Rangers claim Matt Puempel off waivers

November 21, 2016, by

Matt Puempel

The Rangers have claimed forward Matt Puempel off waivers from the Ottawa Senators. The 2011 first round pick was waived by the Senators after not putting up a point in his 13 games thus far this season. Over 52 career games, Puempel has just four goals and two assists to his name.

Puempel is likely one of those “throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks” moves by Jeff Gorton as he and the Rangers try to deal with the slew of injuries that have done a number on their forward depth.

The 23-year-old forward is signed for this year making $900,000. Worth noting that the Rangers were 28th in the league in waiver priority. So 27 other teams passed on him, with just Chicago and Montreal behind them. At the worst, he’s a forward for Hartford. At the best, he’s a temporary stopgap until the forwards get healthy.

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  1. Chase says:

    I like this. He was near point per game in the AHL last year and a former first round pick, and can be safely buried with no cap hit if need be. No risk, but the potential for a useful player to maintain our center depth while Zibanejad is out.

  2. Blue76 says:

    He could be a replacement for Hartfords third leading scorer when he gets brought up!!!

  3. amy says:

    he will help Hartford or maybe he will be on the big team while Mika is out

  4. 43 says:

    Seems like a see if he can fill in for DJ Z-bad move. If anything, insurance for if Lindberg and Jooris can’t.

  5. 43 says:

    I think it’s also noteworthy that Puempel was a first round pick. It is, on one hand, another example of the Rangers stocking up on first round talent despite having no first round picks, but it is also an example of how much of a shot in the dark the draft is…

    • Chris72 says:

      I’m not sure if shot in the dark best describes the NHL draft 43. A large percentage of first round picks go on to have lengthy and successful NHL careers.

  6. Ozzie says:

    Just looking at old news about this kid. Puempel played with Zibanejad in Ottawa. They both scored in the playoff elimination game against Boston.

  7. Chris72 says:

    Knowing absolutely nothing about this kid, I’m guessing he can skate?