Blue Seat Blogs-cast Episode 5

February 16, 2016, by

After a weeklong Super Bowl induced hiatus the Blue Seat Blogs-cast is back! Listen in this week to hear us talk about the Rangers’ recent form, what injuries mean for this team, and our early thoughts on the Steven McDonald Extra Effort Award. As always you can find us here, on Soundcloud¬†and on iTunes.



  1. amy says:

    J.T should get the steven Mc Donald award

  2. paulronty says:

    Hey Becky, the guy you mentioned for the 3 on 3,Karlsson, absolutely hates the 3 on 3. I’m with him because for a hockey purist the 3 0n 3 is not hockey but the manifestation of Bettman’s love of sports as “circus.” As for the Mcdonald Award, The King should get it hand’s down.