I think he’s worth $6.9mil? Probably not.

                But we have the cap space and a 4 year term is very agreeable.

              • ANGRY WIENER DOG STAMPEDE says:

                Here’s another idea – you could be a selfish guy and keep your pearls of wisdom to yourself…. wondrous ideas such as

                -Giving Martin Hanzal $8m for 1 year

                -Exposing Stepan; I’m suuure glad you’re the GM, LOL

                -Forgoing 20+ million in cap space to offer sheet McDavid/Draisaitel (like EDM’s gonna let them walk for 4 mid/late 1st rounders – lol?)

                -Passing on a guy who’d automatically be our best #1 RHD on a contract where he left $ on the table, who’s also in/close to his prime.

                I’ll stop at that, but only because we’re all supposed to be Rangers fans here.

              • Rich S says:

                I wonder if it is a NMC contract……He certainly will help , but I still think we need a defensive defense man to stop the crosbys of the league……a ‘young’ dion phineuf type to slow down the offensive rushes and clear front of the net……

              • John B says:

                Kevin Shattenkirk played over 1,242 minutes at 5×5. That placed 3rd or 4th on both Washington and St Louis. That’s equates to a minimum of 2nd pair.

                Thinking deployments don’t equate. But whatever

  3. Larry says:

    Pretty good contact for NYR. This contact is much better than Stepan’s 6×6.5 mil.

  4. Spozo says:

    And now twitter blowing up that this is premature. Damn you Kevin Weekes!

  5. jerry maley says:

    AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!! Got him in his prime….

  6. Larry says:

    Now all we need is big Joe Thornton comes to NYR for 4 mil one year deal.

  7. Larry says:

    Larry Brooks just said this deal isn’t accurate. damn.

    • 43 says:

      Could be trying to save his ass after saying they weren’t signing him at all…

      • Justice says:

        Hahaha I saw that article too, good ol Larry Brooks… He couldn’t have been more off.

  8. Chuck A says:

    Off topic, but if Girardi signs with another team, what does that do to the Ranger’s cap?

  9. Swarty says:

    Getting a 4yr term is huge – No way he is worth $7M though.

    The dude clearly wanted to come here so maybe his comfort level with the area will kick his play up a notch.

    So this is the new blue-line

    With Graves, who may or may not be ready, on the farm and Sean Day apparently making an impression.

    I am not a Holden fan and would like to see him moved but you can’t have everything. I also think Staal is headed somewhere – anywhere actually would be good

    I would really like to see the boys take a shot at Witkowski – very underrated and tougher than sheet. But he would never be in the lineup – he has way too much grit for AV’s liking 🙁

    • 43 says:

      DeAngelo wastes away in the press box as 7D?

      • Bobby B says:

        43 can you imagine??, if that is where D’Angelo winds up, in the press box??, for Stephan/Ratta and an unproven 1st round pick.. Lets hope not!!!

        • 43 says:

          Cap was also part of the deal, though. That trade was partly a cap dump, and avoiding Step’s NMC.

          • Swarty says:

            Losing Step’s salary and NMC was definitely a driver and is huge.

            Not going to really be able to judge this deal for a couple of years but….Bobby – if he goes right to AV’s Château Bow Bow there is going to be serious second guessing…

          • Rich S says:

            Addition by subtraction with stepan…….we are immediately faster, more physical, better defensively without stepan in the lineup……..with zib, hayes and hopefully miller and a FA taking up his minutes at center….
            we still need to get more physical! Stallberg would fit the bill!

        • Fotiu is God says:

          Paisan: You had to see that coming.

          Unless DeAngelo has a phenomenal training camp, further acquits himself well within his new culture he’s buried at 7 or 8D.

    • Reenavipul says:

      What I think of the Rangers D propects and what the current coach thinks of them is wildly divergent, but I’m sure that you could plug him in as a 3rd pair LD today.

      The only way you deal Staal before opening day(you can’t buy him out unless ZBad or Fast go to arbitration) is by telling him today he’ll be kept out of practice during camp & bag skating him after practice. There are multiple teams short of D that need to get to the floor. Many of them are still dumb enough to think that Staal still has playing value.

      That being said, I hope Girardi looks great in Tamper (quoting the sports pope) just to show that the current coach of the Rangers doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Like Thelma to Louise, I’m with you, Swarty.

      You’re speaking of Jeff Witkowski, si or no? American-boy, if I recall.

      And I still envision Nick Holden moving out West: Calgary or Winnipeg for a depth forward with size. Adam Lowry, perhaps, centering our fourth line if JT slots in at 3C. Micheal Ferland, a nasty-rambunctious winger.

      • Swarty says:

        Luke Witkowski – Michigan dude – Lightning guy – Saw a lot of him.

        Way too much snarl for AV. Sad…

  10. Bobby B says:

    Well is it TAMPA, NYR , NJ, BOSTON????? anyone really know????

  11. HOF 19 says:

    Everyone take a breath……I can not find any OFFICIAL notice of this being true.

    • wwpd says:

      That’s why the post starts “per Kevin weekes” not “Rangers announce” 🙂

  12. Spozo says:

    Boyle probably going to the Devils.

  13. supermaz says:


  14. SalMerc says:

    Deal inaccurate

  15. 43 says:

    McKenzie basically just confirmed a 4 yr deal, didn’t give salary.

  16. Five Hole says:

    Thank God

    • Richter1994 says:

      Exactly, but the Rangers knew this when they traded Stepan.

      The hold up? Shatty tried to squeeze a 5th year out of the Rangers. Can you blame him?

  17. Chris F says:

    Let me get this out of the way:

    Shattenkirk is not our savior, and he’s not an elite top pair defenseman. There are a lot of guys you’d rather have over him, but they were not available via free agency and we don’t have the assets to make a blockbuster trade without creating more holes.

    Ths was about the best move Gorton could make to significantly upgrade our blueline without mortgaging the future. 4 years of Shattenkirk in his prime at a reasonable $6.65 per year is very palatable. We have the cap room and we’re not hitching the organization to his declining years.

    This is the sort of player that Sather would have given 7 years at $8 million. Gorton showed incredible restraint and Shattenkirk took a discount in salary and term to play for NY.

    So, for those who are against this deal, what don’t you like about it and what alternative do you think was available?

    • Reenavipul says:

      Not savior, not elite, yet paid elite money for him.

      Between declining trend an the current coach’s misuse of him; will the house pilloi join us in complaining about this deal by Christmas?

      • Chris F says:

        $6.65 mil per year for a top two pairing RHD who can put up 50+ points is not overpaying. Especially when you factor in the reduced term. He’s in his prime.

        • Walt says:

          First of all this is a great deal for the Rangers relative to the numbers being thrown around on this site for the longest time, and I could live with it, and agree with your first post above.

          Having said that, we could get this guy at the defense position giving us some 50 points, and Daisy giving us some 60(??) or so points, and you were happy with that contract, and didn’t think we were over paying him??? Makes me wonder, but Daisy is gone, Shatty is here, with more moves on the way, good deal all around for the team!!!!!!!!!!


        No, ‘elite money’ is what guys like Subban got.

      • Richter1994 says:

        Bro, whatever you’re inhaling, drinking, etc. lately, please stop immediately and come back to us. 🙂

  18. Rich S says:

    Josh Jooris tocanes 770 G…….poilet sabres 1.1 Mil…..nice players for cheap!
    I still want stallberg! and training camp to start next week!
    excellent deal for Shatty …..reasonable money and years! Sather must have been locked up somewhere…….

  19. Reenavipul says:

    I guess Slats is still the big cheese.

    Thisclose to giving my Tix up after this year.

    • Chris F says:

      Ha! Like Slats would have played hardball with him to get down to 4 years. He’d have given Shattenkirk 7 years, easy.

  20. Chris F says:


    You’re always talking about how players who don’t accept a hometown discount and are all about the money should be shown the door (Dubinsky, Callahan, etc).

    Surely, you like that Shatty left at least a 7/7 deal on the table elsewhere to come play in NY?

    • Walt says:

      I do, and am somewhat pleased with the deal. I’m not too keen on his defensive play, but he must have really wanted to play for the team???? As for the other deals offered, how much of that was a negotiating ploy? Now lets see if he produces on the PP, and holds his own in our d-zone.

      I’m certainly glad that it’s for 4 years, and not 44 years as Slats would have done. Now the next move is to rid the team of Staal, which would make this one terrific off season!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chris F says:

        I’m with you on this.

        I wasn’t all that high on Shattenkirk, but mostly because I thought they’d either wildly overpay or give him something like an 8 year deal.

        But he’s worth 4 years at $6.65 and makes us a whole lot better. McDonagh deserves this.

        • Walt says:

          the team deserves this, because they demonstrated sanity!!!!!

        • Peter says:

          Chris, I am of like mind. I wasn’t high on Shatty either, but Gorton seems to have gotten him at the right deal. Kudos to Mr. Gorton, he is proving to be a very wise man.

    • Swarty says:

      Right on Chris – Watch the NHL Network interview – that’s all you need to see.

      Personally, I don’t think he is worth that kind of money but it is a fair deal for both side with a 4 yr. term.

      Whether he is an Elite defensemen or maybe not even a number 1 pair does not matter at this point. He was in the right place at the right time and he left some big-time money on the table to play for the team he grew up wanting to play for.

      It was a rare move in the major sport leagues of today.

      The thing that impressed me was his enthusiasm for wanting to come here and his maturity in understanding the choice that was in front of him.

      Let’s hope it works out…for the Rangers and for him. And hey – for us too….

  21. HOF 19 says:

    THE TYPE OF COMMENTS I LOVE…..LOVE TO SEE>>>>>>>>>Shattenkirk on @TSNHockey: “I think the opportunity to win a Stanley Cup as a hometown kid, that’s the reason I came here.” #NYR

  22. wwpd says:

    congrats to all who were hoping to see shattenkirk join the rangers. To the rest, take comfort that it’s only 4 years.

    I personally was in the don’t sign him, build from within, sometimes you have to go backwards to go forwards, save that cap space to leverage the trade market down the road camp, but now that it’s a done deal, LGR!

  23. King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! King Sieveqvist ! says:

    That sux

  24. Chris F says:

    Now what’s the plan for C?

    I hear we’re out on Thornton and Marleau. Hanzal already signed elsewhere, as did Gagner.

    Not many options left.

    • Chris F says:

      Grigorenko for 4C is smart. But still doesn’t address the larger hole at 1C – 3C.

      Is there any chance Andersson makes the team out of camp?

      • Walt says:

        as I was typing my answer, you posted above, sounds familiar in thought process!!!!!!


        I think Andersson can be the new 4C, potentially even 3C if he plays well enough.

        I think the real question is, do they assume Zib/Hayes can handle 2A & 2B responsibilities? (I’m not sure if we’ll have a clearly defined top line this year unless Kreider /Zib /Buch is a thing again). If that’s a no, maybe they’ll try adding things to Zib or Hayes in a trade for a better player.

        Maybe something like Hayes + JT & the next four #1’s for Draisaitel [we probably would have to add more]? Who knows what they’ll try.

        As for Grigorenko, he had a strong finish to the season in COL. I’d take a chance on him.

        • Peter says:

          Agreed hot doggie, I’d like to see Andersson get a shot at 4C at least. Why not? His knees are a lot better than Joe Thornton’s!

      • Fotiu is God says:

        Hey Chris: Didn’t Lindy Ruff have Grigorenko–his rookie season–while still Buffalo bench boss?

    • Walt says:

      Mikhail Grigorenko…………….

      I posted this earlier today on another thread, and think he can do the job as our #3 center. The 4th center could be Fogerty, Nieves, and or maybe Andersson if he makes the team as our 3rd, and Grigorenk as our 4th?? Options, aren’t they great to have!!!!!!!!!

    • Spozo says:

      Thornton took a 1 year deal in San Jose. I’m guessing this means they try JT at center. JT is a better winger than center but he might be the best option we have at center unless another trade is made. I hope Anderson makes the team out of camp as the 4th line center.

      • Chris F says:

        Oh, I missed that. Thanks for the update.

        If they do in fact sign Grigorenko, then I suspect they either have plans with JT or have expectations that Andersson can slot in.

  25. Al Hirschen says:

    Good sign !! Now let’s go get someone to ride shotgun for the team. Chris Neil Tom Sestito,Luke Gazdic…. Washington has a heavyweight they just signed Anthony Paluso today and Pitts has Reaves

    • Bobby B says:

      AL, Penguins trade for the toughest guy in the league Ryan Reeves. Capitals have Wilson and now Peluso. Panthers sign Michael Haley. Edmonton Oilers have Milan Lucic and Patric Maroon. This solidifies the need for physical players who can occasionally fight is still part of the NHL. The problem is that our coach ( AV) does not accept it. When things get out of hand he turns to Matts Zuccerello .Keep the faith,, we have an new member of the organization ( LINDY RUFF) who does 🙂

  26. Spozo says:

    Brooks reporting that Shattenkirks camp went to the Rangers with this deal. Not the other way around. A year ago Shatty turned down an offer to be traded to Tampa who were going to offer him a 7 x 7 deal. Man I have respect for this guy.

    • Chris F says:

      I just watched his interview. Gotta say, I really liked what he had to say. He was very clear, salary and term were not a priority for him.

      He wanted to play for the Rangers, a team he’s been a lifelong fan of. And he wants a Cup in NY.

      He seems genuinely excited to play here, and with a 4 year deal, he still has alot to play for if he wants to secure a contract through his 30s.

  27. Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

    Hi guys!

    Taking a quick break from my posting hiatus to say I am thrilled with the Shattenkirk signing. This gives us a dynamic top four that should be among the best at generating points I would think. Our PP, at long last, should be significantly improved too.

    On a personal note, Shatty is this generation’s version of Nick Fotiu or Brian Mullen–only far more talented obviously. A local kid who’s dream it is to play for his beloved Rangers. I think everyone one of us who played street hockey in Central Park and Carl Schurz Park, and ice hockey on the model boat pond or at Skyrink, can all relate to the dream that Shatty gets to fulfil today. Thrilled for him, for the Rangers and all of us!

    Center, or course, remains the big issue. I have to believe we will see a trade and/or a FA signing to address those needs.

    All in all, very excited. LGR!!!!

    • Walt says:

      Agree E3, and nice to hear from you!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Right on, Eddie.

      Hope you’re healing.


      • Eddie!Eddie!Eddie! says:

        Thank you Walt and Fotiu. And also those of you who posted a few days back. Really means a lot to me. Feeling much better. Power walking everyday. Even back at work part time. So feeling good…just get tired easily. Takes time to build the endurance back.

        I’m a big fan of Brooks, but he blew this one. One thing you try to avoid in our business is a statement like “The Rangers are not going to sign Kevin Shattenkirk.” I learned early on–never is a long time. Knowing that Shatty wanted to find a way, I would have reported that unless Shatty was prepared to take substantially less, than it is unlikety he would become a Ranger. You only use the statement Brooks used if you have confirmation from both parties, and even then I’d be cautious. Felt bad for Brooksie, who should have known better and didnt need to be that definitive on something he should have known had variables too difficult to predict.

        • Swarty says:

          Hey Eddie – wondering when you would chime in.

          The boys are going to be testing out the Benoit theory of yours. I hope it works out.

        • Peter says:

          God Bless you E3, keep on keepin’ on.

        • Bobby B says:

          GET WELL SOON EDDIE!!! Your valued opinion on Shatty signing is spot on!, What is your opinion? on Penguins trading for Reeves, Capital now have Wilson & Peluso. Michael Haley signs with Panthers. The Edmonton Oilers went very far in the playoffs with Milian Lucic, Patric Maroon, and Darnell Nurse taking regular shifts!! Toughness in the NHL still matters!! Rangers have NO-ONE!!!! Excluding Brendan Smith, maybe Tanner Glass?

          • John B says:

            I’ll just throw this back up here. Should really read that last paragraph.

            ““So will any of that work? Can Reaves actually provide that sort of protection?

            There is no doubt he will be willing to respond after the fact, because even though his fight totals have decreased in recent years he is still a willing heavyweight.

            The issue is whether or not he can stop even a little bit of the abuse toward his teammates by making opponents like Washington’s Tom Wilson or Columbus’ Brandon Dubinsky (two of the biggest thorns in the Penguins’ side) take notice.

            The easiest way to answer that now is to look at what sort of abuse the Blues — Reaves’ former team — took in recent years.

            It was a lot.

            Over the past four seasons the St. Louis Blues — Reaves’ former team — were on the receiving end of eight incidents that resulted in supplemental discipline from the NHL (suspension or fine), typically reserved for the dirtiest plays. The only team that was on the receiving end of more during that stretch was the Boston Bruins (10 –and keep in mind, this was a team that had Shawn Thornton and Milan Lucic for most of those years).

            During one nine-day stretch in 2014 the Blues lost T.J. Oshie and David Backes to head shots. The two hits resulted in seven games in suspensions while Oshie and Backes both missed playoff games. Reaves was in the lineup both nights.

            The next season Minnesota’s Marco Scandella was fined for an illegal hit to the head on Oshie. Last year New Jersey’s Bobby Farnham was hit with a four-game ban for taking a late, cheap run at Dmitri Jaskin while Reaves was on the ice. There are also several other borderline hits that did not result in supplemental discipline (like this, and this, and this).

            This isn’t to suggest that Reaves is bad at his job or that he is somehow responsible for those plays.

            It is to point out that dirty stuff is still going to happen to star players whether he — or any player like him — is there or not.

            Players like Tom Wilson, and Brandon Dubinsky, and Bobby Farnham are paid a lot of money to rattle the cages of players like Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. That is what they do. That is their role and they are going to do it whether there is a physical element in the other team’s lineup or not.”

            That was from an article by Adam Gretz on nbc sports.

            • Bobby B says:

              John B, excellent analysis, I am still old school when it comes to protection needed for your skilled players. They days of the GOON are gone. But Reeves, Wilson, Lucic can all play the current NHL game on the level it requires. They take a regular shift and contribute. They also provide the security blanket and open up the ice for the skilled players, knowing they have someone watching their backs. I did not like the way the Canadians were abusing Zucc ( who fears no one, but lets face it, he is only 5″9.) Smith & Miller were the only ones who were willing to play fire with fire. We need someone who can keep the opposition honest , Mcllrath was that guy, even as our 6th D-man.

              • John B says:

                Again, I’ll narrow it down further:

                “That is what they do. That is their role and they are going to do it whether there is a physical element in the other team’s lineup or not.”

                There is no such thing as “deterrence”

        • Richter1994 says:

          Hope you’re well bro.

          Brooks is out of the loop since Gorton took the reigns. Sather was Brooks’ guy. Now I have better info than Brooks does lol.

          The Rangers used Brooks to their advantage and that’s why Brooks is now pissed at them.

  28. craig says:

    JT Miller and Bush for Matt Duchene and a second round pick
    Sign an available decent free agent winger. Kunitz?

  29. Richter1994 says:

    Switch Miller to center.
    Trade Holden for Kovy’s rights.
    Sign Kovy for 3 years and $9M total.


      I don’t know about Kovy, but, if Staal goes, then I guess it’s only a matter of time before we see you on MSG doing pregames or something.

    • Fotiu is God says:

      Make it happen, Anthony.

      But no more than two years for Kovy.

      Ferland or Dave Lowry as a bottom six/banger.

    • Rich S says:

      Like it , but you think that is all they would take [ holden] for his rights?

      • Richter1994 says:

        Kovy telling the Devs, trade me or I’m going back to Russia. Then Kovy is an UFA next year and the Devs get nothing for Kovy. I think tomorrow (Monday) is a big day for this decision.

    • Richter1994 says:

      Jagr is also out there. Miller needs a sniper or a player with high skill on his wing if he’s switched back to C.

  30. Peter says:

    I like Miller at center better than the apparent alternatives. We can get a winger. I don’t want an ancient mariner at center.

  31. Kris says:

    Sure he left alot of money on the table, which is great to here that someone wants to be here and left that kind of money to be here. Atleast its not a killer contract, but will he be able to play top minutes, thats been my question the whole time regardless of the contract.

  32. Bloomer says:

    Shattenkirk is a highly skilled defenceman that will drive offense and also help the Rangers improve their PP. His decision making in his own zone and physical play is not his strong suit. However, AV loves the run and gun style of hockey thus Shattenkirk will fit in well in New York.

    New York still needs help up the middle and with this signing, I am not sure if they have enough cap room to fill this void. Gorton will have to be creative.

  33. Jeff P says:

    Wow. That just doesn’t happen in professional sports. The closest I can think of is Brady taking $10 mil/year when Manning was making $20+ mil.

    For those that are STILL complaining, just realize that Sharks just gave a 2nd liner (Vlasic) $56 mil over 8 years for ages $31-39.

    This is an unbelievable deal for the Rangers. McD – Shattenkirk and Skjei-Smith are definitely top 4 D worthy of a cup contender.