A brief look into last night’s win

March 26, 2017, by
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The Rangers beat the Kings 3-0 last night, in a game that I did not watch. West coast games are rough. So I asked people who did watch, and basically came up with one overall summary. The Rangers started slow, but looked good in the first. Antti Raanta bailed them out in the second. Then they sat back on a lead in the third. Basically par for the course for the Rangers.

I’m not going to analyze a game that I didn’t watch. It’s unfair to me and to you. So instead I’m taking a different approach. I’m going to use last night’s individual game score to try to predict who is coming out of the lineup for Kevin Klein tonight.

Well clearly Raanta is sitting. After all, Henrik Lundqvist is back. Typical Alain Vigneault though, swapping out the best player from the previous win. Such a classic AV move.

Of all the defensemen, Brendan Smith appeared to have the strongest game on the third pair with Brady Skjei. Not surprising. Smith is a solid if unspectacular defenseman, and Skjei is pretty good himself.

But sticking with what we know about AV and his tendency to swap out the best player from the previous win, it means Smith is going to sit. He was on his off-side anyway, so may as well get a right handed shot in there. Flawless logic.

In all seriousness though, I’m guessing AV starts resting some of his defensemen with Klein back. I’d honestly sit Ryan McDonagh for a few games. He could probably use a game off here and there before the playoffs. Nick Holden and Marc Staal likely get games off too.

Regarding game score, I’d be worried about Girardi. By all accounts, him and McDonagh had a rough game. I’m not panicking yet. I will only panic for Game One if the pairs, despite relative ineffectiveness, remain the same. Until then, as Justin said, just sit and watch with no stress.

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  1. Bloomer says:

    Los Angeles desperately needed a win last night to keep their playoff hopes alive. They came out hard against the Rangers giving them little space and forcing turnovers early. When New York did get going Jonathan Quick was there to make the stops.

    The momentum changed when Superzuc beat out an icing call (sorry Kings fan it was the right call) got the puck to Brenda Smith whose shot caromed off the boards to Stephan-who buried the puck into the yawning cage.

    The Rangers made it 2-0 on the PP when McDonagh point shot was tipped by Zibanejad through a series of skates and legs and went past Quick.

    The Kings continued to press but every time they were denied by Raanta. Annti made many stellar saves and very much earned his shutout. When Lundqvist returns and can’t regain his form, AV should not hesitate to play Raanta. The young Finn goalie can bring it.

    • Stevem says:

      Bloomer’s summary is dead on accurate.. now let’s get that checkmark tonight

    • Reenavipul says:

      Didn’t hurt that in the 6 on 4 the Kings looked like they’ve never practiced it ever.

  2. Bobby B says:

    Another 2 points, let’s clinch then rest the guys we need to.. Looking more and more like us vs the Canadiens. We will need a 100% Healthy Hank to get by anyone.

    • Peter says:

      While a 100% healthy Hank on the top of his game would be the best thing, what we really need is the forwards to be forechecking like they did at times last night, and back check, and play team defense for 60 minutes a game. If they do that and muck it up along the boards and drive to the net, and get in the goalie’s face, they can win it all even if they had Raanta in net.

      In my opinion, the Rangers’ forwards’ play will really be the key factor in how far they advance.

  3. Chuck A says:

    I watched, as I’m on the West Coast, and while no expert, I’d say the D at-large had a rough night – far too many errant passes in their zone. However, it’s fun to watch Brady Skjei – he’s good on tv!

    We’re live in Anaheim tonight – I’ll try and not get the bum’s rush.

  4. HOF 19 says:

    If we win tonight should we rest some people ?

  5. Joe S. says:

    I’d be careful of “by all accounts” info, a lot of people hate on Girardi. I didn’t start watching until halfway through the second, but IMO G is a beast and warrior that I want on my team.

  6. Bloomer says:

    No one will ever mistakes Danny G for Brian Leetch. But he does all the little things that are required to win hockey games.