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September Musings

September 11, 2016, by
The King

The King

Due to my overwhelming excitement at the beginning of football season, today’s post will be a pre-season discombobulated musings. The World Cup preliminaries this past weekend show that the sport is quickly upon us. It brings up some pretty good questions about our Blueshirts.

  • The World Cup is really fun, but can it be damaging? I caught some highlights from Friday night’s game and honestly wish I hadn’t. If a Ranger gets hurt, even a little banged up, I’m not sure I’m on the WCH-is-a-valid-reason-like-the-Olympics train.

  • On that train, I think the timing for the exhibition is not the greatest. We’re all starved for hockey, but it comes when the baseball playoff race is hot and football is starting. Even if you don’t care about any other sport, the coverage an exhibition that aims to be as important as large tournaments in any sport will not be present.
  • I’m mostly just excited to be at MSG for a Rangers game soon, even though I love watching some American players who I’m not allowed to cheer for during the season.
  • This upcoming season has some real potential to be good. Having several forwards compete for a spot hopefully means that the lines will be the best talent and keep an aggressive edge.
  • But what about those defensemen? We all thought that the play with having so many forwards was to use some as a bargaining chip, but the biggest play was swapping a forward for another forward. What gives?
  • I’ll repeat what many have said before me: if Marc Staal is serviceable this season, it’s pretty likely the Rangers will be able to use him as a chip. Let’s not forget that before the playoffs, Staal became more of the player we had been used to before his injuries.
  • In around the league news, has anyone else ever had an extreme emotional reaction to a non-Rangers player signing with a different team? That was me with David Backes. I’m not prepared to have to hate him on October 26.

Let’s kick this out to some questions:

1- Will you be watching the World Cup?

2- Are you hopeful despite the defensive woes?

3- Are there any other teams you’re excited to watch this season?

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  1. Ranger 11 says:

    While I like watching the World Cup I would rather not see any Rangers playing. I will be so pissed off if someone gets hurt. I’m glad you pointed out that Staal did play more like the Marc Staal we were used to seeing. I think the whole Girardi n Staal situation has take on a life of its own. Fans got a little carried away with them. Staal wasn’t nearly as bad as fans made him out to be. Yeah Girardi made some terrible plays n Staal had some bad ones too. We all seen what they see doing out there but I think a lot of fans blew it out of per portion. Those guys were such a big part of our success for years n deserve some respect. I was waiting for a trade though with all the forwards we picked up as you were. It’s not impossible to still happen. If not let’s just hope a healthy Girardi n Staal along with a lot more rest this year will make a big difference in their performances.

    • Rhodork says:

      All you have to do is look at what the Yankees did this year. Got rid of all their aging big contract guys and brought in youth.

      The fans have not blown things out of proportion. Respect deserved or not, better players have been let go to give 5 & 18 GIGANTIC contracts that they simply cannot live up to. The biggest fan frustration is that these contracts have hamstrung the front office and prevented appropriate moves to push this team back to the 2014 and 2015 level.

      • Ranger 11 says:

        I totally agree about the contracts but I just talking about the stupid name calling n bashing of guys especially Girardi who have been here for a long time n were one of the big reasons we were as good as we were. I think Girardi was hurt all year. You can’t have a cracked knee cap n recover 100% while your still playing. He’s not the swiftest skater I realize but I’m hoping he’s gonna be better then last year. I’m glad they got younger so now let’s see if they can have some chemistry amongst them.

  2. Spozo says:

    I will definitely be watching the World Cup. I think the USA Canada games have had a snarl to them that no one expected. Yes it would suck if a Ranger was injured but are these guys supposed to live in a bubble unless they are skating for the Rangers? It’s the price of doing business when you deal with professional athletes. Their sense of patriotism and burning desire to compete at the highest level will never allow these types of tournaments to go away. At least this tournament isn’t occurring mid season like the olympics.

    I am hopeful despite the defensive woes. I truly don’t think Girardi and Staal, while not the players they were 4 years ago, are really this bad.

  3. paulronty says:

    The world Cup IS a big deal in Canada, football & baseball not withstanding & especially since it’s being played in Canada. As for the Ranger D, ya I’m hopeful because I agree with the guys above that the Staal-Girardi angst may be a classic example of catastophizing. I’ll certainly be watching selected games & yes I do get an extreme emotional reaction when the Leafs lose(unfettered glee), and when it’s to the Rangers, I go into a hyper-transcendent state.

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  4. Bloomer says:

    Watching the best hockey talent in the world represent their country trumps any football or baseball game hands down. Speaking of which, Team Canada’s power play look very formidable yesterday. If the U.S. or any team wants to beat them, they be advised to stay out of the box.

  5. Pootie Tang Jr. says:

    I always enjoy these international events–I like WC of H more than olympics because it’s all about hockey, instead of sharing time with idiotic sports like curling and extreme skiing.

    Team USA has been outshot & out-possessed in both games vs Canada. Buckle up, those numbers are sure to get worse. Luckily team USA has Patrick Kane in the leadership group–he knows where the good bars are, and if there are any college keg parties nearby…so the team can drink away the shame that must come to a group of talented players forced to play John Tortarella hockey….

  6. Craig says:

    As much as I love and have followed hockey for many years, I personally have no interest in watching the World Cup. Many of the players are taken out of the same league, the NHL. Though somewhat entertaining just because it is hockey, It is like the Olympics, except the players eventually play together again anyway. Is this really worth the effort and the potential risk of injury (Playing all out, without time to really get in shape) for their national pride? To me, it is like playing a preseason before the preseason, except not for the most important NHL team you are under contract with. I was also never that big on the All-star game either, but at least it is just one game minimizing potential for injury .

    • Blue76 says:

      Plus the ASGame is non contact for the most part, it is bump hockey not power hits like some in these World Cup games.

  7. Reenavipul says:

    Allegedly Zachary Boychuk the Rangers on PTO per Twitter

  8. Leetchie Nut says:

    Watching the WC is like watching an endless dusplay of SOs: I could care less what happens except for maybe an exciting move here or there.

    I totally agree the risk of injury far outweighs the reward. Not to mention this whole “we got extra rest from being bounced early” goes down the tubes for Hank, Step, McD, etc by now playing meaningful games in September.

    As for being excited about NYR, the problem I have with keeping Girardi and Staal around is not whether they are 100% healthy or not. It’s the fact that even at their very BEST, peak level of play, they simply do NOT have the required skill set to thrive under the up-tempo, puck moving system AV insists on using top to bottom. Sure, AV should adapt to their strengths but clearly he won’t / refuses to, so the bottom line is those 2 need to be moved/bought-out/exposed/ whatever for their OWN sake as much as for the team’s sake.

    And as for being excited about other teams, seriously? I hope ur talking about other sports bc I could give a crap about the 29 other teams in the NHL. Oh wait, I know. I wanna see the Wolfpack do well.

  9. Jerry says:

    2-Cautiously optimistic (after all Boyle is gone so there’s hope)
    3-I’ll watch every Ranger game as I have forever. I’ll also watch the teams I hate which are in no particular order: Islanders, Penguins, Flyers. I will also watch games of other teams where our Ranger youth was traded away for over the hill aged vets, to see what could have been………………………..

  10. Jon says:

    I think the Rangers fixed 2 out of their 3 major concerns this summer. The saying is “that ain’t bad” but the one they left out may have been the most important.

    I think the Rangers will be faster and we know they got younger so they’ll win some games based on that. However, if they want to beat the Pens, Caps, and Islanders in the big game, they’re gonna have to make a move for a righty defenseman. Unless that righty is a guy that can man the PP and play top pairing mins, they are going to need one of those too.

    Unless the Rangers know something about Clendening that us and the rest of the NHL don’t, we need help on that back end. At some point Gorton is going to have to make a move. Maybe STL wants too much for Shattenkirk but we need him for many reasons.

  11. Jon says:

    The NHL is hoping that the World Cup will be a hit and they won’t have to send players to the Olympics.
    Personally I liked the Olympics better when it was all amateurs playing. Gives us an idea where all the talent was coming from.

    • sherrane says:

      I haven’t watched the Olympics in the past several decades because of all the professionals in it. I would like the World Cup better if it included players from all the professional leagues, however, it is much better to have this tournament at the beginning of the season than in February when teams are trying to make the playoffs.

  12. Egelstein says:

    1. No. Will look out for Rangers injury news and consider it a great success if none happen. Could do entirely without NHL players in any international tournament, personally.
    2. I do believe the defense can be better than expected if AV properly shelters Girardi and Staal. There are several ways that can be done. That said, I don’t trust AV to do so one bit. Maybe Boom can talk some sense into him in some areas. I am legitimately excited about the forward potential/depth, however. So, I’ll say I’m cautiously optimistic. An 88 point season won’t surprise me, but neither will a 100 plus point season.
    3. I’m not necessarily too excited about them, but I live in LA and watch the Ducks a lot. Will be interesting to see if Carlyle can revitalize them or not; I expect they will go back to a more grinding and gritty style, which fits the build of their roster better than attempting the speed game.